"Okay!!Dong Zhuo, the dog thief died well!!" Yuan Shao heard that Dong Zhuo was dead, and happily took the case.

After the princes of the Eighteenth Road and the sour jujube alliance, Dong Zhuo's dog thief killed dozens of members of his uncle Yuan Kui's family!

He can't wait to eat Dong Zhuo's flesh and drink Dong Zhuo's blood!

Just to retain his strength and compete for the world, he had no way to pursue Dong Zhuo and avenge his uncle's family at that time.

Now that he heard that Dong Zhuo was dead, he was naturally very happy.

"Who killed Dong Zhuo's guy?" I want to thank that person!" Dong Zhuo asked.

I don't know the specifics, but there is a grapevine that the attack on Dong Zhuo was a young general who was not as weak as the crown, and he killed Dong Zhuo by surprise when he ambushed hundreds of cavalry under his command and Dong Zhuo on the way to the west. Xu You thought for a while and said.

"A young general who is not as good as a weak crown, and only leads a few hundred cavalry, is it so powerful??" Yuan Shao was shocked.

Dong Zhuo's army of more than 100,000 troops, and a few hundred cavalry surprise attacks, can kill Dong Zhuo

You must know that Dong Zhuo also has a righteous son, Lu Bu!

Lu Bu's bravery, Yuan Shao has seen it. A few hundred cavalry were able to kill Dong Zhuo in an army of hundreds of thousands under the escort of Lu Bu

How is this possible!?

"There are also rumors that in the place where Dong Zhuo passed by that day, the land of Lei Ze suddenly appeared, and Dong Zhuo was injured by thunder and then died. Xu You spoke again.

"Hmph! Dong Zhuo's deeds of deceitful and reckless deeds can be said to be the anger of people and gods! It is normal for the heavens to send down thunder and punish him!".



"Hahahaha!!Big brother!!Good news!!Dong Zhuo is dead!!" Zhang Fei walked in from outside the house laughing loudly.

"Third brother, is this true!?" Liu Bei heard this, and stood up suddenly.

"Big brother, can I still trick you?" Dong Zhuo has been buried by Lu Bu, and now everyone knows about it!" Zhang Fei said loudly.

"Wow!" Liu Bei clenched his fists and clapped his hands: "Dong Thief is dead, the Han family can be prosperous!!" After speaking, Liu Bei burst into tears and almost cried.

"Third brother, who killed that Dong Zhuo!?" Guan Yu on the side asked curiously.

Dong Zhuoquan leaned towards the government and the opposition, abolished the young emperor, established a new emperor, stayed in His Majesty's harem at night, and regarded His Majesty as a plaything, who didn't want to kill Dong Zhuo?

Guan Yu also wants to!

It's just that Dong Zhuo's soldiers are strong and strong, and there are peerless master guards like Lu Bu, who want to kill Dong Zhuo and help the Han family, but it is not so easy.

In the battle of Tiger Prison that day, the three brothers went into battle together, but they failed to take Lu Bu and let him escape back to Guanshang.

Therefore, Guan Yu was very curious about who this Dong Zhuo died at.

"Hey, it doesn't matter who killed him, Dong Zhuonasi is dead anyway!" Zhang Fei said loudly.

"Third brother, if you know, just say it, I also want to know, which hero killed Dong Zhuo's dog thief!" Liu Bei looked at Zhang Fei and said.

"Oh, big brother, it's not that I don't want to say it, it's that I don't know. Zhang Fei scratched his head.

"I'm wandering around the market today, and I'm listening to the vendors talking about this, so I didn't just finish hearing it, so I came to tell you and my second brother the good news. "

"Third brother, why didn't you ask the vendor for details!" Guan Yu blamed.

This kind of big thing must be investigated!

"Why didn't I investigate?" Zhang Fei was suddenly unconvinced.

"It's just that what the vendor said is the same as the story, so it's not credible at all. "

"What did the vendor say?" Liu Bei asked.

The merchant said that he was a young general who was not as weak as the crown, and led hundreds of cavalry to ambush on the hill by the roadside and attacked Dong Zhuo. "

He also said that when the young general led his troops to attack, the place where Dong Zhuo was suddenly became the land of thunder, and the thunder continued, countless soldiers were killed by the thunder, and Dong Zhuo was also seriously injured by the thunder. "

"It is also said that the young general and Lu Bu fought for dozens of rounds without winning or losing, and finally led hundreds of cavalry under his command to defeat Lu Bu's Bingzhou Iron Cavalry!"

"After killing hundreds of people, he scattered Lu Bu's iron cavalry, and when he left, he also snatched three young and beautiful women, including His Majesty's concubine, how could this be!" Zhang Fei told the information he had heard.

But this information is not credible at all.



Liu Bei and Guan Yu both fell silent.

As Zhang Fei said, this information sounds really comparable to a script, no, it's even more exaggerated than a script!

After listening to the following information, they even doubted whether the death of Dong Zhuo was true

Liu Bei and the others continued to investigate, and finally determined that Dong Zhuo seemed to be really dead!

He only hated that he had no soldiers and horses, otherwise he would definitely take advantage of Dong Zhuo's death and the instability of all the forces under his command to lead the troops to raid Chang'an and rescue His Majesty.

But I don't have soldiers, horses, money and food!

Liu Bei could only sigh helplessly: "Hey......


Yuan Shu and other princes of the road, after hearing the news of Dong Zhuo's death, all applauded.

Dong Zhuo's dog thief is finally dead!

But no one took advantage of this time to lead the troops to Chang'an to rescue His Majesty.

Instead, they are all planning, seeking to acquire the surrounding land and expand their sphere of influence.

Dong Zhuo is dead, and his generals such as Lu Bu, Li Dao, and Guo Yan are still there. There are dangerous passes such as Hangu Pass and Tongguan Pass, and they lead their troops to attack Chang'an, but they only consume their own troops, and they don't get any benefits.

It is better to find a way to annex the surrounding forces and expand its own sphere of influence.

When you have land, money, and people, where do you need to rescue the little emperor?

The thoughts of the princes from all walks of life, Zhang Yu didn't guess at will, he only had one idea now, that is, to develop his own strength nearby, accumulate strength, and swallow the world with whales!

And the first step of swallowing the world is to take down the entire Hedong County, so that the entire Hedong County can only hear his voice!

First of all, the other counties under Hedong County must all submit to him!

Second, there is no longer any bandit force in Hedong County! Both ordinary bandits and the Baibo army entrenched in the northern part of Hedong County must all be wiped out and absorbed!

Therefore, Zhang Yu decided to expand the army again!

Zhang Yu extracted a total of 2,000 war horses obtained from Lu Lingqi.

He's going to raise another cavalry!

The cavalry soldiers selected 2,000 from the 4,000 foot soldiers commanded by Guan Mao and Li Qing.

And those who were missing from the defenders continued to recruit.

With the entry [Eagle Eye], Zhang Yu can check the loyalty of everyone under his command, so the cavalry candidates are naturally the first to choose those who are loyal to him!

In the end, all the people who were selected to be cavalry were soldiers with loyalty higher than eighty points!

The remaining 2,000 defenders are also loyal to more than seventy!

There are a very small number of people whose loyalty is less than sixty, and they are directly eliminated by Zhang Yu.

An immature white-eyed wolf, he doesn't need it!

As for the training of the cavalry, it was entrusted to Yue Chuan, the cavalry commander of the back army, to be in charge!

There's no way, there are really no available generals under him, so he can only be taller among the shorter ones.

"My lord, Mi Shuang is asking to see you outside the mansion!".

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