Wu Xiaoyin, who came back to his senses, noticed that Lei Lu's face seemed to be a little gloomy, so he quickly put his arms around Lei Lu's neck, and said, "Lei Lu, take me closer to the river, there are often some edible plants by the river. .”

Hearing Xiao Xiao's words, Lei Lu's complexion gradually improved, and he was no longer in a bad mood because of Xiao Kai's interruption. Holding Xiao Xiao in his arms, he slowly approached the river.

And Wu Xiaoyin did find edible aquatic plants Zizania and taro by the river, among which Zizania cannot grow without water and has high requirements. However, as a vegetable, there are many ways to cook it. If it is eaten cold and raw, it is more refreshing, and when it is fried with meat, it will have a strong meaty taste. Therefore, it can be cooked with different ingredients to show different flavors. Taro, on the other hand, has high starch content like potatoes and sweet potatoes, and is more resistant to hunger after eating. However, taro has higher water and calorie requirements than potatoes and sweet potatoes, and lower than wild rice stems. Therefore, it is suitable for growing in places with high temperature and sufficient water. The most important thing is that taro can be sliced ​​and dried in the sun as a kind of food in the cold season, so the value must be higher and more real in the Beastman Continent.

Wu Xiaoyin told Lei Lu about his discovery, and Lei Lu looked at Wu Xiaoyin for a long time, then hugged Wu Xiaoyin tightly in his arms, until Wu Xiaoyin felt that his bones were clamoring for pain, then Lei Lu let go . Carefully placing Wu Xiaoyin by the river, Lei Lu went to the water bamboo and taro near the river bank, and pulled out a few. He pointed to Wu Xiaoyin with his eyes, and after seeing Wu Xiaoyin nodding, he pulled out a few more repeatedly, until Wu Xiaoyin called to stop before cleaning his hands and feet and walking to the river bank.

At the same time, Xiaokai, Bin, Kos, and Feng had finished their lunch. Seeing the extra wild rice stems and taro in Lei Lu's hands, Xiaokai asked, "Xiaoxiao, what is this? Can I eat it?" ?”

Well, foodies Xiaokai and Cos stared at Wu Xiaoyin eagerly, waiting for Wu Xiaoyin's answer, Wu Xiaoyin also lived up to their desire, nodded, and said, "Yes, the blue and white ones are rice stems, and the brown ones are taro and wild rice stems. It is a vegetable, that is, a kind of wild vegetable, and taro is more eaten with potatoes and sweet potatoes as a staple food, and after being sliced ​​and dried, it can be preserved for the entire cold season, adding more hope for survival in the cold season.”

Xiao Kai jumped up immediately after hearing this, and when Lei Lu's hands were still wet and unable to hold Xiao Xiao, he jumped up and hugged Xiao Xiao fiercely, then quickly jumped away and hid behind Kos. However, even so, Lei Lu's face was already dark. But they couldn't stop the excitement of Xiaokai and the others.

Now they are able to trust Wu Xiaoyin's words, not only because of the giant spicy fruit before, but also because they need such hope and the possibility of living better. The most important thing is that this is the food that existed in the place where Wu Xiaoyin lived before. They believe that Wu Xiaoyin, who is the darling of the beast god, disdains to lie, and it is unnecessary.

In this way, Xiao Kai dragged Kos to jump ahead, while urging Bin and Wu Xiaoyin to hope that they could walk faster, so that they could find more food!

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