That's a big difference!

It can be said that there are two people before and after!

One is indifferent and simple, the other is vicious and ruthless!

Like a poisonous snake, hiding in a dark place, at the moment when the prey appeared flawed, it quickly opened its bloody mouth and bit the neck of the prey~ deadly.


Outside the light curtain, at St. Freya's Academy, inside the Valkyrie's dormitory.

The moment things reversed, everyone was stunned.

Huang Quan could be such a person?

In particular, Kiana, who has always believed in Huangquan, was also stunned at this time, blinking her eyes and looking incredulous in the customized video.

How could this be!shouldn't it?.

Obviously, it was fine at the beginning, but in the blink of an eye, Huangquan has become a different look?

It's like she was at the beginning, and she is completely different from her now.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that something was wrong, but even if Kiana broke her brain, she couldn't think of the reason.

In the end, he resigned himself to lying on the bed, beating the quilt with both hands.

"Damn! Damn! How can this be!"

"It's too much worse than I imagined, it shouldn't be like this!"

"Obviously with Mei Yi's face, how could she do such a thing?"

Hearing these words, Bronya didn't quite agree.

"What kind of thing do you do? If someone invades your memory, can you let someone slaughter you?"

"I don't think there's anything wrong with her fighting back. "

"It can only be said that the vigilance of the black swan is not high, and there is no way to suppress Huangquan at all. "

Because everything is under her control, but she doesn't know that the praying mantis catches the cicada, and the yellow finch is behind. The hunter pretends to be his prey, and invites him into the urn. "

Hearing these words, Kiana fell silent.

What Bronya said is indeed right, being suppressed to this point, counterattacking is the best choice.

But.......... How did Huangquan become like this?

Shouldn't she be a taciturn and simple person?

Thinking about her persistence at the beginning, Kiana instantly looked like a wilted balloon, and her whole person lost her energy.

The blow was so great that her heart was so bad.


On the other side of the light curtain, in the pre-civilization era, in the headquarters of the Fire Chaser.

Things were moving too fast, and the heroes were caught off guard.

This content is completely different from what they think?

I thought that Huang Quan would be forcibly taken out of his memory by the black swan, and then the truth would be revealed.

And now, the black sky has been swallowed up by this force.

Alas, but it can only be said that the black swan skills are not as good as people.

Hunters often appear in the form of prey, and the current Yellow Springs perfectly demonstrates this.

Step by step, she guided the black swan into her elaborate trap.

The whole process of boiling the frog in warm water, the black swan did not notice it at all, let alone resist.

It wasn't until the end, the moment she was devoured, that she completely woke up, but it was too late.......... It's a foregone conclusion.

The fangs of the viper had pierced the wings, and the venom spread throughout the body, and the struggle was futile.

Mebius looked indifferent: "The shot is very fast, this yellow spring should not be underestimated." "

Dr. Mei's tone was cold: "Yes, it's wonderful. "

Elysia crossed Erlang's legs, and her fox eyes were slightly raised, "Yes~ Because of this reversal, the content is directly sublimated." "

The aura of darkness spread, and the swan gradually lost its vitality under the entanglement of the poisonous snake. "

Eden smiled softly: "With such superb acting skills, you can go to the entertainment industry to mix." "

Pardophyllis scratched her head, "yes, I can't see it at all." "


Back in the video, the content continues to play.

The breath of darkness is coming.

The red color appears in the frame.

Here, the phantom of the anaconda entangles the swan, causing her to gradually lose her life.

The black swan spreads its wings and replicates several of its own figures in the air.

But no matter what, Huang Quan was able to catch the real black swan from several swans with precision.

At the moment of contact, the black swan reverted to its human form.

She was dragged back by Huang Quan.

The black swan opened its arms again and again, only once it was trapped and torn apart by the abyssal viper.

Blood-red eyes filled the entire screen, which made the viewers feel creepy.

Gradually, the swan lost its wings, and its flesh was devoured by poisonous snakes.

All that was left was the white skeleton.

Countless liquids flowed from the top of the screen, but the audience knew that because the video was black and white, it was clearly blood.

After a while, a cheetah appeared in the picture, chasing a goat.

Sanyo ran vigorously, but the cheetah behind him was still chasing after him, and even the speed was constantly accelerating.

At last.......... The goat was pounced on by the cheetah and locked in the throat.

Then the screen turns, and a huge black bear chases the white rabbit.

The rabbit ran desperately, but was finally bitten on the head by a black bear.

Sharks, spiders, centipedes.......... One animal after another emerges in the frame.

The black and white colors and weird pictures made the audience outside the screen hold their breath, not knowing how to describe the current feeling.

Outside the light curtain, the audience saw the situation in front of them, and their hearts were different.

This yellow spring is completely different from what they imagined? In the blink of an eye, everything changed?

The black swan, who was originally the strongest villain boss, was suppressed by Huang Quan in this case.

It's as if she is the prey, and Huang Quan is the real hunter.

However, the following content also proves that all this is true.

Most of the viewers of the Honkai Three Worlds are still in a state of confusion.

After all, it happened so suddenly, and I was caught off guard!

And the audience in the Star Dome World is still in a state of excitement. Story reversal and reversal, exciting?

The content is much more interesting than they imagined.

For a while, the content on the barrage began to be updated crazily, and audiences from different worlds told their thoughts at the moment.

[Star Dome March 7: Tut! Exciting!]

[Sister Xing: Huangquan is stronger than I imagined. 】

[Xingqiong Danheng: Sure enough, you can't judge people by their appearance. 】

[Stardome Walter: That's right. 】

[Honkai Impact Mikiana: uh.......... Is that still Miss Huangquan?]

[Honkai Impact Three Bronia: Pretending to be the prey and luring the real prey to the bait, very strong. 】

[Honkai Impact Three Thunderbolt Mei Yi: Well, she is stronger and smarter than she imagined, and it is difficult for the black swan to escape in this situation. 】

[Honkai Sanfuhua: Those black and white animals should refer to the relationship between the hunter and the prey, and this black swan ..........]

[Honkai Three Trisa: Hehe, reverse and reverse, it's too exciting!]

[Elysia: Hmm~ The content is more interesting than I imagined, I thought Huangquan was the real prey. 】

[Eden: Same.] 】

[Mebius: Huang Quan is too good to act, I can't guess. 】

[Dr. May: Hmm.] 】

[Thousand Tribulations: Boredom. 】

[Pardophyllis: Alas, I guessed wrong, I guessed wrong. 】

[Eden: Let me better go to the next content.] 】


·· ···· Asking for flowers· ····

Outside the light curtain, in the conference room of the pre-civilization era, the Fire Chaser.

The video screen of everyone's gaze and the content in front of them only make people feel creepy.

The black and white screen, the liquid flowing from above, no matter how you look at it, looks like blood!

If the video is colored, don't guess!

The rabbit inside, the antelope inside, that's the embodiment of the black swan. As for the brutal beasts, that is, of course, the Yellow Springs.

Elysia shook her head, "It's cruel! "

Eden: "No way, she has superb acting skills, I'm afraid most people have been deceived by her." "

The perfect trap was arranged, and under her guidance, the black swan sank down step by step, and was finally completely devoured. "

Grexiu blinked, "It's terrifying!"


Under the expectant gaze of the audience, the video content continues to play.

Suddenly, the picture flickered and flickered.

A slices of blood and a hand appear in the center of the screen.

And the audience outside the screen was shocked when they saw the scene in front of them.

It's also so exciting!

Immediately after that, in this blood, the figure of the black swan kept falling.

..... ....... ...

Her eyes widened in despair, and her eyes were full of fear.

She stretched out her hand, as if trying to grasp something, but in this void, what could she grasp?

The body turned into a feather and disappeared in midair.

At that moment, the elegant sound of the violin ended.

The black swan woke up from her nightmare, gasping for breath, everything in front of her seemed to be on the verge of death.

But in reality, her spirit did come back to reality.

Her face was pale, and her eyes were still full of fear.

In a trance, Huang Quan's face gradually became clear.

And Huang Quan hugged the black swan and asked in a deep voice:

"Annihilation Gang, who is it?"

Suddenly, the picture went dark.

When a piece of light appears, the screen switches.

The picture was blood-red, and a slender figure gradually walked away.

"I've been watching her for a long time, and tonight is the last invitation. "

"[Sea Ranger], no! I made a fatal mistake!"

"Everyone has a past, but some people's past is the silent deep sea. "

"Filled with the remains of the drowned. "

And at this moment, corpses fell one after another from the blood-colored sky.

They were led by a blood-colored bandage, and finally fell to the ground.

The camera got closer, and the audience realized that the back was actually from Huangquan!?

She walked forward slowly, "Annihilation?"


She repeated the words as she thought.

Suddenly, she came to a building, and something flashed through her mind.

"It's them!"


Outside the light curtain, the audience from different worlds breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the two return to the real world.

I almost thought that the black swan couldn't escape! Fortunately, the music stopped in time at the end, and the black swan also took advantage of this effort to escape in embarrassment.

But when they thought of the picture that appeared before, the audience couldn't help but shudder.

It's terrifying!

That's the abyss covered in blood!


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