"My lord, Mi Shuang is asking to see you outside the mansion!".

"Mi Shuang? almost forgot about him. Let's go and take him to the parlor. Zhang Yu commanded.

When he first took Anyi, Mi Shuang mistakenly entered Anyi City, and then couldn't get out, because he was worried that Zhang Yu, who occupied Anyi City, would lead his troops to kill people and oversell goods, so he simply took the initiative to dedicate those goods to Zhang Yu.

Mi Shuang was so kind, Zhang Yu naturally would not refuse, and happily accepted the other party's gift, that is, hundreds of carts of grain, refined salt, and cloth.

After that, Zhang Yu asked the Mi family to help him buy fire, sulfur and other materials, and Mi Shuang also gladly accepted.

In the past for such a long time, Zhang Yu has forgotten about this matter.

It is said that there is a nitrate pond in his territory, and there should be no shortage of nitrate in the future, and only a large amount of sulfur needs to be purchased.

Soon, Mi Shuang was taken to the living room by the master book.

"Mi Shuang meets Zhang Taishou!" After Mi Shuang came in, he immediately met Zhang Yu.

"Mi Shuang, did you come back with the goods I wanted this time?" asked Zhang Yu.

"Yes, sir. The villain brought 30,000 catties of fire and 30,000 catties of sulfur for the adults this time. Mi Shuang said.

"30,000 catties, barely enough. Zhang Yu nodded, and then looked at the master book beside him: "Go back and find Zhang Jun to settle the payment." It's how much money is how much, your Mi family helps me do things, and I naturally won't treat you badly. "

"The adult is the hero who killed the national thief Dong Zhuo, so naturally he will not deceive the villain. Mi Shuang complimented.

"Oh, why do you say that Dong Zhuo was killed by me?" Zhang Yu had some surprises.

It is true that the news that Dong Zhuo is dead has come out, but there is no definite news about how Dong Zhuo died.

Even if there is some news related to him, it is relatively vague, at most it is known that he is a young general who has not yet weakened the crown.

Don't talk about others, even Lu Bu, who has fought with him, doesn't know his name.

Therefore, no one knows until now that Dong Zhuo was killed by his troops.

And this Mi Shuang actually knew, which made Zhang Yu feel a little surprised.

"The villain is fortunate to see the effect of the mysterious weapon under the command of the adult, and the sound like thunder will never be forgotten by the villain. "

Therefore, when he heard that Dong Zhuo had been attacked, and the place where Dong Zhuo was located had become the land of thunder in an instant, the sound of thunder was endless, and countless soldiers died under the thunder in an instant, and the villain immediately thought of the adult. "

"People in the world who have such abilities, except for adults, villains can't think of anyone else. Mi Shuang touted.

"I see. Zhang Yu was stunned.

People who haven't seen this kind of thing like artillery really don't know what it is, and they will think it's thunder, but as long as they know the existence of this thing, they can think of artillery as soon as they encounter it.

Mi Shuang was not surprised to think of him.

It seems that there is not much time left for him to hide in the shadows and develop.

"Mishuang, the trade between us continues! In the next batch, I want more fire and sulfur. Zhang Yu looked at Mi Shuang and said.

He did not cancel the deal of the fire and gun.

Although there is a nitrate pond in Angeup, no one has extracted fire nitrate from the nitrate pond at present. Therefore, Song Yingxing had to take a look first and make sure that a large amount of fire nitrate could be extracted from the nitrate pond before the purchase of fire nitrate could be canceled.

"The villain will send the next batch of goods as soon as possible!" Mi Shuang assured.

After Mi Shuang left, Zhang Yu sent people to call Song Yingxing, Yang Hong, Yue Chuan, Guan Mao, Li Qing and others.

He has important things to command.

Soon, Song Yingxing and others came to Taishou Mansion one after another.

After Zhang Yu came out, everyone asked Zhang Yu for luggage.


Guan Mao and Li Qing, the two masters who once followed Zhang Yu, are now worshipping Zhang Yu as their fathers.

Both of them are not low in loyalty to Zhang Yu, all of them are above 90 points, and Zhang Yu naturally doesn't mind using them.

The only pity is that both of them have mediocre qualifications, their grades are all blue advanced, and there are no special entries.

Although it can be used, there is no way to reuse it, so they can only let the two of them lead ordinary infantry.

"I'm asking you to come here because I have a mission, and it's about the direction we want to go next. Zhang Yu looked at the few people in front of him and said.

"My lord, please order!!".

"Chang Gung, there is a lake forty or fifty miles southwest of Anyi, which is a nitrate pond, you can take the time to see if you can extract fire nitrate from it. If the extraction can be successful, we will not be short of fire in the future. Zhang Yu commanded.

"Chang Gung takes the order!" Song Yingxing nodded in agreement.

"By the way, has there been any new research results from the Academy of Sciences recently?" Zhang Yu asked casually.

"Back to the lord, my subordinates are currently spending most of their time studying the imitation of artillery, and the other tasks you have ordered have only completed the optimization of papermaking. Song Yingxing took out a roll of paper from his sleeve and came out.

Zhang Yu took the roll of paper and opened it.


Looking at the smooth, white paper in his hand, Zhang Yu was silent.

This is no different from the rice paper of later generations!

Most of the time I was working on the imitation of artillery, and if I took a little time, I would optimize the paper to this extent!

Song Yingxing is really ...... Eistin, Tesla, Edison!

"How much does this paper cost?" asked Zhang Yu.

The cost was cheap so that his plan could be carried out.

"The cost is 30% of Cai Hou paper. If mass production is carried out, the cost can be further reduced. Song Yingxing said.

"Okay! Chang Gung, you send someone to set up a paper mill! Mass production of paper will be realized as soon as possible!" Zhang Yu commanded.

"Subordinates receive orders!".

"By the way, it's too troublesome to write with a brush, Chang Geng, you can make a pen that can write on paper with graphite and clay!" Zhang Yu continued.

Although the brush can also be used, the convenience is not as good as the pencil, and it has to be polished before writing, unlike the pencil, which can be written at any time.

"Chang Gung commanded!".

"In addition, when it is empty, develop another one, add water and stir it, and when it dries, it will be as hard as a rock. emmm...... This ash is made by calcining stones. Zhang Yu mentioned again.

The road conditions in this era are really bad.

There are mud roads everywhere, and it's fine on a sunny day, but when it rains, the road can't be walked at all.

So he wanted Song Yingxing to develop cement.

After that, it can be used not only to pave roads, but also to build buildings.

"The subordinates have written it down!" Song Yingxing nodded.

"Well, Chang Gung, you go down first. Zhang Yu waved his hand.

He didn't let Song Yingxing study movable type printing, because there was no need, and this kind of simple thing should not waste Song Yingxing's time.

You can find some stonemasons or carpenters to do it, it's not difficult at all.

After instructing Song Yingxing, Zhang Yu looked at the other generals under him. And these generals also hurriedly cheered up.

Zhang Yu just told Song Yingxing, they didn't understand any of them, it was completely like listening to the book of heaven.

But for the next task, they have to listen carefully.

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