After Wu Xiaoyin finished his breakfast, he carried the wicker frame weaved yesterday on his back. Although it was a wicker frame made according to Lei Lu's body shape, it was a bit big for Wu Xiaoyin, but it was too big for him to use later. It is also convenient to hold more things than a fur bag. So even though it was a bit inconvenient to carry, Wu Xiaoyin carried the wicker frame and Xiao Kai and Bin went to gather at the gate of the tribe together.

When I arrived at the gate of the tribe, I found that there were already more than 100 females gathered. Talking in twos and threes with people they are familiar with. Seeing the appearance of Wu Xiaoyin and the three of them, their voices stopped suddenly, and after a while, their voices rang out at a higher frequency.

Among them, Wu Xiaoyin also heard her name "Little" when she came to the Beastman Continent, as well as vocabulary about "petite", "white", "cub", "underage" and so on. Wu Xiaoyin rolled her eyes silently inwardly, secretly thinking that I am a man of normal height on earth, well, even if I am not too tall, I can't be regarded as a "little scorpion", right? But here, after Wu Xiaoyin looked around, he realized that well, he is the shortest. Xiao Kai is a female in the giant tiger tribe. She is relatively petite, and she is a little over 1.8 meters. Generally, the height of females is 1.5 meters. Mi 9, well, it looks amazing!

When Wu Xiaoyin finished complaining, the patriarch's female marks also came, and seeing the number of females, he said: "Because the priest told me to collect more if I saw giant root grass, and now it has entered the second month of the hot season, which is July. , some females and cubs are very likely to be hot and sick, so everyone will collect more when they see it, and after handing in 5 giant root grasses, the rest will be yours."

After finishing speaking, he took the lead to walk out of the tribe, and added: "The males sent to protect us will come back from hunting later and gather at the outskirts of the forest. Alright, let's go."

Wu Xiaoyin, Bin, and Xiaokai walked slowly at the back of the team. In fact, it wasn't that Wu Xiaoyin didn't want to speed up, but in fact, his body couldn't keep up. When he reached the destination, he was already out of breath. Until this time, Wu Xiaoyin really realized that there seemed to be something happening in his body that he didn't know about, and he thought about letting Lei Lu take him to the priest to see if something went wrong, otherwise How can I be panting like this after only walking for about 20 minutes? I was also a little flustered.

When Wu Xiaoyin glanced around randomly, he found about 50 males gathered in front of him, thinking that they were probably sent to protect these females. I saw that one of them was Leilu.

The eyesight of males is much better than that of females. Lei Lu saw Xiao Xiao's figure at a glance, and immediately strode towards Xiao Xiao. Especially when she got closer, seeing that Xiao Xiao's complexion was not very good, and even her lips were a little pale, her complexion couldn't help but sink. I want to immediately hug Xiaoxiao into my arms and ask Xiaoxiao if there is any discomfort.

As a result, it was blocked by a female about 10 steps away from Xiaoxiao. Lei Lu lowered his head and saw that this was a somewhat familiar female. Looking at the beautiful face of the female, he thought that this was a female named Xin born by Qi, a female of the Giant Snake Tribe, married to Mu, a member of the Giant Tiger Tribe.

Lei Lu saw that Xin was looking at him all the time, but didn't speak, so he ignored him. Directly bypass the female and walk towards Xiaoxiao.

He kept holding Xiao Xiao directly into his arms, touched Xiao Xiao's face, his eyes were full of worry, and asked: "Xiao Xiao, your complexion is very bad, are you tired?"

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