After completing the main quest of marrying a wife issued by the system, the system promulgated a new main quest, as well as repeatable side quests.

The new main quests are:

[If you want to develop into a powerful family, how can you have no heirs, please let the host impregnate your wife as soon as possible!].

The reward for this main quest depends on the number of pregnancies at one time.

When he saw the reward of this task before, Zhang Yu was quite speechless, this Cai Wenji was pregnant with a few at a time, could he control it?

On the other hand, repeatable side quests are easier to control.

The side quests are:

[If you want to develop into a powerful family, how can you have only one woman?

[Quest rewards, depending on the level of the girls accepted!].

In other words, if the woman who receives it is an epic woman like Cai Wenji, the reward must be very good.

But if the woman who receives it is just an ordinary level woman, the reward may be very poor.

This kind of reward system is not bad, the only thing that makes Zhang Yu helpless is that he can't see the level of women!

Whether it's ordinary, rare, epic, or whatever, he can't see it at all!

Unless it's a famous woman in history, if it's something else, then you can only try your luck!

In addition to Cai Wenji, there are no other famous women in history around him, so he has no plans to take a concubine for the time being.

Anyway, every night on Cai Wenji's wife's body, a large number of materials can also be brushed, and Zhang Yu is already quite satisfied with those materials.

His next target is another famous beauty in history, even more famous than Cai Wenji.

That is the sable cicada, which is known as one of the four beauties of ancient times!

The princes of the Eighteenth Route are about to crusade against Dong Zhuo!

At that time, Diao Chan will definitely follow Wang Yun and be taken to Chang'an by Dong Zhuo together.

When he turned around, he led people to hijack him on the road to see if he could snatch Diao Chan back.

Cai Wenji is an epic woman, and Diao Chan must be too!

At that time, the reward that Diao Chan brings to himself will definitely not be worse than Cai Wenji's!

Zhang Yu looked at Cai Wenji beside her, and the hand in the quilt was placed on her flat and smooth little belly.

He wants to get Cai Wenji pregnant now, and see what reward he can give himself in the second main quest!

He had asked Cai Wenji before and asked her when her last menstrual affair was, although Cai Wenji was shy to be asked, she still told Zhang Yu honestly.

Her last menstrual period was half a month ago, which means that she is now ovulating.

He has worked hard these days, and Cai Wenji is likely to be pregnant.

Cai Wenji's eyelashes moved, and Zhang Yu knew that Cai Wenji was awake, so he moved his index finger and turned over on the horse.



The host has worked hard to strengthen the family and obtained ten [slaughtered sheep]!].

In less than five minutes, Zhang Yuxian was ready to get up and fight again.

was stopped by Cai Wenji.

"Xianggong~ The concubine is no longer good, it is better to let Siqin and Nianhua serve Xianggong~" Cai Wenji looked up at Zhang Yu pitifully.

Since getting married, she hasn't even left the door.

It's not that I don't want to go out for a walk, but I really can't walk, I don't have the strength in my feet, and it hurts when I take a key step.

It wasn't the same as she knew.

In the past, the nurse clearly said that the man would be over in a while.

Looking at Cai Wenji's pitiful eyes, Zhang Yuming withdrew his troops and died down.

Forget it, the seeds have been sown so much, and there is no shortage of this, so let Cai Wenji slow down and continue sowing in the evening.

Otherwise, the land will be spoiled, and no crops will grow.

As for Cai Wenji's two dowry maids?

It's true that you can give it a try, just to see their level, and you can also see what rewards ordinary women can bring.

Zhang Yu touched Cai Wenji's head: "Since you are tired, then madam, you should rest first and do the right thing for your husband!".

After speaking, he got up and dressed, and let Cai Wenji stay in the house to rest.

After going out, Siqin and Nianhua, who were guarding outside the house, went into the house to serve Cai Wenji.

Zhang Yu summoned the brothers in the cottage and the newly recruited 500 soldiers.

Let everyone run around the stockade!

He needs to pick out the five hundred people with the best physical fitness, and then use the [Guard Upgrade Card] on them.

He didn't know if the physical fitness of the soldiers would affect the final effect of the [Guard Upgrade Card], but for the sake of insurance, it would be better to pick the person with the best physique.

In less than half an hour, the results were already out.

More than 100 people with the worst physical fitness were eliminated, and the remaining 500 people were all shortlisted for Zhang Yu's personal guard.

Although the remaining five hundred people are not necessarily strong, there is no better choice for him at the moment.

Let the selected five hundred people line up, Zhang Yu did not avoid the others, and directly used the [Guard Upgrade Card Gold] on the five hundred people in front of him.

The next moment, a ray of light enveloped five hundred soldiers.

When the light flashed, the five hundred people were completely transformed.

[Divine Machine Battalion].

Level: Gold (Epic).

Infantry: 300 (each person is equipped with a flintlock pistol and a goose feather knife.) )

Cavalry: 100 people (each with a war horse, armed with a spear, a hard bow, and a short crossbow.) )

Artillery: 100 people (equipped with Franc cannon *10, red cannon *5, 100 horses, each with a hand gun, a goose knife.) )

Special Effects:

[Loyalty]: As long as the payment of military salaries is guaranteed, this unit will never mutiny.

[Nirvana]: As long as there is one person alive, the army can be replenished at any time and the system can be quickly restored.

[Deathmatch]: The morale of this unit will not drop.

[First Army]: This is the host's first unit, and all ammunition consumption and equipment consumption are provided by the system.

Seeing the attributes of this force, Zhang Yu was shocked.

The Divine Machine Battalion!Firearms Unit!!There are also four special attributes!!

This epic army is too strong!!

There will be no mutiny! As long as the people are not dead, recruiting people will be able to quickly restore the establishment! Morale will not drop yet!

And most importantly, the system provides for the loss of weapons, ammunition and equipment!

Fortunately, he has this attribute, otherwise he would have to worry about replenishing guns and ammunition.

Zhang Yu looked at the second and third children beside him, as well as the more than 100 soldiers who were not selected standing around the school field, and the family members who were watching the excitement.

It turned out that these people were not the slightest surprise at the changes in these five hundred people

Originally, he thought that by using the [Guard Upgrade Card], he would give himself the title of 'Immortal'.

The gang was not surprised at all.

This must have been done by the system.

But it doesn't matter, as long as you have strength, it doesn't matter if you are a 'god' or not.

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