Urban Evil Doctor

Chapter 5621: Evil-killing and Heaven-Sealing Sword Formation

Thousands of feet high in the sky.

Chen Zhuo stood in the air, his short figure not changing at all, but giving people the illusion that he had become as towering as a mountain, with a terrifying pressure.

Behind him, three hundred and ninety-nine long swords merged into a huge circular shield, slowly rotating, and then sword lights flew out, like entities, like countless birds, flying in all directions around him.

He was in a "World of Swords" with a terrifying aura. Lin Chen looked up from below. Even though he was thousands of feet away, he still felt an uncontrollable strong sense of crisis in his heart.

Chen Zhuo is like the master of this world, and even the laws of this world are operating according to his will at this moment.

"A powerful man with a title of lord, so terrifying?" Lin Chen looked surprised.

It is not that he has no knowledge, nor has he never seen the Eternal God of the Marquis level, but before that, the Eternal God of the Marquis level that he had encountered before gave him the feeling that they were not as dangerous as Chen Zhuolai.

"What he used was the divine power of heaven!" Lin Huohuo's voice sounded in Lin Chen's mind.

"Tianquan magical power?" Lin Chen was surprised.

Powerful people above the God King subdivide their magical powers into seven levels, namely: Taiyi, Taiyi, Taishang, Tianshu, Tianji, Tianquan, and Zhutian!

The "Golden Sacred Flame Seal" that I accidentally obtained from the Golden Red Flame Crow through a special method of inheritance was nothing more than a divine power.

What Chen Zhuo used was actually one level stronger than the "Golden Holy Flame Seal"?

It stands to reason that Chen Zhuo is a powerful man at the level of a feudal lord, and it is a matter of course that his magical powers are stronger than those mastered by Lin Chen.

But you must know that the "Golden Holy Flame Seal" belongs to the Golden Scarlet Flame Crow, and the Golden Scarlet Flame Crow is a king-level existence.

The "Golden Sacred Flame Seal" may not be said to be the strongest means of the Golden Red Flame Crow, but it is definitely one of the most successful means, otherwise it would never be passed down as a legacy.

The magical power used by Chen Zhuo was directly one level stronger than the "Golden Holy Flame Seal", which was beyond Lin Chen's expectation.

"Why, do you think that by mastering the "Golden Holy Flame Seal", coupled with other treasures and means such as dragon-shaped armor, I can fight with a powerful man at the feudal level? Now I see a powerful man at the feudal level displaying the power of heaven, Can’t you help but be shocked?”

Lin Huohuo was like a roundworm in Lin Chen's belly. She couldn't read Lin Chen's mind now, so she could guess Lin Chen's thoughts very closely.

Lin Chen retorted: "It's not because you said Golden Red Flame Crow very powerfully before. The reason why you dare to say that is purely to use it to promote yourself!"

"The Golden Red Flame Crow is naturally powerful, and its "Golden Holy Flame Seal" is very good. If you weren't far inferior to Chen Zhuo, his swordsmanship may not be able to defeat your "Golden Holy Flame Seal"!" Lin Huohuo said.

Lin Chen was confused when he heard this: "His swordsmanship is the divine power of heaven, how could it be possible-"

Lin Huohuo interrupted directly: "It is indeed Tianquan's magical power, but he can't exert its true power at all. Although you can't exert the full power of "Golden Holy Flame Seal", at least you have fully mastered it! "

"You mean that he has not fully mastered this divine power?"

"Among the powerful people who have been granted the title of king, there is only one who can truly master a divine power, let alone one who is at the level of a feudal lord. Mastering a magical power and exercising a magical power are two different things.

Just like, a divine power is divided into ten levels in total. As long as you have just started and mastered the first level, which is a very small part, you can use it. But this obviously cannot be called mastery! "Lin Huohuo explained.

At the same time, Meng Kuihu and Yu Wentai, who were above, obviously knew the details of Chen Zhuo. When they saw him displaying his divine power, not only were they not nervous at all, but they were full of sneers.

"'Execution of Evil and Heaven-Sealing Sword Formation'! The divine power of heaven sounds scary, but in reality, how much power can you display?

Not to mention true mastery, even if you can exert one-tenth of your power, both of us will turn around and run for our lives! "Yuwentai said with a sarcastic look. Meng Kuihu said with a sneer: "This guy was so obsessed with swordsmanship many years ago that he went crazy. For other ascetics, improving one's realm is the most crucial step! But for him, improving one’s realm is not

It's just to practice more advanced swordsmanship.

Unless he does not improve his level, he will never be able to improve in swordsmanship. Otherwise, he will not work hard to seek a breakthrough! In my opinion, that guy Meng Longxiang, by handing over this swordsmanship he accidentally acquired to you, is not so much doing it for your own good as it is more harming you! If you hadn't only been studying this swordsmanship all day long, maybe you would have gone a step further.

Enter the realm of kingship. In your heart, you probably have some complaints against him, right? Now that he is dead, you have avenged your great revenge, and you also have the opportunity to become the sect leader! Presumably, I was already laughing in my heart. It's a pity that with the two of us here, you can't succeed.

! "

When Lin Chen heard this, he thought to himself, these two guys are really the same as each other. If you want to fight, just fight, and you have to do your best to throw dirty water on each other.

In comparison, Chen Zhuo said very little, and even faced such slander, he didn't even have a word to refute.

"The stars and the moon are connected!"

Chen Zhuo's sword energy danced wildly around him. As he whispered, countless sword lights that had been flying around him surged towards Meng Kuihu and Yu Wentai like a wave.

During this process, countless sword lights continued to gather and disintegrate, some shaped like a crescent moon, and some looked like dazzling stars.

The most astonishing thing is that during this process, the aura of the sword light continues to rise. Wherever it passes, the space is shattered, and all energy is swallowed up and turned into a part of the sword light.

Facing this blow, Yu Wentai and Meng Kuihu closed their mouths, their faces a bit solemn.


The space in all directions of Yuwentai shattered, and blue waves surged out.

"The weak water in the universe will overturn the sea and overturn the monument!"

The blue water flow, in an instant, gathered in front of Yuwentai and formed a giant monument a hundred feet high, with countless whirlpools flowing crazily in it.

The magical power of Tianshu is said to be able to swallow up all things, turn all tangible things into invisible energy, and feed back the cultivators who use the magical power.

Of course, this magical power is not really able to resist and devour everything.

If Chen Zhuo really masters the power of heaven, then Yu Wentai will not use this method at all, but will immediately run for his life!

But in his opinion, Yu Wentai could not exert the power of the "Evil-Destroying Heaven-Sealing Sword Formation" at all, but he had truly mastered the "Sea-Overturning Monument", so it was natural that he could block the opponent.

The Overturning Monument was not only in front of him, but also in front of Meng Kuihu. In this way, Meng Kuihu did not need to use defensive methods. "I will resist this guy's methods! You are responsible for taking action and destroying him!" Yuwentai said in a low voice.

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