Voyage: Rimuru Panels, Building the Devouring Empire

Voyage: Rimuru Panels, Building the Devouring Empire


106 Chapters Ongoing Status


Wearing the world of One Piece, bound to the strongest comic character Rimuru!

Not only has the three unique talents of Cute King Rimuru Tempest been awakened [Great Sage] [Predator] [Mutant]!

In addition to gaining the ability to devour, he also gained the talent to devour the empire! Wake up to take control of the world, and lie drunk on the knees of beautiful women!

1Three Thousand Beauties: Snatch the beauties in the plot and participate in a lottery. There are no restrictions on abilities, items, creatures, etc.!

2 Power over the world: Perfectly possess the abilities of the subjects and decide the life and death of the subjects!

Snatch Nami, Nokigo, Makino, Koya, Iska, Robin, etc., and even beauties such as Shion, Hinata, Shuna, etc. can also be summoned!

Onigashima: Bastard! Give me back the Yamato Black Maria Run!

Mary Ford: Crane’s granddaughter was robbed? Akainu’s daughter is also missing? Is this devil trying to snatch away all the beauties in the navy?

Marie Joa: Let go of Im-sama!

Songming Army Headquarters: What? Bellobetti and Kerla are missing? !

When the flag of the Devouring Empire is planted on Mariejoia, the whole world is the land of the king, and within the four seas, everyone is the king’s ministers!


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