Weird recovery: Controlling time in the beginning

Weird recovery: Controlling time in the beginning


226 Chapters Ongoing Status


"I like weird things the most."

The mysterious word game "Strange Era" is in closed beta, and the world has entered a strange era.

Each closed beta player can obtain a weird one. If he successfully controls it, he can become a ghost controller. If he fails, he will turn into a weird body on the spot.

Wu Jian, who qualified for the internal test, found that his physique was a bit special.

Any weird thing that wants to invade his body will not only be unable to revive in his body, but will be adapted by his body and become a part of his body.

A time trick that can freely manipulate time.

An old broken sword with the strange ability to dismember.

Can collect strange bloody gourds.

The mysterious palm that can pinch weird things.

One by one, strange fusions made Wu Jian gradually fall into confusion.

He doesn't know whether he is a human or a treacherous person.

He is like a walking hell, constantly imprisoning strange creatures.

Countless terrifying rules are controlled by him, and he is like a walking god on earth.


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