Unlimited Release of Ultimate Moves

Unlimited Release of Ultimate Moves


530 Chapters Hiatus Status


[Breaking Invincible Flow] Ye Yunyi crossed over to a scum, and at the same time turned on the infinite ultimate move system. From then on, there has been an evildoer on the mainland who must use shocking and terrifying moves to kill small soldiers.

“Ding…Congratulations on your big move [Tianyu], you can kill a million troops in front of you.”

“Ding…Congratulations on your great move [The Song of Qiankun Wannian], which can kill the highest realm Heavenly Dao realm expert.”

“Ding…Congratulations on your big move [Golden Right Hand], you can make Miss Sister…”


Ye Yunyi: “I used to be a good person until…”

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