"Zhang Jun. Zhang Yu shouted.

"The lower official is here!".

Zhang Yu ordered: "Bring up the map of Hedong County." "


After Zhang Jun went down, it didn't take long for him to come back with a large silk cloth and spread it on the big table in front of everyone.

The furniture in the Taishou Mansion has been completely renewed, and there is a huge conference table in the conference room.

Once the map is rolled out, everyone looks at the map.

"Yang Hong, Yue Chuan, you cooperate together to take Wenxi, Xie Liang, Puban and other counties near Anyi first. "

"The newly formed cavalry is brought together, and it is regarded as training soldiers. "

"Guan Mao, Li Qing, you lead two thousand defenders, follow Yang Hong and Yue Chuan, and when they take the county seat, you will enter to take over the city defense, and take all the garrison prisoners and escort them back to Anyi for reorganization. "

"After the surrounding counties are taken, you continue to the north and take down all the counties under the rule of the entire Hedong County!"

"If you encounter any resistance on the way, you can kill it!"

"I want the whole Anyi, and I can only hear my voice alone!" Zhang Yu stared at everyone.

"Yes!!" everyone took the order.

"Lord, what about the Baibo army entrenched in the north?" Guan Mao couldn't help but ask after receiving the order.

The Baibo Army, which is entrenched in the north of Hedong County, has an army of more than 100,000!

And all of them combined, not even 10,000 people! That's it, including the 2,000 cavalry that had just been formed, and the 3,000 new recruits.

"If the other party's lord will surrender, then bring it back, and if the opponent's lord dares to resist, kill him directly. "

"As for the hundreds of thousands of Baibo troops, they are just some peasants who can't get enough to eat, and without the main general, after seeing our strength again, they will definitely surrender. "

"But when you can, you can tell them about the treatment of your men, and I think they will know how to choose. Zhang Yu said.

The soldiers under his command are paid ten hundred grains of grain every month, and with such a high salary, is it better than following Mrs. Guo and Yang Feng to be a bandit?

Of course, if there is anyone who would rather die than surrender, then let him die.

It is true that there is a shortage of people under his command, but there are many people in the world, you are not willing to take refuge, and some people are willing to take refuge.

He didn't believe that there was anyone in this era who could be treated better than him!

The soldiers were ordered to retreat and begin the work of leading the troops to the battle.

Zhang Yu picked up the teacup and took a sip of the warm boiled water in the teacup.

"Zhang Jun, I have seen your performance during this time. Not bad. "

"It's all up to the appreciation of adults!" Zhang Jun, the chief bookkeeper, hurriedly bowed.

"It's just that being the master bookkeeper by my side has some talents, and I decided to add a burden to you. Zhang Yu put down the teacup in his hand.

"It is the honor of the lower officials to be able to do things for the adults! By the side of the adults, the lower officials have learned a lot of things!" Zhang Jun flattered.

Zhang Yu glanced at Zhang Jun's loyalty in front of him, and it had reached eighty points.

You know, when he first obtained the [Eagle Eye] a few days ago, looking at Zhang Jun, his loyalty was only in his early sixties.

And two days ago, loyalty suddenly jumped to 80 points!

Zhang Yu didn't know why this guy's loyalty suddenly soared, but since this guy's loyalty had risen, Zhang Yu didn't mind having a little responsibility with him, and even giving him a little benefit.

Of course, Zhang Yu's subordinates really have no capable people to call, so they can only pick some people who can barely use them.

"Song Yingxing's improved paper, you must have seen it too. With such quality, and much lower than the current price of paper, it can completely replace bamboo slips and other papers in the future. "

"You set out to set up a bookstore that would later specialize in selling this kind of paper. In addition, find a way to acquire all kinds of books, and there must be at least one copy of each collection!" Zhang Yu sat on the chair, his fingers tapping lightly on the table.

When Zhang Jun heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Dean Song's improved paper, of course, he saw it just now! If that kind of paper can really be popularized, the influence will be absolutely immeasurable!

Although it is said that the merchants are the lowest beings.

But the bookstore is different! This sells paper, this is a cultural person's thing, how can it be sold? This is for the benefit of students all over the world!

The bamboo slips are too heavy, and it takes a lot of time and effort to engrave on them, and the content is not much to write!

If all the bamboo slips are replaced with books made of paper, this is definitely a great thing for students all over the world!

Moreover, Zhang Yu asked him to set up a bookstore, not a paper store! In addition, he also asked him to buy books from all over the world, no matter how stupid he was, he could think of something!

This kind of thing of collecting books from all over the world has always been something that only the imperial court can do!

Zhang Yu wants to do it now, doesn't it mean ......

He didn't doubt Zhang Yu's military strength, after all, he had seen it with his own eyes, it was really strong!

If Zhang Yu can really be called the emperor, then he who follows Zhang Yu ...... Maybe you will be able to pay homage to Situ in the future!

But if he has been like this, he can't just do things under Zhang Yu.

He is still just a 'worker', not his own person!

If you want to become 'your own person', you must worship Zhang Yu as the 'lord'!

Zhang Jun only hesitated for two seconds, then knelt down in front of Zhang Yu: "Zhang Jun Xie Lord appreciates! If the Lord does not give up, the army is willing to worship the Lord as the lord!!".

After Zhang Jun said this, Zhang Yu saw that his loyalty to himself suddenly rose from eighty to ninety!

It seems that this guy has made a lot of determination.

The only regret is that this army is only a blue level, and it is not outstanding among literati.

However, it is better to be obedient, and he can basically complete the things he explains.

"Well, since you are willing to defect to me, I will naturally not treat you badly. Zhang Yu looked at Zhang Jun and said.

"You go back to the craftsman and ask the craftsman to make a stamp-like font from different materials, and each character is a font. "

After that, the different characters are arranged together in different orders, and the different contents are printed on the paper. "

"In this way, a large number of books are printed and sold in bookstores. Zhang Yu explained.

Originally, he was going to find a craftsman to do this kind of thing like movable type printing.

But since Zhang Jun has worshiped him as his lord, it is better to give him this 'invention' and give him a chance to leave his name in history.

Zhang Jun is also a blue senior talent, not a stupid person, after listening to Zhang Yu's description, he naturally understands the greatness of this technology!

Of course, he just thought that this technology could make him famous for centuries, but he didn't expect that this technology would break the family's monopoly on culture and knowledge.

"Thank you, Lord Gong!!" Zhang Jun hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed.

Let him be famous for eternity, this is a great kindness!

At this moment, his loyalty to Zhang Yu soared to a full value of one hundred points!

"But you have to remember that not all books can be printed and sold! Before you sell them, you have to review the contents of the books, and if you are not sure, just ask me. Zhang Yu commanded.

Some anti-books and books mixed with private work naturally cannot be printed.

What Zhang Yu hopes to print and sell on a large scale is still those engineering books that are knowledgeable.

"The subordinate officer receives the order !!".

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