Chapter 106: Female ghost Dole and Tina? If you don’t want to be a concubine, then become Starfury! 【Asking for votes】.

There are many women on Demon King Island, and every member of the Guards must be selected by Rimuru himself. The selection starts in the morning and ends in the evening!

“maid······The selection of the Demon King’s bodyguards is finally over!”

Stretching, Rimuru realized that he was almost exposed and changed his words in time.

“What are you pretending to be? You will favor these women sooner or later, right?

Nami rolled her eyes and couldn’t help but said:”There are more than a thousand people, and I’m not afraid of exhausting you to death!””

“That’s it!”

“Sister Nami is right!”

Nuo Qigao, Taotu and others on the side echoed in protest.

In the past, when there were nearly thirty people, they could only be appreciated by the devil every few days, but now there are more than a thousand people. They are really preparing to have a harem of three thousand beauties. ?! So, the concubines were united for the first time

“Are you going to rebel? And you’re worrying too much!

Rimuru immediately retorted, putting his hands on his hips and saying proudly:”I’m a slime. Here I only have plowed fields and no exhausted cows!” No, I have healing skills. Even if I plow the land day and night, the land will not be damaged!”


Nami stuck out her tongue and said,”You won’t be able to finish eating even if you’re exhausted!”

“Yo ho?”

“It seems you don’t believe it. In that case, let me show you Slime’s strongest racial talent!”

Only then did Rimuru realize that the girls were worried that they would lose the chance to turn over their cards.

“Nami, you are the only one who can say that, right? Then use your most ruthless knife!”

As he said that, Rimuru turned into a slime state and swallowed Nami in one mouthful when the opponent was caught off guard.

“Wait a minute! I was wrong! Don’t·····ah!”

Knowing what was going to happen next, Nami hurriedly slapped the stomach wall, but Rimuru not only did not spit out Nami, but also compressed the space in her body. Nami was compressed into a ball by the narrow space, as if her body was It’s like being in a vacuum, and your whole body is tense.

Then, you need to use your imagination

“No, run!”

Realizing that something was wrong, Peach Rabbit took the lead in turning into thunder and lightning to escape, but was caught by Rimuru’s tentacles by his ankles and lifted into the air. Even the fastest Peach Rabbit was caught, let alone the others.

Three More than ten people all fell into the claws of the Demon King!

Moreover, nearly a hundred vines had never been stewed before, and the door to a new world suddenly opened.

Slowly, everyone gave up struggling and gradually collapsed weakly. The ground turned into a puppet swinging up and down. It was not until three hours later that Rimuru let everyone go and liberated Nami.

“like······It was a little overdone.”

Rimuru looked at Nami’s swollen belly and couldn’t help but poke it. The body structure of anime characters is really strange, with rubber fruits per person. At this time, in the Empress’s palace, he looked at the people in the Demon King’s Palace who had already assumed their roles and started patrolling. Female, Hancock bit his pink lip gently.

He never dreamed that the female warriors who once took orders from him would actually compete with him.

“Humph, my husband is already engaged to me, unlike these guys!”

Thinking of the engagement with Rimuru, Hancock regained his confidence

“What wedding dress should I wear when the time comes? My husband seems to like the traditional costumes of Daughters Island very much. Should I choose a cheongsam or a dragon and phoenix jacket~”

“Now that you are married, you may have children in the future, so why not prepare some clothes and toys in advance~”

“Ah, so confused!”

Looking at the empress’s demented appearance, she must be thinking about something strange, Rimuru slowly closed the door that he had just opened. He was originally worried that Hancock would fall ill if he was not with her, but now he has It was certain that Hancock would not be lovesick. Leaving Hancock’s room, Rimuru walked towards the Demon King’s Palace dungeon.

In order to avoid being caught by the idiots in the palace who were ready to”faint” in his arms along the way. Intercepted, Rimuru maintained his slime state and rolled all the way from the rafters towards the dungeon.

“Strange, doesn’t the Demon King live in the palace at night?”

“I have been”patrolling” for a while and still haven’t seen the devil. If I keep going like this, when will I be able to become a concubine?”

“I really envy the Empress, it is great to have the title of the most beautiful woman in the world.”

During this period, many female guards passed by on patrol, and their whispers were heard by Rimuru.

“Hehe, luckily I was smart enough to turn into a slime, otherwise I wouldn’t even think about the dungeon all night.”

Rimuru ignored the female guards below. As an immortal species, he would figure out the depth of these people sooner or later. At this moment, in the dungeon,

Tina and Dole were sitting quietly in the cell, wearing sea hats on their hands. They were handcuffed with stone, and besides a small oil lamp, the only thing accompanying them was the sound of dripping water.

“Sister Dole, Tina won’t be executed, right?”

They have been locked up for this day. Facing the unknown future, Tina felt fear in her heart.

“Don’t be afraid, I will protect Tina.”

Putting Tina in his arms, Dole forced a smile and said softly:”And the navy will definitely not give up on us. They should send people to rescue us soon. In fact, Dole himself does not believe it.”

Because Taschi and others were captured before, the navy has never issued a rescue operation.

When Akainu was captured, several rescue plans were launched, but they all ended in failure.

“navy? The navy is gone, let alone rescue you.”

At this moment, a voice came, and the two women immediately looked at the door warily.

However, the terrifying devil did not appear. Instead, a lump of blue jelly exuding affinity jumped in front of them.

“ah! so cute!”

“It’s also a good Q bomb!”

Under the influence of the charm, Tina didn’t consider what kind of creature the other party was. She started to lick the blue jelly in front of her. It felt very good!

“Wait a minute, Tina, he might be…………”

Dole realized something was wrong and was about to warn her when the blue jelly suddenly stretched out its tentacles to hug Tina, and then turned into the devil.


“Demon, Demon King Rimuru?!”

Looking at Rimuru in front of her, Tina didn’t calm down and was stunned.

“Let Tina go! You devil!”

Dol on the side glared at Rimuru fiercely and wanted to kick him, but his soles slipped and he fell backwards.

“Unexpectedly, Lieutenant General Dole, who looks cold and cold, is actually pink and white striped.…………Still wearing a silk hem?”

Looking at Dole who fell to the ground in front of him, Rimuru couldn’t help but said:”You are quite discerning!”


After hearing what Rimuru said, Dole, who realized the problem, immediately sat up and glared at Rimuru.

“You just said that the navy is gone. What do you mean?”

Knowing that getting angry is of no use, but may arouse the other person’s desire.

Dole gradually calmed down and asked in a deep voice

“That’s what it means literally……”

With that said, Rimuru handed today’s newspaper to the two of them.

At the same time, he also thoughtfully unlocked the sea-floor stone handcuffs of the two of them.

Without the restraints of Hailou Stone, the two of them originally wanted to find a chance to escape, but they were deeply attracted by the contents of the newspaper and froze in place in shock.

“This, how is this possible?!”

“How could General Aokiji betray the navy? No, no, even Grandma He and Garp betrayed? Tina must be dreaming!”

While the two women were silent in shock, Rimuru looked at Dole and Tina seriously.

I have to say that when watching anime, Rimuru was very interested in various beauties in the navy. That kind of The image of a royal sister exuding a sense of justice deeply attracted Rimuru.

However, there were actually not many beauties in the navy, and Tina and Dole were considered to be at the top.

Now that they saw real people, the two Both the figure and appearance are much better than those in the anime.

Tina has long pink hair and a tall figure with a girlish look.

Dole has short dark hair with long eyelashes and bangs. She has a mature look. She also wears a spiked collar and hoop earrings around her neck. She has tattoos on her arms and she looks like a girl.…………Well, it’s not small by any stretch of the imagination.

Arouse the desire to bully someone severely

“The Navy has disappeared?”

“Tina…………Can you never go back?”

“Na Tina, what should I do?”

The admired seniors collectively betrayed the navy. Under the heavy blow, Tina didn’t care at all that Rimuru was measuring her brain waves, and she couldn’t help but feel confused.

Not only Tina, Dole was also silent.

Even Garp Both He He and He He have joined the Devouring Empire. Is it correct to say that the Devouring Empire is right?

And the navy is really the lackey of the Celestial Dragons as advertised by the Devouring Empire. There is no justice at all? Otherwise, why would so many marines join the Devouring Empire? Empire?

In fact, the situation in the navy is not as serious as the two people thought. It is just that many representative generals in the headquarters of Marine Vendone rebelled, and the navy in the four seas is still there. But the news is often about letting others see you and wanting others to know. Information

“The 0.9 generations before you that you admire have all joined me. Why don’t you follow me too?”

“How about being my concubine?”

The current appearance of the two of them can easily arouse men’s restless”hormones.”

When talking about concubines, the two of them thought of Dasqi and the others.

“Just give up, even if I die, I will never be your concubine!”

Before Tina could respond, Dole refused coldly.

Thinking about it, if Dole didn’t rebel, she would be sorry for dressing up like a bitch like her.

“That’s right, Tina won’t agree to it either!”

With Dole taking the lead, Tina, who originally wanted to obey, mustered up the courage to stay away.

“die? I can’t bear to have you die”

“Since you don’t choose to be my woman, then just be Starfury, it’s the same anyway!”

Rimuru showed an evil smile. There were only two of them in the entire dungeon, which was dozens of meters deep underground. No matter what he did, no matter how loud his voice was, no third person would hear it.

Under the cover of night, Demon King Island was It’s like a city in the sky floating thousands of meters high in the sky, drifting towards the new world. ps: It’s hard to find game art jobs recently, and it’s as hard to earn as royalties. Please give me free flowers, monthly passes and evaluation votes from handsome and beautiful bosses. support.

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