Perhaps because of that, Minuelle returned home earlier than before for the previous four days.

Esadien looked back at Theodore with a distinctly distorted face.


“Yes, my Prince.”

Theodore was eating mangoes that Minuelle had not touched.

Come to think of it, Minuelle’s favorite food was mango, but it was strange that she left it as it was. It was obvious that Theodore teased her.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve done a match.”


Frightened, Theodore swallowed the last piece of mango and crept up from his seat and prepared to run away.

The two had similar skills, but Esadien was surprisingly persistent. He didn’t let him go until a deal was made, so he was always exhausted when he stuck with him.

“Oh, it’s been a while since I went home, so please take a look.”

“It’s noisy.”

However, Esadien dragged Theodore to the training ground.

In the end, Theodore was only able to return home with bruises on both eyes like a raccoon.

And the sixth day.


The servant carefully cleared the seat and looked at Esadien’s face.

Sitting in the seat facing the window, Esadien sat with his long legs that were nicely folded.

“Prince, shall we send someone to the Grand Duke of Karinen mansion…..?”

“For what?”

“The Princess didn’t come today…..”

“There must be some business. Does it mean that Minuelle has to go to work every day at the Imperial Palace even if she is not hired?”

He spoke more coldly than usual. The servant, who thought it was best to leave him alone, quietly retreated.

Esadien didn’t realize that the servant was leaving, looked out the purple-dyed window, and hardened his face even more.

‘I knew it.’

The love people talk about is so unbelievable as it perishes as quickly as the life of a fish out of the water.

I thought I had learned the truth from my mother. However, he rubbed his face roughly when he realized that he had put his hope on someone again without realizing it.

“I don’t run away from the person I like. I’m going to take responsibility.”

I believed such a thing as if I were being swept away.

“But now not twice.”

Esadien mumbled that as he persuaded himself.


The next day, however, Esadien woke up late and dazedly lying on the sofa.

‘In the end…’

He failed to stop thinking about Minuelle. Maybe because of that, he didn’t have any motivation, so he didn’t put his hair back and wore only one shirt.

“Prince, Your Highness the Crown Princess invited you to a have a lunch….”

“Tell her that I won’t be able to attend today because I’m not feeling well.”

I refused my sister’s invitation because everything was annoying.

I even had a headache because I took a nap.

I was looking at the decoration on the ceiling, and from outside, I heard the sound of multiple, regular hooves and the rolling of wheels.


There was only one person who could enter here by carriage.

As if the lack of motivation was a lie, Esadien sprang up and strode to the window.


What he saw outside was really a carriage with the coat of arms of Karinen.


There is a rule in the Imperial Family that you can’t run unless you’re doing something special.

Because of that, the servant came in at a quick pace and said. The gestures that often come while talking represent the urgent mind.

“The Princess is here! But, that…..”


“She brought something big.”

Esadien blinked. Somehow the servants seemed more excited than him. Plus, ‘something big’.

“Prince, I missed you!”

The question was soon resolved.

Behind Minuelle, who greeted him as usual, was a servant carrying a large cylinder.

What is that? The servant who received the signal from Minuelle unwrapped the package amid everyone’s anticipation.


Wow, there was an exclamation around.

“It’s a tapestry!”

“It’s like a great craftsman.”

While the servants were in awe, Esadien mumbled his words in a daze. He forgot to ask why she didn’t come yesterday.


“For the Prince, I myself! I made it!”

Minuelle said with a proud face. If he popped it, it sounded like ‘Ahem!’ would come out.

Only then did Esadien’s gaze scan the large tapestry. Colorful threads gathered tightly together to form a big picture. It was Esadien, who stood looking at the sea.

“This is…. you yourself….”

I could see him sitting in front of the room all day.

“Your back must have hurt.”’

While the body is weak.

However, Minuelle, who did not know Esadien’s inner feelings, spoke boldly.

“It’s my only specialty! I wanted to repay the Prince for giving me a cotton ball.”

Esadien’s sea-colored eyes, which were wandering through the tapestry, turned to Minuelle, who was smiling proudly.

Minuelle’s smile softened slightly when her eyes met the silent man.

“That… The cotton ball burst! It’s on my mind!”

I should have been said that I was not blaming her, but Esadien could hardly open his mouth.

‘What’s this feeling?’

What should I say?

While hesitating, the servants who were admiring together next to him quickly rolled up the tapestry and asked.

“Prince, should I hang this on the bedroom wall?”

I don’t even know if I can take this, but I’m trying to hang it in a very private space…..

But Minuelle was looking up at Esadien with her eyes twinkling. He couldn’t overcome her gaze and ended up nodding.

“….do so.”

And as soon as permission was given, a strange sound rang out.


Minuelle with her shoulders shaking and her chest pressed.

‘You’re so cute!’

Esadien’s reaction seemed like someone who had received a gift for the first time. Those eyes that sparkle with emotion.

‘Ugh, I want to hug you.’

Meanwhile, Esadien’s heart dropped. As expected, I thought something was wrong because it was too much.

“Minuelle, the doctor right now, or the priest….”

It was then. In the end, Minuelle, who could not overcome the love in her heart, hugged him and shouted.

“Prince, I like you!”

Esadien, who reflexively embraced her, breathed in. Because he didn’t wear any outerwear, he felt the full body with a thin shirt in between.

The trembling sky-blue eyes contained only one person.

‘Was your eyes this pretty?’

Yes, Minuelle’s eyes were beautiful. Like the early dawn sky. Every time I looked closely, I thought so. Just consciously repressed.

But this time, he didn’t.

Esadien’s hand went up as if possessed and swept around her eyes.


Whether it was itchy or shaking, Minuelle closed her eyes slowly. Even the eyelashes were pink-like petals.

Esadien’s hand, which carefully smoothed his eyelashes following the eyes, swept her red cheeks, passed through her white neck, and supported under her head.

His face gradually leaned toward Minuelle.

‘My- my heart is going to explode.’

Minuelle could tell that with her eyes closed. She could feel the warm breath a little bit closer.

Thump, Thump, Thump.

The sound of heart beating rang out loudly as if the whole body had turned into heart.

‘Are you doing it, finally!’

First! Kiss!

Unable to overcome the tension, Minuelle’s eyelashes trembled. Before I knew it, the skin around the thin eyes was flushed.

Esadien’s mouth, who was watching the scene in detail, was gently loosened.


At that moment, Esadien’s reason returned.

‘What have I done now?’

Esadien pushed Minuelle’s face, which he was caressing as if possessed, and straightened his waist. The gaze lingered endlessly around the amethyst decoration on the wall.

A thumping heart is struck by one’s own patheticness. Surely it will.


Meanwhile, Minuelle opened her closed eyes when she had no contact even though she waited.

“…get off.”


“It’s too close. Get off.”

Minuelle’s mouth opened wide.

“You’re so mean!”

The atmosphere was good just a while ago!


It was unfair. It was so unfair.

I buried my face in Esadien’s arms, but only a sigh returned.


“All right.”

Still, satisfied that Esadien’s voice, which had been stiff, became a little softer, Minuelle loosened the arm that hugged him.

But Minuelle was a member of the Karinen family who didn’t know how to give up. As she sat on a long chair and clung to Esadien’s side, which opened the book, his face hardened a little again.

“Too close contact is difficult.”

“Don’t do it.”

It wasn’t enough just to put his arms around Esadien, so Minuelle, who leaned her head on his shoulder, looked up with sad eyes.

“Prince, I am very, very, very tired after staying up all night.”

He knew well why she stayed up all night, so Esadien softened.

The reason why she didn’t visit yesterday, going back in a hurry like a person who was chased by something. I was just sorry for misunderstanding without asking.

“Why…. didn’t you take your time?”

“But my older sister’s wedding is coming up soon. I’m going to be busy because I’m in charge of the preparations.”

Minuelle spoke in a faint drowsy voice.

“So, I don’t think I’ll be able to see you for a while…. I really wanted to give it to you before that.”

The chest where Minuelle buried her face a while ago seemed to be throbbing.

‘I can’t….’

However, Esadien dismissed that feeling as an illusion. At the same time, when Minuelle rubbed her head on his shoulder, the shape of leaning slightly toward it was very natural.

“Ah, it’s good…”

Minuelle, who smiled satisfactorily, told the story that she had a hard time finding threads similar to Esadien’s eyes.

Then at one point, the voice, which seemed to be singing, became slower and stopped quietly. And the weight on Esadien’s shoulder increased a little.

‘You must have been really tired.’

The person who had worked hard for him fell asleep with his whole body showing her trust in him. It was difficult for even the most insensitive Esadien not to be touched.

‘Her body is weak…. Maybe she’s sleeping uncomfortable and hurt somewhere else.’

Concerned about such things, Esadien swept over Minuelle’s flowing bangs with his big hands.

Then, when I thought of letting her lie on the bed, laughter flowed naturally.

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