Unassailable CEO Daddy

Unassailable CEO Daddy

1500 Chapters Ongoing Status


It was a holiday, and he was treated as a young miss. He even ran into his fiancé cheating on him when he returned home. She vanished in anger. Five years later, she returned with the genius Meng Bao. "Little Treasure was participating in the piano competition, but who would have thought that his son was still scheming to find his father." The camera was pointing in this direction. Beat me up a little! My name is Tang Bao, and my mother's name is Tang Siyu. "I am four and a half years old this year, and there is a man who looks like me. Furthermore, he might be my father's man, please make sure to contact me!" After saying that, he didn't forget to tell the camera, "Daddy, I'm waiting for you!" In the backstage, a certain woman had already gone mad with rage. A few days later, the mysterious man came to him, claiming to be the father of his child. Tang Siyu looked at this tall, handsome man who was just like her son, and became angry. Was he the bastard from five years ago?


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