Among the folders Sam found using the command list from the book, one had something that would completely change his life.

It contained hundreds of files each with a date in the name, each date had three copies, one for every Valkyrie on the base.

Sam immediately recognized the file names. They were the same as the ones on examination data files he usually sends out with his reports, though those were unreadable, requiring a specific program to open them which he didn't have access to.

The ones he was looking at were different. When he clicked on the last one, which belonged to Zero Three, it opened in an application he never saw on the terminal before. It seemed like a text editing software, though what's more note worthy was the text it was editing.

At first it looked like random lines of code, but when he hovered the mouse cursor over it few lines were selected at the same time as if they were grouped together.

Clicking on them summoned a new window. It showed an image of a simple female shaped silhouette painted in black with only one circular red spot on the left flank. Beside it were a few lines of text and just by reading them Sam understood everything about the files.

Zero Three had suffered many injuries in her last outing so the latest file was quite long. Each group of lines detailed what spot got damaged, what kind of damage it was, how long it took to clean and restore, how much energy and resources went into it.

The file also confirmed what Sam had already known about the device's capabilities. It listed all the foreign substances Zero Three had come into contact with since the last examination, which included things from the components of the juice she drank to the chemicals in the shampoo she used. It even listed every last micro organism in the pool water the Valkyrie swims in, naming every last germ that touched her skin or entered her body.
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Sam was amazed by how much Eir is able to find out. Even though it was something in his field of studies, he could never imagine how he would go about creating something so precise and complex.

The folder named after it contained the data it collected. Each one had the results of the examination done on the date in its name and served as a more detailed report than the one he's forced to write each day.

As he went through the lines of code, Sam started to wonder what made those files different from the ones he's used to, beside that they can be opened, that is. It was then when he he noticed that there is a list of options on the top left corner of the file, one just like what you might find in a text editing software.

To his surprise the files weren't read only. He is able to edit, add and delete the lines allowing him to alter the results of the examination.

Sam couldn't believe what he was seeing.

He went down to one of the files from a year ago, the time when he had just started his job as the Valkyrie's doctor. Picking one and opening it, he went though the contents quickly. It didn't contain much, meaning that particular day was a peaceful one.

After a moment of uncertainty he went ahead and started messing with the file. It was from an old examination so no one would notice. Probably. He deleted the lines showing a few things the Valkyrie had eaten. He could guess that it belonged to Nine just by the fact that they were all snacks. Once he erased a few, he went to save the file. Beneath the save option was one that said 'create encrypted copy'. When he clicked on it a window appeared asking him to choose where in the terminal storage he wanted it to be placed and the default location, to his surprise, was the folder containing the files he's supposed to send out. The created file couldn't be opened because it was encrypted, most likely the tools to remove the encryption are only available in the Resistance's headquarters where the file would be sent.

It was impossible for him to check the content, however since it was a duplicate and a file by the same name already exists in that folder, causing a "(1)" to appear beside the new one, Sam was sure the edits he made were saved.

Moments after learning those things the idea struck him. He could finally do it. He could do it with the Valkyries and get away with it.
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Suddenly the whole world seemed to change for Sam. He had suffered for well over a year, forced to meet with those other worldly creations every day, unable to to even touch them.

But that had changed now. He could finally do it and he wouldn't have to be afraid of the people at the top finding out.

No… this is far too convenient…

even through all his excitement, Sam managed get his thoughts in order rather quickly. His eyes turned to the book who led him all the way to this discovery, Valkyrie Smash.

The book was clearly made just to deliver the secret code. Even if someone found it and somehow cracked the code, the only ones who would be able to figure out its purpose are those who have my position, which makes it useless in the hands of most people.

The book was randomly placed in the library and I just so happened to find it. If it was intended for me, whoever placed it there did a really poor job at delivering it.

Sam still had many more questions, the answer of which he couldn't even begin to imagine. The main one was why would anyone want to leak such important information? What's their goal?

The most likely culprit would be Odin, but Sam had a feeling the man would want to keep such things a secret, all so no one could put their hands on his creations and get away with it.

Whoever it is, Sam feared that they're watching his actions, waiting for him to use the knowledge he obtained from the book. The entire thing might be just a trap designed to get him into trouble, though that most likely isn't the case. After all there are much less troublesome ways to ruin his life than such an elaborate plan.

But even with that said, it was a far too great an opportunity for him to dismiss based on mere speculation. The book had opened a door for him and on the other side was something he always desired. For the time being it looked like he could satisfy himself and get away with it, that's all he needed to know.

The intentions of whoever made the book will reveal themselves later. Even if harming him might be the goal, Sam decided to take the gamble. Mainly because he couldn't see himself sitting on this power and doing nothing with it.

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