“Fufu, is it good enough? You did a lot better than I expected.”

“It’s all thanks to Flendena.”

Banquets were also held at Flendena Temple every time the Great Festival returned in spring.

Since he was an Apostle, high-ranking Priests and even high-ranking nobles from other countries visited, and anyone studying at the temple helped to host a banquet.

Hospitality that does not go against the etiquette of any country, and outfits and embellishments that are not ashamed of the name of Flendena, who presides over beauty.

It was my first time preparing for the wedding, but I was quick to learn some differences from preparing for the banquet in the temple.

“That’s right. I had another thing to thank you for.”

Older sister Juella, who smiled at me, asked Lafesch if she had anything to worry about.

“No, it’s very, very dreamy for me to come here. But….”


“It’s a shame that I don’t think I’ve gotten very close to Juella or Minuelle….”

Lafesch said shyly and lowered her eyes.

‘Who is calling my sister’s name like that?’

I didn’t even want to deny that I didn’t get close.

Juella looked at my expression, which quickly turned sour, and then glanced at the calendar on the desk and said.

“It’s a pity that you felt that way. The day after tomorrow, I will go to see His Majesty, and Young Lady Celeste will go with me. I’m sure you’re curious about the castle, too.”

“Wow, thank you so much!”

Lafesch held her hands together and shouted as if she was thrilled.

It was a really lovely figure. And yet I still didn’t want to be close.

“You, too, Minuelle. His Majesty will love to see you.”

“All right.”

I readily agreed.

The emperor loved me very much, but I was worried that I couldn’t show my face for longer than I thought.

‘That is great. I hope to see you again soon.’

Of course, while stopping by the Imperial Palace, there was also a thought to see Esadien.


Two days later, Lapeche, who visited the castle with us as promised, met a tremendous fate.


The Emperor looked at Lafesch’s face in disbelief. All eyes were on the two of them.

“You look so much like my younger sister, who was lost long ago.”

It was only after listening to the emperor that I could think of the owner of the name.

The Maya Roquette. Esadien’s mother and the Emperor’s beloved sister.

‘Come to think of it….. Even in the original story, he said that Lafesch looks amazingly similar to the Princess.’

Lafesch looked up at the Emperor with shaky eyes. Her face was a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

On the other hand, I was surprised because I felt a clear joy than when I first met Esadien.

‘I thought I could get a good string if I was lucky enough to get my face stamped.’

The day Lafesch first entered the Grand Duchess’s residence, I remembered what older sister Juella had said.

“Does Lafesch really want a rise her status?”

That was not the end of the surprise.

The chaplain, who was with the emperor, led us not to the reception room, but to the place where the Emperor, Crown Princess, and Esadien met weekly to drink tea.

‘I’ve been here a couple of times, but…..’

As I looked around and thought about the interior that had not changed even though I had been here for a while, I flinched for a moment.

‘I don’t think I was treated special because I came.’

She looked around, but the Emperor remained smiling as usual. The attendants were smooth, without any sign of surprise.

That’s right. It was a self-consciousness overload.

“Ah, wait. Servant.”

Everyone was seated, and the emperor discouraged the attendant from preparing tea.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“I want to drink today’s tea with Lady Celeste.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

In order to prevent the Emperor from being poisoned, I heard that the chief of attendants continuously checks everything he eats and drinks.

In particular, tea is likely to be poisoned by mixing leaves in various barrels, so it is said that it only made it all the time.

“It’s okay. Young lady, would you like to serve me a cup of tea?”

“Yes? Me? Ah yes. Yes!”

There is no way that you can refuse if the Emperor asked for it himself.

Lafesch jumped to her feet, but she looked very insecure.

“Um. I’m a little nervous.”

Just as expected. Lafesch made many small mistakes, as if she had never brewed a tea.

We tried not to look at her as much as possible so that she wouldn’t be embarrassed.

However, the taste was not an area that could be covered with courtesy.

‘This is probably the same tea leaf as the one at home….’

Everyone formally put the teacup in their mouth and put it down without saying anything, and after tasting Lafesch’s tea, they hurriedly dipped the sugar into the mouth.

Only the Emperor laughed as if he were having fun.

“Hahaha, this is different from Maya. Since she was seven years old, we didn’t talk it unless it was about tea.”

To that extent, Esadien’s mother was clearly the Tea Master of the century.

“Now, let’s get what we promised. Are the goods ready?”

It sounded like some kind of trafficking mafia. Perhaps he thought the same thing as me, but Lafesch’s mouth was shaking with the corner of her mouth slightly raised.

“Of course, Your Majesty. It’s an honor to receive it.”

On the other hand, the expressions of the older sister and Gideon were serious.

The Emperor opened an invitation he would have received and again showed him reading it carefully.

‘Huh? But…..’

While waiting for the Emperor’s answer, a strange feeling passed by.

‘Did Lafesch think the same as me?’

At that moment, Lafesch met my eyes and smiled with innocent eyes.

‘No way. This must also be an illusion.’

“Then shall we make a declaration?”

The Emperor’s face, which had been playful the whole time, finally became serious.

“I, Emperor Alexios Amodan Roquette, bless the union of two historic families. I gladly grant the marriage of Juellea Karinen and Gideon Faroy.”

“Thank you.”

“We will help and embrace each other.”

Unlike Juella, who was calm, Gideon was moved with tears in his eyes. Everyone laughed at the sight.

“Hahaha, there’s one more henchman in the Karinen Grand House.”

The smiling Emperor’s face became a little dark.

“Esadien should be doing just as well.”

Suddenly, the topic shifted to Esadien. The Emperor turned his gaze to me and asked in a soft voice.

“Baby, when are you planning to take Esadien?”

Does this mean we will get married soon?

I smiled softly, but the end of my words was blurred.

“I am, of course….”

‘I want to do it right now.’

When you get married, Esadien becomes a Karinen. If he comes into this fence, the prince will not be able to target him easily.

But what does Esadien think?

Besides, my sisters were also a problem. Even now, older sister Juella’s eyes, sitting right across from her, were turning into triangles.

“Your Majesty is also true. Didn’t you say that when I asked you to get married, everyone’s hearts must be gathered and the time is right!”

The Crown Princess, who burst in with a glass door facing the garden, said. Every time I saw her, she was a person who looked exactly like the Emperor’s strong side.

“Oh, that’s when…..”

“It is also a nuisance to those who say that people who are always watching the state of affairs and that their attitudes should not change.”

“Oh, my.”

Perhaps I remember clearly, the Emperor did not contradict more, but only his tongue was kicked.

The Crown Princess smiled and patted me and Juella’s shoulders one after another.

“It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen you both. Minuelle, don’t feel pressured by His Majesty’s words. Juella, congratulations.”

“Ah, Your Highness the Crown Princess. I’d be sad if you just congratulated me with words.”

I heard that sister Juella often hung out with her as they had been best friends since she was young. Perhaps that’s why there was still no sense of dealing with each other.

“Hey, of course, I’ve prepared something, so look forward to it.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”

There was a little laugh.

After a few more hours of conversation, the Emperor caught us slowly getting up.

“Wait a minute.”

“Please name it.”

“This is a personal request, but…. Lady Celeste, if you have time, can you stop by the imperial palace and talk to this old man?”

You say you’re old, even though you’re still a middle-aged man.

Lafesch, by the way, really caught a huge string. It may have been necessary to find out that his sister’s son, Esadien, was brought to the throne. How the emperor cared about the Princess.

“Then why don’t you come in as my maid?”

The Crown Princess, who had been thinking about something for a while, suggested.

“You mean your maid?”

“Yes, it’s time for one of my maidservants to have a child and find someone to fill in while she’s off.”

For now, it was a story to leave her as a maid for about eight months.

“Then wouldn’t it be convenient for you to call her when you remember?”

“Well, I like it, but the Young Lady’s opinion is important.”

Lafesch seemed a little intimidated by people’s eyes, but she answered without shaking as she adjusted in a few minutes.

“It’s an honor for my family, but now I am helping the Karinen family…..”

“Oh my God, Lady Celeste.”

Older sister Juella smiled softly.

“This is the final stage, so don’t worry. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has come, but we are not naive enough to hold on to it.”

“Ah, but it’s not over until Minuelle finishes….”

“That’s what I said because we’re a family. I have no intention of harassing Lady Celeste who came to help, so don’t feel burdened.”

My older sister smiled and slightly bowed to the Crown Princess.

“Then, Your Highness the Crown Princess, please take good care of Lady Celeste in the future. It was intelligent and quick to learn.”

“I’m sorry that I seem to have taken people away for no reason. Princess, let’s send a wedding gift that you won’t be disappointed with.”

“I will be grateful.”

I didn’t add a word to the story that went back and forth.

Now, if you ask me if it’s good because I don’t have to avoid Lafesch, that’s it, but….

The images of Esadien and Lafesch, who were facing each other, were not forgotten as if they had been engraved on their heads. No matter how hard you try to think that Lafesch resembles his mother….

‘I’m anxious.’

I was a little depressed even after my older sister dropped me off at the Imperial Palace.

The Imperial Palace was very large, and Esadien rarely left the Imperial Palace, so he would not have encountered Lafesch. But why am I so anxious?


As soon as I entered the inner parlor, the door opened and Esadien in loose clothes appeared.

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