A Happy Life Across the Beastman Continent

A Happy Life Across the Beastman Continent


172 Chapters Completed Status


On the night before graduating from university, Wu Xiaoyin’s children’s shoes lost consciousness amidst the sound of big sales from his classmates, accompanied by the expectation of a new life.
Unexpectedly, what I saw when I woke up the next day was a colorful giant tiger.
What’s more, this beautiful giant tiger has a scene of turning a living person into a living person.
Frightened Wu Xiaoyin’s children’s shoes, who had just woken up gorgeously, fainted, so the big tiger dragged the little female Wu Xiaoyin’s children’s shoes back to the tiger’s den, and went to give birth, haha!

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Search keywords: Protagonist: Wu Xiaoyin, Lei Lu ┃ Supporting roles: Kos, Feng, Bin, Xiao Kai ┃ Others: Beastmen, Farming, Tianwen

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