Chapter 123

''Hey! I see you've copied my style!'' B3 exclaimed with a smile when she spotted Miku.

''No, this is how I usually do my hair when I go out on missions.'' The blond one replied.

B3's reaction was understandable, since twin-tails were something of a trademark of hers. Instead of ribbons Miku used black hair-clips to tie hers, ones that went very well with her black combat suit and contrasted the brightness of her hair.

''Still, I feel like my whole identity has been stolen.''

B3 wore a similar combat suit with a shade of crimson that complimented her red hair.

''Is Doctor still not here?'' Miku asked, ignoring her companion's exaggerated sigh.

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The two were on the runway having went on their separate way to get their equipment, which had yet to be unloaded from the ship they arrived in. That left the Doctor alone with the Valkyrie called Zero Five, something Miku didn't like the sound of.

''Well, I'm sure he'll need some time to prepare himself as well.'' B3 commented with a shrug. ''He probably had to take a bath considering how bad he smelled earlier.''

Just then something seemed to click in Miku's mind as she came to a realization. The Doctor was coming down from the second floor of the Valkyrie residence were the bedrooms were. His tired eyes said he didn't get much sleep, then there are his disheveled clothed and hair and to top it off there was the weird smell.

As she fell to her knees, Miku wondered why she hadn't noticed it beforehand.

''He was doing it with someone the whole night.'' She muttered, resting on all fours as her head hung down.

''Hey, what's wrong?'' B3 asked having noticed her strange behavior.

Going through her memories one more time Miku tried to figure out who it is that got to enjoy the deed with her beloved Doctor. Currently there are eighteen Valkyries in the forty sixth base including her. She had seen sixteen of them that morning leaving only one suspect, the brown haired Zero Three, the one who had been guarding him the previous day.

''She... she wasn't even his personal Valkyrie!!!''
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As she felt an incredible sense of defeat, a shadow appeared looming over her body. Looking up she saw that it was the ponytailed one called Zero Five.

''Are you talking about Three?'' Five asked, looking down at the blond one crawling on the ground. She was done changing into her combat gear as well, though unlike the other two hers seemed emphasize her feminine curves making her figure look all the more erotic.

Miku stared at her for a while before lifting herself up, patting the dust off her hands and knees.

''I have a question.'' though she said that, Miku wasn't waiting for permission. ''You and the other two Valkyries from this base take turns guarding Doctor, right?''

''So?'' Five replied, her voice dry and lacking emotions.

''Does that mean at the end of the day the one on duty gets to have sex with him?''

Hearing that question, Five's eyelids were suddenly lowered into a very sharp glare that caused the two young Valkyries to feel a sudden chill. B3 who has no knowledge of the deed or what it means to be a personal Valkyrie could only look back and forth between the other two with a fearful smile wishing the Doctor would hurry up and come.

''That's right.'' After a brief moment of silence Five let out a sigh and confirmed Miku's speculation. ''It depends on what Doctor wants, but usually the one on guard duty gets to spend the night alone with him.''

Though she put it like that, the truth is that it hasn't been that long since they started that routine. There are no set rules for who gets to sleep with him, it was only a silent agreement between her and Nine, but now that Three has joined them and the number of Valkyries increased it became clear that there is a need for a more proper discussion to avoid potential trouble in the future.

''H-hold on...'' B3 spoke, smiling nervously as she tried to keep up with the conversation. ''If the one on guard duty gets to spend the night with him, and there are three of us here, does that me-''

Before she could finish her sentence, the red twin-tails felt the cold stares of her fellow Valkyries, knowing instinctively that she should keep her silence.

''Heeey! Is something wrong!?''

As if he arrived just in time to save her, Doctor's voice drew their attention as he called from a short distance away. He was standing in front of an aircraft waving at them as a number of drones loaded it with a number of boxes.

''I had a guess but...'' Five said as she gave Sam a worried look. ''Do you really plan on going out today, Doctor?''

''Yeah. There is something I need to test.'' Sam answered. ''We can't really risk doing it here as it might impact the base.''

Though the three understood that it wasn't just a simple trip, hearing him mention the potential danger put the Valkyries on edge, especially after seeing the way he dressed.
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Sam was clad in a special hazmat suit that was more of a power armor than anything else, designed to withstand a decent amount of radiations. However nothing could prepare him enough for the place they were going to, and with the threat of Calamities looming in the distance letting a normal human wander outside was asking for his early death.

''Doctor, while I have complete trust in your abilities, I have to say you're putting yourself in unnecessary danger.'' Miku spoke, the way she looked at him showing how worried she is. ''You can always perform such experiments remotely and with us being present I'm sure there is no need for you to go there yourself.''

''No.'' Sam replied, shaking his head slowly. ''If this experiment succeeds, we might finally have a chance against the Nephilim.'' Turning to look at the anxious Zero Five he put on a confident smile and add ''I might finally unveil Odin's biggest secret. There is no way I'm not going to witness it with my own eyes.''

~[ ]~

The aircraft took off with the three Valkyries surrounding it keeping an open eye for any potential Calamities that might show up. After a couple of hours of peaceful flight their destination finally came in sight.

The battlefield where the fight against Torso took place.

The area was a wasteland with the earth still scorched black despite months having passed. It seemed their enemies had no interest in reclaiming that patch of land or the mountains that had been erased during the battle, which is why they had yet to cover it in the same red paint that has become synonymous with their territories.

Though they had spent quite a bit of effort cleansing it from the radiations, humanity didn't have much of a use for the land as well. At least not until their position in the war is no longer so hopeless.

For Sam it was the optimal location to perform his experiment. It was far enough from the base that he didn't have to worry about messing up, and close enough for him to retreat in time in case an enemy showed up.

''Doctor, I... don't really know about this...'' Five said as she looked down on her gear.

Once they arrived at the location and began setting the equipment, the ponytailed Valkyrie was surprised to see her own second armor being taken out of one of the boxed, although it seemed a little different from what she remembers.

The Doctor made her wear it then went around performing some final checks. She didn't really understand why but being at the center of it all was rather uncomfortable. After a long eerie silence as he concentrated on what he was doing, Sam finally seemed to be done as he stood up and began explaining what they were doing.

''I have attached a modified Valkyrie heart to this armor.'' He said. ''Though I have performed several virtual simulation already, I'm afraid the only way to see if it'll achieve the intended results is by trying it in reality.''

Though the VR headset allowed him to simulate physics to a realistic degree, its capabilities are limited by how far human knowledge has went so far. Considering what they were about to try right now it only makes sense for human technology to be unable to simulate it.

''I... see...'' nodding once, Five made a show of taking a deep breath as she tried to calm herself.

''Um... is there really a need to send one of us just to perform an experiment?'' The one asking the question was B3 who looked like a nervous student as she raised her hand.

''I need the data so I can better adjust it for the next experiment.'' Sam replied, tapping on the tablet in his hand using a pen. ''Though since we don't have much time I'm afraid our next attempt will be during the battle.''
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