At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, natural disasters continued, and a large number of peasants became displaced because they could not have enough to eat.

After the Yellow Turban Rebellion was suppressed, the situation did not improve.

At this time, a large number of displaced people gathered outside most of the cities, and they could not enter the city, but could only gather outside the city.

I hope that I will be bought by a large family as a slave and a maid, or be accepted as a private soldier by Haoqiang, or fall into the grass like Zhang Yu, or directly revolt.

Zhang Yu led his men to the gathering place of displaced people outside Anyi City.

There were two or three thousand people gathered here, of course, not all of them were young and able, but also women, children and the elderly.

Among them, the number of elderly people is the smallest.

The old people are weak, and they are the most likely to die in exile.

Zhang Yu and others brought several large barrels of porridge and thousands of steamed cakes this time.

As soon as Zhang Yu and others came, they caused quite a commotion in this gathering place of displaced people.

"Let's go, let's go! someone's coming to give porridge!!".

"If it's too late, it may be gone!".

"Hurry up, kid! If you're lucky, someone might be able to buy us!"

Before the soup soup kitchen began, Zhang Yu and the others were already crowded with homeless people, most of whom were malnourished, and only some young people looked better.

"Line up for Lao Tzu!!".

"Lao Tzu is going to recruit soldiers now! Those who are willing to participate can receive two steamed cakes in addition to porridge!"

"If you are willing to participate, you will come to Lao Tzu to receive steamed cakes after receiving the porridge, and if you are not willing to participate, you will give Lao Tzu a special egg after receiving the porridge!" Zhang Yu said loudly.

Zhang Yu's goal is to recruit at least 400 young people.

Coupled with the original 100 or so young people in Qingfeng Village, there are more than 500 people.

The [Guard Upgrade Card Gold] in the [Portable Storage Space] can upgrade a 500-strong army.

It's just right to use when the time comes.

Zhang Yu seems to have underestimated the homeless' desire to live, what happened to the soldiers? Anyway, they can't live anymore, as long as they have something to eat, what can't they do?

You must know that the homeless people who are a little miserable are even to the point of cannibalism.

Then, Zhang Yu saw that a thin old man came to Zhang Yu after receiving the porridge.

"General, I'm willing to be a soldier!".

"......" made Zhang Yu speechless.

If it's a young man, a little thinner will be thinner, and he doesn't care, the meat will grow after a while.

But the old man in front of him looks to be in his sixties, although it may be because of the wind and sleeping, he must be almost fifty.

At this age, he can be a soldier, and how many years can he work?

He wants elites, not cannon fodder!

"Get out! Get out! Get out of the age of more than thirty-five, after receiving the porridge, it's a special old man to get out!" Zhang Yu directly asked his subordinates to drive the old man away.

He's here to recruit troops, not to do charity.

Soon, another person with his wife and children came to apply: "General, if you are a soldier, can I bring my wife and children?"

The man is quite strong, and the complexion of his wife and children is fine, and it can be seen that they can suffer for a while.

If Zhang Yu was not allowed to bring his wife and children, this man probably would not have enlisted as a soldier.

Zhang Yu thought about it.

After recruiting troops, he must lay down a piece of land as a place to make a fortune.

The choice of this place of origin is important.

If he chooses Liaodong, Jiangnan, and Bashu, which are far away, then he can only bring soldiers and horses, and cannot have too many accompanying family members.

Otherwise, it will slow down the action considerably.

But if you choose directly to the nearest area, choose a piece of land in the Central Plains, then it doesn't matter if the soldiers bring their families.

It's just that the forces in the Central Plains are too chaotic, they belong to the land of the four wars, and today they belong to this prince, and tomorrow they may belong to that prince.

Historically, Cao Cao was almost stolen.

Regions like Liaodong, Jiangnan, and Bashu have relatively few enemies and are suitable for development, and the only drawback is that they are too far away, and then the population is small.

So, where to 'build a home'?

In the Central Plains, it should be developed in remote areas

Think for a moment.

"There is a system, I'm afraid of a carving!'

'Real men have to be tough!, they should be in hell mode!'

'It's really blown up by people to turn around, and it's not too late to find a remote area to develop!'

Since we want to choose the Central Plains, we should simply get closer!

There is a large plain in the east of the river, next to the Yellow River, which is suitable for growing grain!

The east side is surrounded by the Taihang Mountain Range, and the Zhongtiao Mountain in the south is also connected with the Wangwu Mountain and the Taihang Mountain Range.

Then the west side is close to the Yellow River, as long as the ferry is guarded, it is not easy for the soldiers and horses outside to get in.

It is the White Polish army in the north that has to be guarded a little.

After thinking about it, Zhang Yu spoke: "You can bring your family with you." "

When enough soldiers and horses were recruited, they would go down the mountain directly and knock down the Hedong governor's office, Anyi! By the way, the Hedong Wei family would also be destroyed.

It also saves them from looking back and making trouble for themselves.

After all, it was the hatred of taking his wife, and Zhang Yu didn't believe that the Wei family could endure this breath.

And in Zhang Yu's territory, there is no need for any family and wealthy family, for the family and wealthy family, the interests of the family are above all else, and keeping them can only hold them back.

After occupying Anyi, the Wei family was destroyed first, and then the other families were destroyed one by one depending on the situation.

Everything in his territory belongs to him!!

"Thank you, sir!" the man hurriedly pulled his wife and children to their knees and thanked them.

Zhang Yu asked the man to send two steamed cakes, and his daughter-in-law and children each sent another steamed cake.

Food, what he has, as long as he is willing to follow him, he will not treat his own people badly.

The speed of recruitment was very fast, and in less than an afternoon, five hundred soldiers were recruited, and dozens of young women were recruited.

Including family members, the total number of people adds up to more than 800 people.

In the evening, Zhang Yu and his party returned to the village with the group.

The house is not enough, so I can only let the big guys squeeze it for the time being, but fortunately, these people are also used to it, and they don't mind.

It's good to have a full bite to eat, where do you dare to be picky about the place to live.


"Madam, it's time to rest~".

The host has worked hard to strengthen the family and obtained a hundred catties of [eggs]!].

The host has worked hard to strengthen the family and obtained a ton of [iron ore]!].

[Ding!Host ......].

On the treetops of the moon, Zhang Yu rested.

Opening the system panel and looking at the rewards he had received for his hard work tonight, Zhang Yu felt physically and mentally comfortable.

Cai Wenji's daughter-in-law is too fragrant!

Early the next morning.

The Wei family sent the 1,000 young men in captivity in the clan, as well as a large amount of money and grain, to the Taishou Wangyi.

Then this thousand young men and strong men went to Wulao Peak sixty miles away with three thousand county soldiers.

They're going to crack down on bandits!

Qingfeng Village.

Zhang Yu slept until three o'clock in the morning before waking up.

Looking at Cai Wenji, who was sleeping soundly in his arms, Zhang Yu was thinking about a question.

I don't know when Cai Wenji will get pregnant.

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