After Lu Lingqi was captured, the reason why she has been very well-behaved is naturally because she doesn't want to affect her father because of herself.

She's waiting for an opportunity! Waiting for a chance to be alone with Zhang Yu!

Zhang Yu kidnapped three women, including himself, all of whom were first-class beauties! Obviously, Zhang Yu was a womanizer!

Lu Lingqi is sure that Zhang Yu will definitely come to her and do some rude things to her!

At that time, she can capture Zhang Yu, and then kidnap him and escape from here!

Although the military general next to Zhang Yu is superb in martial arts, and he is not even necessarily weaker than his father, Zhang Yu, a young general who is about the same age as himself, is definitely not as strong as himself!

Her father praised her as a once-in-a-century martial arts wizard, so naturally there could be no other people of the same age as herself!

Therefore, when he saw Zhang Yu enter the house, he retreated left and right, asked the guards guarding outside the door to take ten steps back, and locked the door from the house with his backhand after entering the house.

Lu Lingqi knew that her opportunity had come!

Seeing that Zhang Yu actually dared to untie her belt, Lu Lingqi immediately got up, came to Zhang Yu in an instant, held her beautiful fist, and hit Zhang Yu's face.


The corners of Zhang Yu's mouth rose, he really thought he was a thief with a sperm worm on his brain? If he hadn't been confident that he could subdue Lu Lingqi, he would dare to come to Lu Lingqi's room alone and face her alone

If he doesn't have enough strength, then even if he is a womanizer, he will send someone to tie Lu Lingqi's hands and feet with iron chains before coming to Lu Lingqi.

Even, find a doctor with excellent medical skills and feed her drugs that can make her whole body weak.

But Lu Lingqi didn't understand this.

In the face of Lu Lingqi's attack, Zhang Yu only retreated half a step back, and let Lu Lingqi's attack fail.

In the face of Lu Lingqi's attack, Zhang Yu was not annoyed, but the corners of his mouth rose: "A female general with strong martial arts?"

"It's spicy enough~I like it~!" Zhang Yu was in the room, playing with Lu Lingqi.

The Hundred Birds Chaofeng Gun is a top-notch marksmanship, which naturally includes the corresponding pace, the marksmanship is flexible, and the pace is naturally equally flexible.

Lu Lingqi studied under her father Lu Bu, and the road of martial arts was opened and closed.

There were no weapons on either side, and in this room, she couldn't even touch Zhang Yu's clothes.

Lu Lingqi is a completely different type from Cai Wenji and Diao Chan, which gives Zhang Yu a great sense of freshness.

The two chased in the room for several minutes, but Lu Lingqi still had no intention of stopping, which made Zhang Yu feel a little bored.

Just play with Lu Lingqi for a while, he came over today, but he has something to do.

As for what kind of business to do? Naturally, it is to tame Lu Lingqi, an unruly wild horse.

Zhang Yu stepped forward, instantly came to Lu Lingqi, grabbed her arms with both hands, twisted them behind her, and pressed her on the table.

Lu Lingqi was shocked, she was actually caught in an instant!


"Adulterous thief!!, what are you going to do!!" At this time, Lu Lingqi showed horror.

She wouldn't really be defiled by this man, would she?

"You call me a thief, what do you say I'm going to do?" Zhang Yu's face was full of smiles.

"Bastard!!Horny thief!!Hurry up and let me go!!".

"Woo...... My father won't let your ...... go!".

"Bastard ......".


【Ding!The host has worked hard to strengthen the family and obtained *100 war horses!].

Zhang Yu's eyebrows raised, he actually brushed out the war horse from Lu Lingqi's body

A hundred horses at a time, if you come a few more times, you can brush up a cavalry unit in a day!

Not bad, not bad.

It's just that you didn't complete the repeatable side quest to take a concubine!

However, with the previous experience of Siqin and Nianhua, Zhang Yu has long known that just having a super-friendly relationship with a certain woman will not let him complete the task.

If you want to complete the side quest and take a concubine, you still have to have a process.

Zhang Yu opened the system and checked the [Family Members] panel, wanting to see what kind of registration Lu Lingqi was.

If it is a purple rare or higher level, then it will be included as a concubine. If the rank is white ordinary, or blue high, then there is no need to include her as a concubine.

And when Zhang Yu saw Lu Lingqi's attributes, his eyes suddenly lit up!

[Lu Lingqi].

[Position: Tongfang maid].

[Grade: Epic (Golden)].

[Abilities: 1. Eagle Eye: Extremely strong eyesight!(special entry!);2. Female General: When leading a female soldier unit, the combat power of the troops is +100%;3. Prairie Princess: Can provide the host with 1,000 war horses per month!].

[Special Entry: [Eagle Eye]: Put this entry into the family interface, allowing the host to see the level of others and check the loyalty of their subordinates!].

This Lu Lingqi's entry is not lost to Cai Wenji at all!

The female general let Lu Lingqi greatly improve the combat effectiveness of the troops when she led the female soldiers!

The princess of the steppe can provide him with a war horse every month!

You must know that war horses are very expensive!

Ordinary war horses are generally 20,000 to 100,000 yuan, and good horses can be sold for more than 200,000 yuan!

That is to say, an ordinary war horse is worth at least two hundred hundreds of grain, which is still the lowest.

1,000 war horses every month, that's 200,000 grains, more than 2 million tons of grain!

The value of the war horse given to him by the entry [Prairie Princess] every month far exceeds the value of the food given by [Xian Neizhu]!

It's just that grain can be used to feed the homeless, but war horses still need to consume food.

But a thousand war horses per month still make Zhang Yu feel very fragrant!

You must know that the cavalry he has now is basically upgraded through the troop upgrade card, and there are almost no cavalry formed by himself.

Do you not want to form it? It's because there aren't enough war horses!

And with Lu Lingqi, it only takes one year for him to be able to form a cavalry force of more than 10,000 people!

If he wastes more energy on Lu Lingqi, it may only take a few months to be able to form a 10,000-strong cavalry!

In the era of cold weapons, cavalry is almost invincible!

Even if there are occasional special infantry units that can defeat cavalry, this world is still the world of cavalry.

Princes without cavalry will not be able to fight for the world!

But what satisfies Zhang Yu the most is the special entry [Eagle Eye]!!

As long as you put this entry into the family interface, it will not only allow him to see the level of others, but also let him check the loyalty of his subordinates!

Check the level of others, then he will be able to find high-quality women more easily in the future!

Check the loyalty of your subordinates, and you won't be afraid that you will have two or five boys!

Zhang Yudang put [Eagle Eye] into the [Family Panel].

In the next moment, all the members of the family have one more attribute, and that is loyalty!

Cai Wenji, Loyalty: 100!

Diao, Loyalty: 100!

Lu Lingqi, loyalty: 70!

Siqin, Loyalty: 90!

Reading, Loyalty: 90!

Zhang Yu looked at Lu Lingqi, who was exhausted and resting on his side, and really had a 70 loyalty on his head.

Zhang Yu didn't feel low, but felt a little high!

He originally thought that Lu Lingqi's loyalty to him would fail!, but he didn't expect that there would be seventy points!

Don't...... Lu Lingqi is still a masochist?

Or, conquering a woman's body can really conquer a woman's heart?

Or rather, this is the increase in charm of [Charm] taking effect??

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