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Chapter 850: Civilization from scratch

Chapter 850 Civilization from scratch

 After the celebration is over, the players begin their daily development life.

 Because there is no early pressure, the players are living a very comfortable life.

 They don’t have so much to consider now. For them now, what they need to do is extremely simple.

 You just need to develop civilization according to your own preferences. You can operate according to your own ideas about what civilization looks like.

After there is no external pressure, there are many natural choices internally. At the same time, many previous policies or ideas are also changing. After all, for players, the civilization they create is more of a need. free.

 In the early stage of the war, there was a civilization behind it, and they didn’t know when the two would meet. The pressure brought on them forced their policies to be biased towards combat.

 But now that there is no such pressure, they have begun to slowly shift more to life, and this is what they want.

After all, compared to war, freedom is naturally better, but players also know very well that no matter how much they yearn for freedom, there is always a premise that cannot be touched.

 That is to threaten the personal safety of other people. For them now, personal safety is very important.

They naturally still maintain various criminal laws and other things from previous civilizations.

  After all, sometimes there are some bottom lines that can never be broken. Many times the collapse of some civilizations is due to touching these bottom lines, so it is absolutely impossible for them to allow such a thing to happen.

And considering some of the naughty incidents they encountered at the beginning, everyone was also discussing this matter during the discussion on the formulation of the bill.

"Those children are not mentally mature after all. Under such circumstances, I think it is unfair to them if you enact such a law."

“Unfair, what’s unfair about this? Haven’t you seen some of the things that civilization encountered back then?”

"Have you ever seen how terrible the things that younger people do? There are even many older people who cannot do such things, but in such circumstances, they can be protected. Is this fair to those victims? It is true that we have the obligation to protect the people, but we do not have the obligation to protect the devil."

“Yes, some people are born devils.”

"It is true that sometimes things are like what you said, but have you ever considered that they are still young. If they end their lives without giving them a chance, what if they will have high achievements in the future? After all, they Still young, the possibilities are endless.”

“We don’t know whether they have unlimited possibilities, but I think we should always protect the normal people, not the devils.”

"It is true that their minds are immature, but with such terrifying minds, are they really worth protecting? How should the real victims deal with themselves?"

At this time, everyone was expressing their opinions on this matter. This matter was very important to civilization. They knew very well what would happen if this matter was not handled well. Dire consequences.

 Similarly, they are also very clear in their hearts, and some things are just like what they said before.

What they think is that civilization does want to protect people, but it must also have the right person to protect. If he is young, if he becomes an umbrella, he will repeat the same fate as before.

 So whether this matter is good for them or for other people, there are really too many things to consider.

  Everyone has been talking about this matter for a long time, which makes them really unable to come up with an idea in a short time.

 The main reason is that there are too many things involved in this matter.

“Everyone, I don’t think we need to consider so many things at all. No matter what, I am thinking that everyone must remember one question, that is, who are we?”

"It is true that some words are very reasonable, but you should not forget one thing, that is, we are now a brand new civilization. Various policies of previous civilizations can be used as a reference, but they must not affect our subjectivity. judge."

“If we continue to acquiesce, or continue to think that we still belong to the original civilization, then we will eventually embark on the same old path.”

“So I think as a new civilization, we need to have laws that belong to our own civilization.”

“We can’t still refer to the past. Those things in the past are no longer suitable for us. We need a brand-new solution of our own.”

In this way, everyone was discussing one by one. Indeed, there was nothing wrong with what they said. Now they really need a brand new plan, rather than continuing to use the previous plan. After all, they are a brand new civilization.

 It is impossible for a brand new civilization to continue to do things in the same way as before. If this is the case, then they will still be the previous civilization without any changes, and this is naturally what they do not want to see.

After all, the players have invested too much in creating this civilization. At the same time, since they separated from this civilization, many things have been separated. Now they need to create a brand new civilization of their own, rather than leaving. The old path before continued the civilization that had long been cut off from them.

 The civilization of the past can appear in museums and history books and be remembered by the world, but it absolutely cannot influence their current thinking.

Regarding this matter, everyone was discussing and expressing their own opinions and opinions. It must be said that as the player's words fell, everyone's thoughts also changed a lot. Change, and soon they had their own ideas.

 As a result, brand-new bills were promulgated, and these bills will also guide them.

With the introduction of the new bill, it has naturally caused an uproar, and many people are paying close attention to these things.

Although there were many different voices in the process, the new decree was eventually implemented, which is understandable. After all, since the change has been decided, it is impossible for the players to give up halfway.

Although there were many obstacles along the way, everything finally settled.

Whether it is battleships, bills, or other things, after earth-shaking changes have occurred, this civilization has also ushered in a new life.

Without the threat of enemies, all walks of life in civilization soon began to develop gradually, and everyone could do what they wanted to do according to their own preferences.

For them, this is naturally something worth celebrating. In the past, all walks of life were for the sake of war, and all kinds of policies were closer to war. But now with the end of the war, various new Things just appeared.

 Everyone can develop according to their own preferences, so all walks of life began to recover, whether it was entertainment books or others, they all began to develop prosperously.

Everyone has their own goals and pursuits. Similarly, in the development of all walks of life, players will naturally not forget their roots. They know the importance of technology to civilization, so the support policy for technology is still the largest. It's just that compared to the past, some support from their side has been used, and of course it is used in other industries.

 Of course, compared to science and technology, the proportion of support in other aspects is naturally much smaller.

And the taxes on the entertainment industry are very serious and require strict monitoring. The purpose is to restrict it to a certain extent. Compared with the previous male policies, the biggest restriction on entertainment is that instigation is not allowed. Fans perform operations such as posting lists and so on.

Of course this is not the most critical thing. The most critical thing is another thing, and this thing also shocked everyone.

That is to strengthen the supervision of the Internet, especially for things like spreading rumors. The punishment is quite serious. After all, in the past civilization, the Internet was a mess. Everything has these things. If it is not regulated, sooner or later It will cause trouble.

 In short, everything has changed a lot, and everyone needs to slowly adapt to these things.

 In addition to these things, there is another matter that is a major event for the entire civilization, and this matter is also of great concern to everyone, and that is matters related to games. Indeed, games are a very big problem.

 At the beginning, some people directly destroyed the game, but fortunately all the important information was preserved. Later, after they fled, not much of this information was brought out.

It was not until after they captured that civilization this time that they sorted out the civilization’s heritage and discovered that this civilization actually retained these data. It was also because these data were retained that they were able to use these to restore the game.

 For them, repairing the game is a very important thing, because their greatest contribution to being able to survive until now is this game.

 The data in the game itself is closely related to space wars. It is also because of the existence of these data that through the wars in the game, they can win the battle with the enemy and have the last laugh.

 So they know very well how important the game is to them.

They know very well that they have not played that game very deeply, and there are still many things that they have not touched. They want to learn more useful things through the game.

For example, their curvature engine technology. Logically speaking, given their civilization, how could they develop curvature engine technology? But in fact, they have developed it. The reason for how to develop it is of course very simple, that is, they have developed it through games. The principle of probability engine inside is studied.

Although the game does not tell them the complete technology tree or process, the explanation of regional night engine technology in the game is the correct idea. As long as you have a general direction, then through this direction it is still possible You can research something easily.

In addition to these technologies, there are many technologies in the hands of players, which are also researched in this way. Although this research method looks very strange on the surface, it is undeniable that this research method is indeed .

 It helped them a lot in the early stage, especially when they had no idea, referencing some of the things in it can always provide some inspiration.

“As for games, I don’t think anyone will have any objections. After all, our civilization can continue to this day, and games have contributed a lot.”

 No one objects to this sentence. After all, they have been using the routines in the game since they fought with the enemy, but this routine is very easy to use.

"We can basically confirm that the information on the alien civilization we obtained at the beginning is definitely that of an advanced alien civilization. Otherwise, this effect will never be achieved. Through repeated practice in the game, we have a strong space knowledge. In combat, I have to say that this is indeed a surprise for us. "

“We didn’t know the situation before, but now that we know it, we must be very careful about the game. We must not lose it no matter what, because it is a channel for us to cultivate real space combatants.”

 It is true that after enjoying the benefits brought to them by the game, they paid more attention to the game. This is a real space simulator.

As long as it exists, players can use it to continuously cultivate new space warriors. In this way, the repair work for the game began, and a large number of technicians entered it and began to repair various data.

However, after the players installed the most important data module, they found that after the module was installed, the game began to run autonomously. This incident made the players a little surprised. Why did the game run autonomously? Naturally, we are very clear in our hearts.

 In fact, the reason is very simple, that is, the most important module, which is the module that stores data, is still the same as before, although they want to start over with new data.

  But if you don’t use these data, you can indeed start from scratch, but whether you can still achieve the previous effect is another matter.

If the previous effect cannot be achieved, then even if the data appears, even a slight deviation may be a disaster for the players, because this is not a real simulation, so for this matter, the players will also Extremely cautious.

 In the end, they chose to retain their previous progress.

 In this way, as the game is started again, players enter this familiar yet unfamiliar world.

Hundreds and thousands of years have passed by in a hurry, and there are not many game players left. All of this is changing over time, but when the players enter here again, they are still I was enveloped by an inexplicable sense of intimacy.

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