[Ding!Congratulations to the host for completing the main quest - marrying a wife!].

Detect the grade of the host to complete the task...... Golden Epic!].

【Ding!Reward: [Guard Upgrade Card: Gold] x1, [Summoning Card: Song Yingxing]. 】

[Ding!Host has been detected to be married!Family panel opens!].

【Ding!Discover new family characters, please check the ...... by yourself].

A series of system prompts made Zhang Yu's movements stop.

This is just the beginning, and the task given by the system has been completed, and the reward will be distributed so quickly

So, whether the task is completed or not has nothing to do with the ritual or something?

However, now is not the time to check the system, the atmosphere is here, if Ming Jin withdraws his troops, he can be uncomfortable to death.

Baby, take it!

Outside the cave room, the two bridesmaids stood guard at the door, and when they heard the nightingale crying from inside the house, their cheeks were red.

As dowry maids, they knew early what it meant to be a man and a woman, and they were naturally no strangers to what happened in the house.

The two of them were shy, but they couldn't help but listen to the movement in the room.

The cottage meeting hall and the front yard were still noisy at this time.

Drinking to drink, bragging.

"Second master, what did you say the big boss threw today? That boom was like thunder in summer! Surprise me!"

"You ask me, who do I ask?".

"Our eldest brother didn't learn the immortal method from some immortal and can control thunder and lightning, right?"

"This ...... I don't know. And you found that no, our big brother has become more powerful than before. Today's spear dance is all ghosted!" The second master also took a sip of wine.

"Legend has it that the great sage and good teacher studied under a certain immortal and learned the immortal law. ...... you say our big brother?".

"If that's the case, then we can make a name for ourselves!"

"Hahaha~~ Lao Tzu doesn't ask for it, if he can develop like Zhang Yan of the Black Mountain Army, Lao Tzu will be satisfied~!"

"Your special mother is really unproductive! This big man's qi is getting worse and worse year by year, maybe our eldest brother can also get an emperor to be the emperor, and when the time comes, we will all be from the ministers of the dragon~!hahahaha~~".



Inside the cave room.

The host has worked hard to get ten tons of rice!].


The host has worked hard to get ten tons of flour!].


The host has worked hard to spread the branches and leaves, and has obtained [Half Pig] *20!].

[Ding ......].

Every time Zhang Yu pays his blood, the system prompt will sound once, and Zhang Yu doesn't bother to look at it, he is young now, and he has the physical strength bonus of [Living Dragon and Tiger], so he doesn't need to rest at all.

And the longer he gets to the back, if Cai Wenji's physical strength can't keep up, he can fight until dawn.

However, seeing that Cai Wenji was really tired, Zhang Yu stopped.

After all, it's his wife, it hurts or hurts, and he can't be an endless disaster.

However, Zhang Yu also proved that as long as the old cow's physical strength is good enough, the land can also be cultivated.

Pulling aside and lying down beside Cai Wenji, Zhang Yu had time to look at the reward he had received that night.

In the [Portable Storage Space], there are two more things, namely [Guard Upgrade Card Gold] and [Summoning Card Song Yingxing].

[Guard Upgrade Card: Gold]: Upgrade a 500-strong army to a random epic class. The upgraded class is 100% loyal to its host.

[Summoning Card Song Yingxing]: After use, it can summon the great scientist Song Yingxing (clone) of the Ming Dynasty, summoning the character to be 100% loyal to the host.

Seeing these two rewards, Zhang Yu was very satisfied.

He doesn't know what an epic class is, but it's definitely awesome when you think about it! The key is to be 100% loyal to him, that's the most important thing!

Although he had hundreds of men under him, Zhang Yu was not sure if those under him would betray him.

Now there is no betrayal, just because there are not enough benefits. When there are enough interests, Zhang Yu estimates that some of the people under his command will definitely betray him.

As for [Summoning Card Song Yingxing], Zhang Yu is even more satisfied!

This is a famous scientist in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties!

His book "Heavenly Creations" recorded agriculture, handicrafts, such as machinery, bricks, ceramics, sulfur, candles, paper, weapons, gunpowder, textiles, dyeing, salt making, coal mining, oil extraction, and many other production techniques

If Song Yingxing is summoned, it will be invincible!

Agricultural crushing, commercial crushing, military crushing!

As long as he is given a little time, the level of science and technology will soon be able to leap from the level of the Three Kingdoms to the level of the Ming Dynasty!

But it's not convenient to summon now.

Zhang Yu continued to check the system rewards.

There is an additional [Family Panel] in the system.

The family panel contains [Family Members] and [Family Warehouse].

[Family Member].

[Cai Yan (Wen Ji)].

[Position: Wife].

[Grade: Epic].

[Ability: 1. Talented woman (special entry); 2. Virtuous internal help (100,000 tons of rice per month)].

[Special entry: Talented Girl: Put this entry into the family interface to increase the scientific research speed within the family by 100%!].


Seeing Cai Wenji's attributes, Zhang Yu was stunned.

Cai Wenji's ability attribute is too outrageous, isn't it!?

[Talented Girl] can increase the scientific research speed of the family by 100%! Isn't that equivalent to doubling Song Yingxing's scientific research speed?

If Song Yingxing's original scientific research speed is 1, it takes ten days to research a certain technology, and the scientific research speed after the bonus becomes 2, and the time required to study the technology is directly shortened by half, becoming only five days!

What a god-level buff!!

Not to mention, there is also [Xian Neizhu], which can allow him to get 100,000 tons of rice every month!

In this era, there are few types of food, and there is less oil and water, so everyone's appetite is quite large, and it is normal for people who exercise a lot to eat two or three catties a day, or even three or four catties of rice.

Even if a person eats four catties of rice a day, 100,000 tons of rice is enough for 100,000 sergeants to eat for a year!

If this is to feed the displaced people, 100,000 tons of rice can feed at least 500,000 displaced people for a year!

Looking at Cai Wenji, who was flushed beside her, Zhang Yu's eyes changed.


It's not a treasure!

Fortunately, Cai Wenji grabbed it, if he missed it, Zhang Yu would regret it!

At the same time, it also made Zhang Yu full of expectations for other famous beauties in the Three Kingdoms period at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

The reward for marrying Cai Wenji is so high, what about the others?

For example, Diao Chan, Zhen Mi, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao, Mrs. Mi, Mrs. Gan, Lu Lingqi, Zou and so on.

And what reward will they give?

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