However, when Wu Xiaoyin ate the barbecue for three days, he really realized the meaning of the saying that no matter how delicious the barbecue is, if you eat it every day, you will get tired of it. So, after three days of lamely learning the Common Language of the Orc Continent with Lei Lu, he sincerely expressed his desire not to eat barbecue anymore. Only then did Lei Lu realize that females are different from males. Although meat is rich in nutrients and energy, females' bodies will weaken after eating meat for a long time.

So, Lei Lu carried the little female to find Dad, because the little female didn't need to drink any more medicine from now on. After dinner at Dad's place, he went to the priest to see if the little female's body had fully recovered . Therefore, it shouldn't be a problem to take the little female to the father's house not far away for a meal.

Wu Xiaoyin's children's shoes have gone through a full three days of doll life, that is, being hugged for eating, sleeping, and going to the toilet... After that, I can't help but wonder if all the injuries should be taken care of in this way? Therefore, Wu Xiaoyin's children's shoes raised an objection, wanting to say that he could go, but Lei Lu completely denied it, and just carried him to Dad's house.

At this time, Xi and Lei Lu's father, Lei Yan, were discussing Wu Xiaoyin, Xi said with a little worry: "I don't know how the little female is doing? Is the body getting better?" Lei Yan can't see his female frowning because of others , embraced the female and said: "With that boy Lei Lu taking care of him, he will definitely get better soon, and since that female came to the Beastman Continent, you also know that the orcs have made progress in medicine, it's just a cold, It will be fine soon."

At this time, before Lei Lu entered the cave, he shouted: "Father, Father, Xiao Xiao and I came in." It wasn't until Father Xi replied: "Come in." Lei Lu walked away holding the little female Entering the cave of the father and the father, because after the child has grown up, he is considered independent, and even if he enters the house of the father and the father, he must obtain their consent.

Seeing Lei Lu walking in with the little female in his arms, Xi looked at the little female carefully, and asked, "How is the little female? Is she better?" Lei Lu looked at the little female intently and replied: " Father, Xiaoxiao is already much better, after dinner, I will take Xiaoxiao to see the priest, because the medicine given by the priest has already been taken."

Xi breathed a sigh of relief, and said, "It's fine, it's fine. Is there a little female whose name is Xiaoxiao? It's such a cute name, and it fits the little female very well." Wu Xiaoyin, who was the party involved, heard the words "Xiaoxiao" in the discussion. The word "little" was meant to refer to me, but in the past three days, I have refuted it countless times, but I have not been able to correct it. I feel tired, so I don't fight any more, Leilu said very satisfied.

Lei Lu has been paying attention to the expression of the little female. Seeing his slightly bulging face, he knows that he still has some resistance to the name "Xiaoxiao", but it doesn't matter, he keeps calling, keeps calling, and one day Xiaoxiao will meet agreed. Lei Lu said to Wu Xiaoyin: "Xiao Xiao, my name is Daddy, and this is Father, Father."

Wu Xiaoyin followed Tiantian and called out: "Father, Father." Xi was very happy, and even Lei Yan, who rarely showed any expression, loosened his face slightly. Lei Lu went on to say: "Father, what kind of wild vegetables do females like to eat more? Xiaoxiao has been eating barbecue for the past two days, and now she has lost her appetite. She used to eat less, but now she eats even less."

When Xi heard this, he glared at Lei Lu and said, "How can a female eat barbecue all the time, her body will not be able to bear it. I just picked giant cabbage today, let's eat here together." Lei Lu couldn't help muttering: "Eating meat can restore energy and strength!" After hearing this, Xi slapped Lei Lu on the back and said angrily, "Eating barbecue all the time puts a heavy burden on the female's body, which is not conducive to the recovery of physical strength. .”

Now, Lei Lu didn't dare to speak anymore, and Lei Yan was dissatisfied with the physical contact between his female and her son. He thought that he must "educate" Xi at night, and Xi was preparing giant cabbages for Wu Xiaoyin. , Little did he know that the punishment of the night was coming!

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