Early the next morning, Wei Qi, the eldest young master of the Wei family, personally led people to find the Taishou Wangyi in Hedong, and asked the Taishou to send troops to exterminate the remnants of the Yellow Turban who were entrenched in the generation of Wulaofeng.

It's just that Hedong County belongs to Sili, located in the Central Plains, not a border county, so there are not many troops, and there are only more than 3,000 county soldiers.

First, there are not many county soldiers in the counties, and second, the counties also need officers and soldiers to protect the safety of the surroundings.

And the Tieniu Department, which is entrenched in Wulao Peak, has more than 3,000 soldiers and horses, which is not less than the county soldiers in Hedong County.

Although the combat effectiveness may not be as good as that of officers and men, the other side is hiding in the mountains and is much more familiar with the environment in the mountains than they are, and it is really quite difficult to exterminate them.

However, the Wei family's kissing team was slaughtered, and the second young grandmother who did not pass through the door was taken away, and this revenge had to be avenged anyway.

Otherwise, where will their Hedong Wei family's face be placed in the future?

Therefore, in order to let the county guard send troops to crusade against the golden remnants entrenched in Wulao Peak, Wei Qi contributed money and people.

In addition, they also provided 1,000 family members to suppress bandits together with officers and men.

The Wei family is already like this, and Wang Yi is naturally happy to respond.

After all, exterminating the remnants of the Yellow Turban is also a merit in itself, and it can also increase his prestige.

After discussing it, the two quickly decided that early tomorrow morning, they would gather their troops and horses to set out to suppress the bandits. Of course, all the money and food were prepared by the Wei family.


Qingfeng Village.

Zhang Yu slept until the third pole of the sun before waking up, and when he woke up, Cai Wenji next to him was still snuggled in his arms and fell asleep.

Zhang Yu got up cautiously and did not alarm Cai Wenji, who was still asleep.

After getting dressed and opening the door, I saw Cai Wenji's two wedding maids standing at the door.

In fact, in the middle of the night last night, the two bridal maids had already gone back to the next room to rest, but they came to the door early in the morning to wait.

"Come into the house and wait, don't wake Madame up. Zhang Yu commanded.

"Yes, big boss. The two of them bowed cautiously, and then walked into the house.

Although Zhang Yu and Cai Wenji became relatives, these two wedding maids are still quite afraid of Zhang Yu.

When they were in the carriage yesterday, they saw with their own eyes the scene of Zhang Yu slaughtering the kissing team.

When he came to the house, Zhang Yu's mind moved, and a handful of rice appeared in his hand, and with another thought, the rice was put back into the [family warehouse].

'Well, the outside of the house is also family territory!'

Zhang Yu walked around the stockade, walked out of the stockade for more than 100 meters, and found that he could still take out things from the [family warehouse].

'So, is the family domain actually a sphere of influence?'

Zhang Yu did not continue to descend the mountain, there was no need.

He doesn't have the title deed of Qingfeng Mountain, let alone spend money to buy it from anyone, and now the system counts Qingfeng Mountain as his family territory, so there is only one possibility, that is, the territory he controls, which is his family territory!

This still makes Zhang Yu quite satisfied.

Otherwise, he would have to buy land, and that would be the trouble.

After turning around and returning to the cottage, I ate breakfast, and when I returned to my residence, Cai Wenji had already woken up.

And under the service of the two dowry maids, they have been washed.

Zhang Yu asked people to go to the kitchen to bring some breakfast, and then sat down next to Cai Wenji and hugged her waist like a thin willow.

"Madame, how do you feel?".

"The concubine is fine...... Just a little limited mobility. Cai Wenji lowered her head and said with ruddy cheeks.

Where is the shortest path to a woman's heart? It is, of course, the path on which all human beings are born.

Moreover, Cai Wenji and Zhang Yu are now married couples who have officially worshiped heaven and earth, so she is Zhang Yu's person.

And Zhang Yu also conquered her.

So in just one night, Cai Wenji's attitude towards Zhang Yu directly took a 180-degree turn.

The fear is completely gone, and all that remains is love.

Seeing Cai Wenji's flushed cheeks, Zhang Yu really had the urge to fight another three hundred rounds, but he was still suppressed by him.

He's not in a good position right now.

As a bandit, and a small group of bandits with only more than 100 people, he has just robbed the relatives of the Hedong Wei family.

Although they didn't let go of a single living mouth, the Hedong Wei family didn't necessarily know that they did it in Qingfeng Village, but it was impossible to hide this matter for too long.

With the power of the Hedong Wei family, sooner or later they will be found out.

Until then, he has to expand his strength!

In addition, Cao Cao's crusade against Dong Zhuo has already been issued, and the princes of the Eighteenth Route will soon fight against Dong.

At that time, Dong Zhuo burned Luoyang, moved the capital to Chang'an, the order of the Han Dynasty collapsed, and the princes began to compete for territory.

He also has to grab a territory as soon as possible and develop his own power.

It's not okay to stay on Qingfeng Mountain all the time and be a bandit.

Next, Zhang Yu has quite a lot of things to do, but he can't completely indulge in the gentle township.

Of course, he is busy with business during the day, and he should be happy at night, and he has to rely on this reward.

After being intimate with Cai Wenji for a while, Zhang Yu asked her to stay in the house and rest, while he gathered the brothers in the village again.

The looted goods from yesterday have not yet been distributed.

In the open space of the cottage, Zhang Yu stood on the high platform and looked at the brothers in the audience. The second and third masters stood behind him.

"Brothers, everyone worked hard in the first battle yesterday!!The old rules, start to talk about meritorious deeds and rewards, and divide the spoils of war!!" Zhang Yu held his hand for a while.

"Oh!!!" shouted excitedly.

Qingfeng Village's treatment is very high, and every time he robs the finances, Zhang Yu will take out half of it to reward everyone.

This time, of course, is no exception.

Although there was a lot of property stolen yesterday, Zhang Yu didn't pay attention to it, the system was his biggest treasure.

Soon, the belongings were distributed.

Everyone's faces were full of excitement, and many of the injured people were so excited that they even forgot about the pain on their bodies for a while.

As for the brothers who died in battle, the finances that belonged to them could only be confiscated. The people in Qingfeng Village are all 'lonely people' who have no relatives, and when they die, it is useless to keep their belongings.

Therefore, most people actually do not have the habit of saving money, and when they have money, they will go down the mountain to spend a wave.

For example, go to the Qinglou to find a girl chic.

"Brothers, everyone knows who we robbed yesterday! Then the Hedong Wei family will definitely not let us go. "

"Next, our Qingfeng Village will definitely face the retaliation of the Wei family!".

"The wealth that everyone has shared today is at least enough for everyone to live most of their lives in peace. If someone doesn't want to continue to lick the blood from the knife, they can quit now! Lao Tzu allows you to go down the mountain with money!" Zhang Yu said loudly.

However, no one in the audience squeaked.

After a few breaths, someone suddenly shouted: "Swear to follow the big boss!!".

After a few moments, everyone shouted in unison.

"Swear to follow the big boss!!".

In the war years, ordinary people lived not as well as pigs and dogs, but those who followed the big masters were able to eat fragrant and drink spicy food.

The key boss is really generous to everyone.

Is this still a choice?

Zhang Yu raised his hand and pressed down, signaling everyone to be quiet.

"Okay! Since you are willing to follow Lao Tzu, then Lao Tzu will take you to break out of the world!!".

"The second, the third, take the brothers down the mountain, recruit the homeless, and expand the ranks!!".

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