On that day, evening, Lu Lingqi officially became Zhang Yu's concubine.

Zhang Yu noticed that Lu Lingqi's loyalty to him also changed from 90 before to a full value of 100 at this moment!

Lu Lingqi's position has also changed.

From the previous maid in the room, it has become the current concubine room!

[Lu Lingqi].

[Position: Concubine Room].

[Loyalty: 100].

[Grade: Epic (Golden)].

[Abilities: 1. Eagle Eye: Extremely strong eyesight!(special entry!);2. Female General: When leading a female soldier unit, the combat power of the troops is +100%;3. Prairie Princess: Can provide the host with 1,000 war horses per month!].

[Special Entry: [Eagle Eye]: Put this entry into the family interface, allowing the host to see the level of others and check the loyalty of their subordinates!].

[Ding!Congratulations to the host for completing a side quest to take a concubine!The detection explanation level is: Golden Epic!].

[Ding!Reward the host [Family Base (Golden Epic)] one!].

Hearing the voice in his head, Zhang Yu suddenly came to his senses.

'Family base' is what ?? it is

Zhang Yu hurriedly opened the [Family Warehouse] to check the reward he had just obtained.

[Family Base (Golden Epic)]: When placed, a 4 km long and 2 km wide family station can be generated.

Seeing the [Family Base] placed in the [Family Warehouse], Zhang Yu's breathing became heavy!

This [family base] is about a two-meter by four-meter model, with pavilions, lakes, rockeries, long bridges and flowing water, all available!

What kind of family base is this, this is simply a palace complex!

And the model is so meticulously crafted that it's like a palace has been scaled down to equal proportions!

The models made by the top modelers of later generations are nothing more than that.

Once this [Family Base] is placed, a two-kilometer by four-kilometer Family Residency will be obtained...... No! It should be said that it is an imperial city of two kilometers by four kilometers!!

The area is up to 8 million square meters!

The existing Forbidden City in later generations is only 960 meters long from north to south, 750 meters wide from east to west, with an area of more than 720,000 square meters.

The area of this [family base] is worth the size of more than ten Bauhinia Cities!


In the future, when it is called the emperor's capital, there is no need to build a palace, just put the [family base] out directly!

Thinking of calling the emperor the capital, Zhang Yu suddenly thought, where will the capital be located in the future?

Even if Luoyang is over, the entire Luoyang has been burned to ruins by Dong Zhuo, and the millions of people in Luoyang have all been moved to Chang'an by Dong Zhuo.

The current Luoyang can be said to be white bones exposed in the wild, and there is no rooster crowing for thousands of miles.

A large number of people were killed by Dong Zhuo's soldiers, and hundreds of people died on the way west to Chang'an.

Elect Chang'an?

If it is only a land country, then there is no problem with the capital being inland, but the problem is that Zhang Yu's goal is the world!

He not only wants to unify the Central Plains and East Asia, but also wants to unify the whole world!

Not to mention anything else, he first drove the warship to Wa Island, and reduced all the Wa people who were still in tribal warfare on Wa Island to slaves and enslaved them forever.

At this time, North and South America were still borderless, and there were only a few tribal savages on it at most, and he could have occupied those two continents more than a thousand years in advance!

The rubber tree, which is native to South America, is very important, and if you want to enter the industrial age, you can't do without rubber.

There are also high-yielding crops such as potatoes, corn, and sweet potatoes, which are also produced in South America.

If the capital is located inland away from the sea, it will be very detrimental to future development.

Moreover, the capital is far away from the ocean, and the materials will be transported to the capital in the future, which will not only be slow, but also the cost will be greatly increased.

It was difficult for him to eat seafood, or to eat some of the local specialties.

In this way, the Central Plains region is actually not very suitable.

Although there is the Yellow River, goods can be transported through the canal, but after all, it is not as convenient as being close to the ocean.

What's more, from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the later generations before he crossed, the Yellow River has been diverted several times!

Counting the diversion of the Yellow River, there are even more places that cannot be chosen!

A considerable part of Jizhou, Yanzhou, Qingzhou, and Xuzhou cannot be used as the capital.

Other cities can be flooded, but the capital of a country must not be flooded!

Once the Yellow River bursts its banks and the capital is flooded, there will soon be some folk songs similar to: 'The stone man has one eye, inciting the Yellow River to rebel against the world'.

Dingdu Jiangnan?

No, the imperial court in the south of the Jiangnan was finally destroyed, as was the case in the Southern Song Dynasty and the Southern Ming Dynasty.

Jiangnan is too comfortable, and it is easy to make people happy and forget their worries.

The capital still has to be set in the north, and it can also defend the northern Wuhuan, Xiongnu, Xianbei and other nomads from plundering south!

In the end, Zhang Yu found that there seemed to be only a few counties in the north of Jizhou that were suitable for Dingdu, as well as a few counties in Youzhou that were adjacent to Jizhou.

They are Changshan, Zhongshan, Hejian, Bohai, Zhuojun, Jijun, Yuyang and Youbei Pingdi.

Zhang Yu thought about it, but he still couldn't determine where to choose.

Or directly choose the capital of the later generations, Beiping?

'Forget it, I don't want to think about it for now. Those territories are still in the hands of Han Fu, Yuan Shao, Liu Yu, and Gongsun Zhan. ’

If you want to make the capital in the north of the North China Plain, you have to take down those territories first.

The next day, Lu Lingqi also went to give tea to Cai Wenji's wife.

Later, he wrote a letter to his father Lu Bu and mother Yan, and Zhang Yu sent someone to send the letter to Chang'an.

Lu Bu defended the army, but the caravan could still pass, and Lu Lingqi's letter could naturally be delivered to Lu Bu.

Then, not long after the letter was sent, Zhang Yu suddenly received a news that surprised him.

"What, Dong Zhuo is dead??" Zhang Yu looked surprised.

How could Dong Zhuo die?

He had just moved the capital to Chang'an, how could he die?

Historically, after Dong Zhuo burned Luoyang and moved the capital to Chang'an, he stayed in Chang'an for two years, only because Wang Yun used Diao Chan's beauty tricks and serial schemes to let Lu Bu kill Dong Zhuo!


This Dong Zhuo has just moved west, calculating the time, and he has just arrived in Chang'an, how could he die?

"Lord, according to the news from the direction of Chang'an, Dong Zhuo seems to have been seriously injured on the way to the west, and finally stayed in Tongguan for a few days. Yang Hong, the cavalry captain of the Shenji Battalion, said.

"Wait...... Could it be that he was injured by a stray bullet or a cannonball?" Zhang Yu's eyes narrowed, and he suddenly thought of the crux of the problem.

When the convoy was attacked that day and the Diao Chan was looted, Dong Zhuo's frame was also among them.

Although he didn't deliberately attack Dong Zhuo's frame, the gun had no eyes, and Dong Zhuo himself had long legs, so he couldn't guarantee that the gun wouldn't hit Dong Zhuo.

So, did Dong Zhuo die early because of himself?

Zhang Yu felt a little headache, and history suddenly changed drastically! In this way, the general trend of history could not become one of his dependences.

Maybe tomorrow, the princes of the Eighteenth Route will come to crusade against him, and he can't say!

Development must be accelerated

The next step is to take down the entire Hedong, and there is no second voice other than him in Hedong County!

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