"Lingqi, I'm going to take you as a concubine, what do you think?" Zhang Yu asked.

Although the loyalty of seventy points is not very high, from Lu Lingqi's point of view, it is actually not low.

After all, he was the enemy who kidnapped her, and he killed many of her father's soldiers, and even nearly killed her father.

In this case, Lu Lingqi still has seventy points of loyalty to him, and Zhang Yu is already very happy.

If Lu Lingqi's loyalty to him is less than sixty, then it is absolutely impossible for him to accept her as a concubine, and he will only lock her up all the time, and come to her to brush up on rewards when necessary.

As for the straight-line quest - the reward for taking a concubine, don't do it.

There's no way he's going to put a ticking time bomb around for a small reward.

He doesn't care about himself, anyway, he is strong in martial arts, and Lu Lingqi will definitely not be able to hurt him, but if Lu Lingqi has a hatred for him, and he accepts Lu Lingqi, then he is not responsible for the other women around him.

But now it's different, seventy points of loyalty will not betray him easily, at least there is definitely no hatred for him in my heart.

In that case, Zhang Yu doesn't mind giving Lu Lingqi a home!

At the same time, you can also get the side quest reward that belongs to Lu Lingqi.

Lu Lingqi lay next to Zhang Yu and closed her eyes to rest, but Zhang Yu knew that Lu Lingqi was not asleep.

Sure enough, after hearing his words, Lu Lingqi immediately opened her eyes.

"I've been ruined by you, what else can I do besides marrying you?" Lu Lingqi asked rhetorically.

"Hmph~~" Zhang Yu smiled: "What you said is right, you are already my person, except to marry me, there is no other way to choose." "

"If you don't want to marry me as a concubine, there is no other man in this world who can marry you!"

"You're so domineering!" Lu Lingqi glared at Zhang Yu and said.

But for some reason, when she looked at such a domineering Zhang Yu, she was very happy in her heart, and even had some admiration.

Women are all Mu Qiang, and strong women like Lu Lingqi are even more Mu Qiang.

If she is not strong, then why marry her?

"I'm a man who wants to conquer the whole world, what's wrong with being domineering~?" Zhang Yu asked with a smile.

"Do you want to be the emperor?" Lu Lingqi looked surprised.

The Han Dynasty has ruled the world for nearly 400 years, and the people and families of the world have become accustomed to the rule of the Han Dynasty.

If anyone wants to overthrow the Han Emperor and become the emperor himself, he will definitely be said by everyone to be a thief!

Just like that Dong Zhuo!

However, Lu Lingqi doesn't hate Zhang Yu like this.

As her father said: A husband was born between heaven and earth, how can he be depressed and live under others for a long time?

The father who said this only switched from Ding Yuan's command to Dong Zhuo's command, but Zhang Yu wanted to conquer the world and replace the Han Emperor!

Lu Lingqi suddenly felt that Zhang Yu was more powerful than her father Lu Bu!

"The prince and the prince will have a kind of Xiangning, then their old Liu family can sit on the throne, why can't my old Zhang family sit?" Zhang Yu said arrogantly.

With the system, sooner or later he will defeat all the princes and become the emperor of the land of China!

Even, he wants to further expand the territory!

Where the Han Dynasty ruled, he will rule! Where the Han Dynasty did not rule, he will also rule!

The people of the Han Dynasty didn't know how big the world was, he knew!

He wants to spread the people of China to every corner of the earth! He wants the sun and the moon to shine and the rivers to become a real Han land!

"Xianggong......" Lu Lingqi looked at Zhang Yu with a somewhat confused gaze.

This kind of husband exudes a mesmerizing charm all over his body!

"We'll have a wedding tomorrow!" Ms. Zhang said.

"Okay, it's all up to the husband to decide~!" Lu Lingqi put her head on Zhang Yu's shoulder.

"Husband, can you tell my father and mother about our marriage?" Lu Lingqi suddenly looked up at Zhang Yu and asked.

When it comes to getting married, she wants her parents to know.

"Of course you can, you go back and write a letter, and I will send it to Chang'an and hand it over to my father-in-law~. Zhang Yu smiled and nodded.

"However, the day of our wedding cannot be delayed, it is set for tomorrow. Zhang Yu said.

He wanted to see if he accepted Lu Lingqi as soon as possible, and what rewards the system could give him.

"Okay~!It's all up to the husband to decide~. Lu Lingqi nodded happily.

Zhang Yu saw that Lu Lingqi's loyalty to him had risen from 70 points to 85 points, which can be said to be rising rapidly!

"Lingqi~ It's still early, let's fight another three hundred rounds~~!".

Although they are all women, Lu Lingqi has been practicing martial arts all year round and has the strength of a first-class general, so her physique is naturally much stronger than Cai Wenji and Diao Chan.

[Ding! The host has paid hard sweat for the expansion of the family, and 100 war horses are rewarded!].

[Ding!Host ......].

In the next period of time, he brushed out 400 war horses, 10 tons of rice, 100 sets of heavy infantry armor, and 100 divine arm crossbows from Lu Lingqi's body

Lu Lingqi is really worthy of being the daughter of Lu Bu, the first fierce general of the Three Kingdoms, and she is also a first-class general.

Most of the rewards brushed out of her are actually military-related.

War horses, armor, bows, crossbows!

It's all military-related things, and there is only one ten-ton rice, which is considered an ordinary daily necessities.

In the evening, Zhang Yu stayed with Lu Lingqi for the night.

In addition, he did not favor one over the other, and also took some of the fruits that he had given Cai Wenji and Diao Chan to taste before, and gave them to Lu Lingqi to taste.

Then I saw that Lu Lingqi's loyalty to him rose to 90 points!

If you're a little nicer to her, I'm afraid it can directly become a full worth of a hundred!

Early the next morning, Zhang Yu instructed the matter of planning the wedding, and also told Cai Wenji and Diao Chan about it.

Naturally, the two have no opinion.

Before Cai Wenji became pregnant, she wanted to find a few little sisters to help her share a little pressure. After she became pregnant, she felt even more guilty because she couldn't have sex.

Otherwise, he would not have written a letter to his father Cai Yong, hoping that his father would marry his sister Zhenji to Zhang Yu.

As for Diao Chan, she has already learned Zhang Yu's combat effectiveness, and she also hopes that there will be a little sister to share the pressure.

What's more, she is just a concubine, and Cai Wenji, the wife, has no objections, where is she qualified to oppose her husband's concubine?

Growing up in an official family, she will also not object to her husband taking concubines.

Only those men who have no ability will not take concubines, and the more capable men are, the more women around them.

This is normal.

It's the families and wealthy families in the city who are uncomfortable.

When they received the invitation to the banquet, everyone's faces darkened, they had just accepted a beautiful concubine just the day before yesterday, and they were going to take a concubine again today

How can this Taishou not die on a woman's belly??

Of course, they only dare to complain in their hearts, and the Taishou Mansion sends them invitations, even if they don't want to go, they have to go.

At the same time, gifts should not be missing.

People are under the eaves and have to bow their heads!

There are already some families who want to move out of Anyi City.

That night, the Taishou Mansion was lit up again.

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