After Zhang Yu received the news of Dong Zhuo's death, other princes also received the news one after another.

Chen Liu.

"What!?Dong Zhuo is dead!?" Cao Cao was just as shocked as Zhang Yu when he heard the news.

Immediately afterwards, Cao Cao hurriedly asked: "Tell me about it!


On that day, the princes of the Eighteenth Route gathered in Luoyang, and all the other princes were stationed near Luoyang to watch, and he was the only one who led the troops to chase Dong Zhuo, hoping to welcome back His Majesty.

But as a result, he was ambushed by Lu Bu outside Xingyang City, and then Li Dao and Guo Yan rushed out from both sides, and he was killed.

I was even hit by two arrows in my body!

If Cao Hong hadn't given him the war horse to ride, and dragged his knife to follow the horse, he wouldn't have been able to come back alive!

As a result, how long has it been since Dong Zhuo died??

How did Dong Zhuo die? After he led the troops away, he didn't hear of any way where the princes led the troops to chase Dong Zhuo!

"I heard that when we were ambushed by Dong Zhuo outside Xingyang City, twenty miles west of Xingyang City, the land of Lei Ze suddenly appeared!"

"Dong Zhuo's soldiers and horses were killed and injured countless times by the thunder!"

At the same time as the land of Razor appeared, there was also a cavalry of hundreds of people, which suddenly rushed out of the barren mountains next to it, and kept rushing and killing. "

Dong Zhuo was also injured in this ambush, and then escorted to Tongguan by his guards, but the treatment did not improve for several days, and finally died of illness in Chang'an. "

"Lu Bu, Li Dao, Guo Yan and others received all of Dong Zhuo's troops, and held His Majesty and all civil and military officials hostage for Dong Zhuo's funeral. "

"Chang'an is now controlled by Lu Bu, Li Dao, Guo Yan, Niu Fu and others. Cao Hong told the news he had found.

The news from Chang'an is slightly different from the facts, but it is generally fine.

The fact that Dong Zhuo died in Tongguan was known to outsiders except for a few people such as Lu Bu.

Cao Hong: It's normal that they didn't find out.

"On the day of the attack...... Cao Cao fell into memory.

On that day, he led his troops to pursue Dong Zhuo, passing through the border of Xingyang, and suddenly encountered an ambush.

Although the scene was chaotic, it seemed that a continuous thunderclap from the West was indeed heard.

And after he was defeated, it was true that only Li Dao and Guo Yan's soldiers and horses were chasing behind, but not Lu Bu's soldiers and horses.

Now that I think about it, Lu Bu should have gone back to Dong Zhuo's aid that day, right?

"By the way, whose cavalry was the cavalry that attacked Dong Zhuo, and what happened to them in the end?" Cao Cao asked curiously.

If you dare to bring a few hundred cavalry, you will ambush Dong Zhuo, this is the big husband!

What's more, Dong Zhuo was also injured, and even Dong Zhuo was seriously injured and died, this is a great hero in the world!

Cao Cao admires this person in his heart!

It's just that Lu Bu led the troops back in time, and the cavalry, which only had a few hundred people, was afraid that it was already more than lucky.

After all, His Majesty and the hundred civil and military officials are still in the hands of Lu Bu, Li Dao, Guo Yan and others, which shows that the cavalry did not rescue His Majesty and the hundred officials.

However, even if they all die in battle, it will be good!

At least they killed Dong Zhuo, a national thief!

"This ...... The affiliation of the cavalry was not found. It's just that there is gossip that the cavalry that ambushed Dong Zhuo was not there to rescue His Majesty, but to ......" Cao Hong paused here as he spoke.

"And what?" Cao Cao asked curiously.

Cao Hong said with a strange face: "It's to rob a woman!"

"Ridiculous! What kind of woman in the world is worth a general who only takes a few hundred cavalry to attack Dong Zhuo, who has an army of more than 100,000 people?" Cao Cao immediately scoffed at the news when he heard it.

Women don't have any status at all!

What prince would lead an army to death for a woman? Is that woman a fairy?

Of course, there is no problem for Cao Cao to think like this, because the status of women in this era is really low.

Liu Bei met an Orion on the way to Cao Cao, and the other party even killed his wife and used his wife's flesh to entertain Liu Bei in order to entertain Liu Bei.

Afterwards, Liu Bei told Cao Cao about the matter, and Cao Cao not only did not punish the man, but also ordered someone to send a hundred taels of gold to the other party.

And every time Liu Bei loses a battle and escapes, he will not hesitate to abandon his family!

But everyone doesn't think that Liu Bei is unkind, they all think it's normal, but they all say that Liu Bei is the king of benevolence and righteousness.

It can be seen from this that in this era, from the princes' families to the ordinary people's families, most women really have no status.

Cao Hong continued to speak: "But the grapevine does say so. "

"And the news also said that the general of the cavalry snatched a dancing concubine from Situ Wang Yun's family, and also robbed His Majesty's Fu Guifei, and even snatched Lu Bu's daughter!"

"What's even more exaggerated is that the news says that the general's age is not as old as the weak crown!".

Even when he was about to leave with the three girls, after being caught up by Lu Bu's troops, the young general also fought with Lu Bu, and he couldn't tell the winner after dozens of rounds. "

In the end, he killed hundreds of Bingzhou iron horsemen under Lu Bu's command and left. When Cao Hong said the news, his face was quite weird.

He didn't believe the gossip himself.

Cao Cao, who listened to Cao Hong's gossip, didn't believe this gossip even more.

"Gossip, don't believe it!" Cao Cao shook his head with a smile.

How is this possible for a young man who is not as good as a weak champion to fight with Lu Bu for dozens of rounds without winning or losing?

That day in the Tiger Prison Pass, Cao Cao witnessed with his own eyes how strong Lu Bu's strength was.

His subordinates Cao Hong, Cao Ren, Xiahou Yuan, Xiahou Yuan, Li Dian, and Le Jin did not dare to say that they could fight with Lu Bu for dozens of rounds without winning or losing.

How can a teenager who is not as weak as a crown be possible?

He also led a few hundred cavalry to defeat Lu Bu, who had thousands of iron cavalry, and killed hundreds of his men before leaving.

It's even more unlikely!

I don't dare to write this story!

Cao Cao guessed that this was probably the news that one of Dong Zhuo's subordinates deliberately spread in order to ruin the general's reputation.

With only a few hundred horsemen, he was able to defeat Lu Bu, but in the end, he did not save His Majesty and the civil and military officials, but only rescued three women! One of the women was His Majesty's concubine!

This is to make the great hero who killed the national thief become a hungry ghost who rebels against the dynasty!

This was really guessed by Cao Cao.

The gossip that Cao Hong found was indeed deliberately released by someone, but it was not released by someone under Dong Zhuo's command, but by Situ Wangyun.

On that day, that young general obviously had the strength to save His Majesty and hundreds of civil and military officials, but he only took away the three daughters!

What's more, the young general threatened him several times that day and almost killed him, how could Wang Yun not hold a grudge?

He can't beat that young general, can't he ruin that young general's reputation?

That is, he doesn't know Zhang Yu's name, otherwise the name 'Zhang Yu' will definitely appear in the grapevine.

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