Wu Xiaoyin, who was holding the giant red fruit, was struggling with his arms when he returned to the cave. After noticing this, Lei Lu quickly put down the prey and put the giant red fruit in his small hand near the fire pit. After washing his hands with the little female in his arms, he rubbed her hands for a while, and at the same time quietly and firmly learned to take care of the little female's heart in his heart.

Then, hearing the belly cry of the little female, dinner time began. Wu Xiaoyin blushed a little, she really ate and slept every day, and ate after sleeping, and now she was really hungry at the hour. He didn't dare to look directly into Lei Lu's eyes, so he could only wander around the cave, and suddenly noticed a stone pot in the corner, about 30 centimeters in diameter, just enough to boil a pot of hot soup, and he couldn't eat it in Tiantian Barbecue , otherwise there must be a problem with the metabolism.

Leilu noticed the little female's gaze, put the little female on the giant cowhide beside the fire pit, picked up the stone pot and washed it in the water storage stone basin, fetched water in another stone tank, and hung it from the soft vines. On the branches that serve as supports on both sides, place it over the fire pit, and while waiting for the water to boil, wash the game and giant cabbage. Just as Lei Lu was thinking about disposing of the giant cabbage, the little female reached out and slowly tore the giant cabbage into pieces and placed them in the stone pot.

Lei Lu didn't stop the little female from doing it, not only because it was what Xiao Xiao wanted to do, but also this kind of simple work gave Lei Lu a weird sense of satisfaction as a husband and wife doing something together. Especially, when Lei Lu was drinking this bowl of soup with the little female in his arms, the soft giant cabbage that he usually didn't want to eat was a bit sweet.

Wu Xiaoyin just thought that there was only one person's tableware in the house, and didn't think much about it. After all, Lei Lu usually cooks and eats alone, so he didn't realize how close the relationship between the two was. On the other hand, Lei Lu wished for this. He kept eating and sleeping with the little female in his arms, until he returned to the embrace of the beast god.

While drinking the soup, Wu Xiaoyin thought silently, is the diet in the Beastman Continent only at this level? Relu seems to eat grilled meat three times a day, although the grilled meat is different. Today, when I was eating at my father's and father's place, it seemed that my father's application of vegetables was only to add vegetables to the broth, maybe there was pure vegetable soup, and there seemed to be nothing else. Because Wu Xiaoyin didn't find any cooking utensils such as woks or steamers for cooking, only a few stone pots and a fire pit. If this is the case, it is urgent to change your diet! Of course, the most important task now is to learn the lingua franca of the Orc Continent, and to be able to communicate fluently and express one's thoughts completely and without mistakes!

Just like this, the two were distracted silently, and finished a dinner. After finishing packing, Lei Lu divided the giant red fruit into small pieces for Xiaoxiao to eat. He hugged Xiaoxiao and walked to the giant rabbit skin, and fed Xiaoxiao a few bites of snacks Juicy red fruit, looking at the small stomach, I decided that the rest can only be solved by myself, although I don't like eating fruit very much. Then, rubbing Xiaoxiao's belly, watching Xiaoxiao slowly close her eyes. Put Xiaoxiao on the animal skin, fetch water to wash Xiaoxiao's face, hands and feet, and knead and knead in various ways to satisfy his inner thoughts.

The next day, when Wu Xiaoyin opened his eyes, he began to learn the common language of the Beastman Continent, because he wanted to get rid of the embarrassment of not being able to understand other people's words, and at the same time, he wanted to understand the diet of the Beastman Continent. Communication is the easiest way . And Lei Lu wants the little female to truly integrate into the Beastman Continent and his own life, and he can't wait to teach the little female to speak, and even wants to hold the little female from using simple words such as eating to being able to say a complete sentence Words, until the process of accurately expressing a paragraph of meaning, don't be too beautiful!

So, under Wu Xiaoyin's hard work and Lei Lu's careful teaching, the acquisition of the common language skills of the Orc Continent began!

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