Although he was thinking a lot, Data didn't show anything on his face. Instead, he stared at Wu Xiaoyin curiously, and then said, "My name is Data, and I'm a female from the giant lion tribe."

Wu Xiaoyin saw Data staring at him eagerly, Wu Xiaoyin said that he was very calm, and said with a smile: "Hello, my name is Wu Xiaoyin."

Datta looked at Wu Xiaoyin with brighter eyes and said, "You are so petite, and you are called 'Little', so cute!"

As for why Datta is so excited, it is because the females of the Giant Lion Tribe are taller than ordinary females. The females in the Beastman Continent are about 1.9 meters tall, but Wu Xiaoyin saw the height of the females in the entire Giant Lion Tribe. It's about 2 meters, so it's understandable to be obsessed with small things, including people.

Even Wu Xiaoyin saw Data's paw that was about to move, and tried hard to control himself to put it down, but the paw was still involuntarily lifted up, and the desire to touch Wu Xiaoyin continued to increase.

Wu Xiaoyin hurriedly interrupted the green light in Data's swollen eyes, and said, "Data, are there any special plants or animals in the giant lion tribe?"

When Datta heard the little female's question, he quickly put away his composure and said, "We don't have any unique items in the giant lion tribe. If there is any, this is it." After speaking, he pointed to the giant lion lying under the tree. The males of the lion tribe.

Wu Xiaoyin's big eyes expressed puzzlement. Datta saw Wu Xiaoyin blinking his eyes and "acting cute", and his saliva was about to flow down. He swallowed quickly and answered the question in Wu Xiaoyin's eyes: "The whole beastman continent is the most cute!" Lazy males are a specialty of our giant lion tribe, do you want them?"

When Lei Lu heard that Datta was going to introduce the male posture to Xiaoxiao, he quickly interrupted: "Okay, Xiaoxiao, since we have already seen the giant lion tribe, let's go and see the last giant leopard tribe?"

After finishing speaking, without waiting for Wu Xiaoyin to answer, without even looking at Datta at the side, he walked away.

Datta saw Leilu's possessiveness broke out, so he quickly said to the female beside him, and followed Leilu and his group to the Giant Leopard Tribe, the neighbor and rival of the Giant Lion Tribe.

There was a large amount of animal skins being traded in the camp of the Giant Leopard Tribe. Wu Xiaoyin saw that the amount was about two-thirds of the total amount of all the other six tribes combined. From this, we can know how many animal skins were piled up on the ground. Anyway, Wu Xiaoyin was buried in such a way that he couldn't see him at all.

Datta was surprised to see the cute Xiaoxiao with his mouth open slightly, and explained to Xiaoxiao: "In contrast to the lazy males of the giant lion tribe, the males of the giant leopard tribe are hardworking."

Xiao Kai also explained: "Yes, the males of the giant leopard tribe are famous for their speed, so they hunt their prey relatively fast, and the amount of animal skins they accumulate is considerable."

Wu Xiaoyin couldn't help but look at Xiao Kai with admiration. She never thought that Xiao Kai, who was always out of tune, could say such a thing!

However, Wu Xiaoyin's change of opinion towards Xiaokai didn't last long, and Datta went on to say: "This is actually the orcs' views on the giant leopard tribe's hunting. In fact, this is just the result of the contest between the giant leopard tribe and the giant lion tribe. That's all."

Wu Xiaoyin was very curious about this. After all, the Giant Lion Tribe was the second strongest tribe on the entire Orc Continent, but the items traded in the Giant Lion Tribe's camp were mostly herbs, and the amount of animal skins did not exceed Wu Xiaoyin's expectations. . On the contrary, seeing the giant leopard tribe with such a large number of animal skins, if this is the result of the contest between the giant lion tribe and the giant leopard tribe, then the number of animal skins of the giant lion tribe should also be considerable, yes!

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