Transmigrating into the Prince Regent’s Beloved Runaway Wife

Transmigrating into the Prince Regent’s Beloved Runaway Wife


131 Chapters Ongoing Status


The prince regent of Zhong Dynasty, Lin Bozhou, appeared noble and benevolent but was disgustingly dirty in private.

He was a treacherous minister who should be punished.

On this day, a palanquin carried Meng Huan, who had just transmigrated into a book, into his bedroom and was sold as the prince regent’s male concubine.

How could he save himself from the treacherous minister? Meng Huan prepared to play the original host persona, which would be: noble and aloof, disobeying the prince regent, despising and disdaining him, while revealing his intelligence and wisdom at the same time, performing a rival intellectual play with the prince regent from time to time.

In this way, the prince regent would love and respect him.

He could also be like the original host later in the plot, gaining favor but disdaining it and escaping in style, making the prince regent, who was always calm, red-eyed.

However, considering the rivalry about to unfold, Meng Huan suddenly froze.

Meng – low IQ – Huan: What crafty plots and machinations?

Meng – low IQ – Huan: What should I swear at him?

Meng – low IQ – Huan: I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. It’s over qaq

The bought male concubine was said to be extremely strong in character and likely to bite his tongue or swear at him.

Lin Bozhou, who had always been used to peace, did not want to force people and did not like seeing blood, prepared to let him go.

After entering the door, he saw the beauty being dumbfounded and lost, but his voice was quite soft. “H-Husband?”

Then, after being stunned for several seconds, he said as if surrendering, “I had better serve you to bed.”

Lin Bozhou: “…..?”

(The wise and powerful minister and his s*upid wife)

Extremely shrewd minister gong vs. s*upid and soft beauty shou

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