Wu Xiaoyin thought about opening some kind of snack bar, which would consume a lot of animal meat, but the items he traded were animal meat, herbs, animal skins, and cotton cloth unique to the giant tiger tribe. few.

I also thought about whether the currency system should be implemented, but who should I sell things to? All tribes have no shortage of animal meat, only herbs and animal skins are insufficient. Wu Xiaoyin felt that she had reached a dead end and could not get out. However, Wu Xiaoyin felt tired when thinking that starting from next year, the other four tribes would give him animal meat, herbs and animal skins in exchange for the method of making stone houses.

Wu Xiaoyin thought about whether to increase the population to consume food? There was no other way to do this, but Wu Xiaoyin just thought about it, what can a baby eat, and what can it eat? Does Wu Xiaoyin feel troubled by the pile of food at home?

Lei Lu looked at Xiao Xiao, frowning and sighing, and asked, "Xiao Xiao, what's wrong with you?"

Wu Xiaoyin told Lei Lu bluntly about her troubles, "I'm just worried that even if we don't need you to hunt in our family, we probably won't be able to eat all our food in the future. How can this be good?"

Lei Lu thought that Xiao Xiao was worried about something, but it turned out that he was worried about this matter. Lei Lu was also annoyed that he was careless and didn't explain to Xiao Xiao, so he quickly explained: "Xiao Xiao, I have discussed it with the patriarch before, and then the rest of the tribe The animal meat, herbs, and animal skins sent are used as the tribe’s food reserves and animal skins respectively, and the sacrificial herbal medicines, we will make a special sheepskin roll to record it, so that’s all right. If we need it at that time, we can get it from Fresh animal meat and other things have been extracted from the tribe."

Wu Xiaoyin slapped his head and said, "Yeah, why didn't I think of this good idea, so that I don't have to worry about the problem of food rot, herbal medicine's failure, and the backlog of animal skins and ash."

Hearing the sound of Xiaoxiao patting his head, Lei Lu felt pain, he quickly held Xiaoxiao's head and rubbed it, then carried Xiaoxiao back to the bedroom to take a nap.

Since Wu Xiaoyin lost the stone that has been accumulated in her heart since she lost it, she felt that her food tasted delicious, her snoring became more cheerful, and the cold season slipped away quietly.

When the growing season came, Wu Xiaoyin hadn't realized that the growing season was coming. This was completely different from the previous years when he was eager to get through the cold season, but could only count the days. Wu Xiaoyin was finally able to step out As soon as we got home, we made dried strawberry milk cake and lemon flavored milk candy to see Bin.

After getting Wu Xiaoyin's permission, the three little ones, who had been bored for a cold season, were like arrows, rushing from the door to the Bin's house with a bang.

When they arrived at Bin's house, Wu Xiaoyin looked at Bin who was still looking good, and said, "How are you doing recently? Is the baby in your stomach still safe?"

Bin lovingly stroked his stomach, and said, "It's pretty good, thank you for making me delicious food, the baby in my stomach is settled down."

Wu Xiaoyin thought that the baby in Bin's stomach was exactly the same as Xiao Kai at that time, and that he would be a foodie like Pupu in the future, "That's good, when the time comes, the baby in Bin's belly and Pupu will come to my house for dinner together. "

Bin also thought of Pupu's obsession with food, and said with a smile, "If this is the same as Pupu in my stomach in the future, I will make you poor!"

But Wu Xiaoyin looked eager, "That's just right, you don't even know that our family's food is almost exhausted, and people from other tribes will send animal meat to the stone house for trading, and there will be trades on this year's exchange day." Pu Pu and the baby in your belly will eat more for me, the more I eat, the happier I will be."

Bin also thought about the problem of food storage, so Wu Xiaoyin told Bin what Lei Lu had told him before, and Bin felt relieved, and chatted with Wu Xiaoyin, and after such a pass, the afternoon passed.

Cora also came back at this time. Starting from this year, Cora will be formally trained, and the expression on the little child's face is getting weaker day by day. Wu Xiaoyin feels that it is completely developing in the direction of Feng. Fortunately, Cora and Feng The same gentle and handsome appearance, if San Xiaozhi is as expressionless as Lei Lu, then I will be considered worried!

At this time, Wu Xiaoyin understood why father Xi complained about Lei Lu's facial paralysis from time to time, it really was a worrying thing! Wu Xiaoyin looked at the three little ones who were rolling with Ke La, and said that he must not raise three little ones with facial paralysis, hold the claws!

However, seeing Cora's calm-faced Ren Sanxiao only crawling on her body, it's still very cute! Wu Xiaoyin thinks that this year's birthday gift to Cora is considered to be the material, and when he grows up, he will definitely make people laugh once he sees it!

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