After Dong Zhuo burned Luoyang, the princes from all walks of life arrived in Luoyang one after another.

It's just that Luoyang City has been set on fire by Dong Zhuo, and except for Sun Jian, most of the princes have not led troops into Luoyang City.

Most of the princes led troops to attack Dong Zhuo, not to save the emperor, but to share the benefits.

Now Dong Zhuo has kidnapped His Majesty and moved west to Chang'an, and he has burned Luoyang to ruins, and Luoyang has no value to all the princes.

As for chasing Dong Zhuo?

All the princes have their own careful thoughts, and the most important thing is to preserve the strength of the troops now!

Therefore, apart from Cao Cao, there were no other princes to pursue Dong Zhuo at all.

Liu Bei also wanted to pursue Dong Zhuo, but Yuan Shao named him the prince of the Nineteenth Road, and the thousands of soldiers he gave him had already died during the attack on Tiger Prison Pass, and now there are only a few hundred people left.

In addition, he is all infantry, so he is powerless at all.

Sun Jian found the jade seal of the country in the dry well in the imperial city.

Then he immediately wanted to leave with the jade seal, but when he said goodbye to Yuan Shao, the leader of the alliance, he was told by Yuan Shao that he had found the matter of the jade seal of the country.

Sun Jian naturally did not admit it.

and swore that if he hid the jade seal privately, he would let himself die under the arrows, but it was still useless, and Yuan Shao was still unwilling to let him go.

At the same time, Yuan Shao asked a small soldier to come out.

It turned out that a small soldier beside Sun Jian betrayed Sun Jian and wanted to take refuge in Yuan Shao in order to seek glory and wealth.

Sun Jian saw that his subordinates betrayed him, and he immediately wanted to kill that person, but was stopped by Yuan Shao.

The two sides almost met each other, but in the end, Sun Jian was stronger in martial arts, pointing his sword at Yuan Shao, forcing Yuan Shao to let them go.

The day after Sun Jian left, Cao Cao, who was almost killed in an ambush, finally escaped.

Yuan Shao set up a banquet and invited Cao Cao to relieve his boredom.

Where can Cao Cao drink? During the banquet, he scolded all the princes from all walks of life, and finally left angrily.

The three brothers, Gongsun Zan and Liu Bei, were also dissatisfied with Yuan Shao's actions and left Luoyang with their troops.

Liu Dai, the assassin of Yanzhou, asked Qiao Mao, the Taishou of Dongjun, to borrow grain. Qiao Mao refused to borrow it, and then Liu Dai led his troops to raid Qiao Mao's military camp, killed Qiao Mao, and took over his corporaries.

The princes of all walks of life were originally temporary alliances, and they had their own careful thoughts, and the alliance was not strong at all, so they led their troops to leave one after another.

Yuan Shao saw that everyone was scattered, and finally left Luoyang with his soldiers and horses and returned to Jizhou.

The princes of all walks of life fell apart, and the news of their respective dispersal reached Tongguan, which made Lu Bu, Li Ru and others breathe a sigh of relief.

The dispersal of the princes meant that their crisis was temporarily lifted.

The next thing is to manage Chang'an well, continue to recruit troops, enhance their own strength, and coerce the Son of Heaven to order the princes.

Finally, after the mysterious force appears, find an opportunity to find the other party to avenge Xiangguo.

At the same time, the news of Dong Zhuo's death was finally no longer blocked, and military generals such as Lu Bu, Li Dao, Guo Yan, and Niu Fu, as well as Li Ru, Jia Xu and other ministers, brought Dong Zhuo's body back to Chang'an.

A huge funeral was held for Dong Zhuo.

The civil and military officials who were coerced were also forced to attend Dong Zhuo's funeral.

Hearing that Dong Zhuo was dead, the hearts of the officials were happy to die, but under the guard of the soldiers, they still had to pretend to be sad on the surface.

It was Cai Yong, who was really sad when he learned that Dong Zhuo was dead.

Cai Yong was exiled several times before because he offended officials, and after Dong Zhuo monopolized the government, he was recruited back. And he was promised to be a high-ranking official.

It can be regarded as a gift to him.

However, all the civil and military officials showed a sad appearance on the surface, but no one could see that Cai Yong was really sad.

Naturally, Wang Yun would not be convicted of this, put in prison, and then hanged.


A few days ago, Anyi.

The day after Zhang Yu took Diao Chan as a concubine, when Diao Chan went to give tea to Cai Wenji's wife, Zhang Yu took out the reward he had brushed from Diao Chan and sent it to Cai Wenji together.

If there is something delicious, it is natural to let your wives taste it.

Seeing watermelon, pineapple, mango and other fruits, whether it is Cai Wenji or Diao Chan, they are all amazed.

They've never seen any of these fruits before!

"Xianggong ~ This watermelon is so sweet~!".

"Pineapple is delicious too~!".

"This mango too!".

In addition to Cai Wenji and Diao Chan, Fu Shou, who was only eleven years old, also ate these fruits with him.

After eating it, I fell in love with the taste of these fruits, which are much more delicious than apples and oranges!

It's that pineapple is a little troublesome to eat, not only is it troublesome to peel, but it also has to be soaked in salt water before eating, otherwise it will be very sour.

"Xianggong, where did these fruits come from~?" Cai Wenji asked curiously.

"Haha~~ This is obtained by chance from some businessmen for the husband. According to the other party, watermelons are produced in the extreme west, and the people there are all black, like black charcoal, and all of them are some people who do not understand etiquette. "

"Pineapples and mangoes, on the other hand, are produced in Yazhou and Jiaozhi in the extreme south, and they are extremely difficult to transport because of the long distance, and they are rare. Zhang Yu explained with a smile.

"Then what should I do if the concubine and Sister Diao Chan still want to eat it?" Cai Wenji leaned on Zhang Yu and asked in a coquettish voice.

"There are still some for the husband, and I will have them all sent to you when I go back. In addition, these watermelons, pineapples, and mangoes, we can all let people try to grow them locally, and if they can be planted successfully, they will be able to eat these fruits often in the future~. Zhang Yu stroked Cai Wenji's soft hair and said.

After a moment of warmth with Cai Wenji and Diao Chan, Zhang Yu went to Lu Lingqi's residence and saw this daughter of Lu Bu.

Lu Lingqi was held in a wing room in the Taishou Mansion, and all the windows were nailed with wooden boards.

Several backswaers and musketeers were arranged to guard the gate in turn 24 hours a day.

Lu Lingqi's force is too high, and there are fewer guards, so she can't look down on this girl at all.

Can't let Dian Wei guard her twenty-four hours a day, so naturally she can only be imprisoned in this way.

"Is she honest?" asked Zhang Yu the guard at the door.

"My lord, after Lu Bu's daughter was locked in, she didn't make any noise, and she stayed in the house honestly. The guard replied.

Is Lu Lingqi an honest person? Naturally not.

If it were, she wouldn't have let her father Lu Bu teach her martial arts, and when Zhang Yu ambushed Dong Zhuo before, she wouldn't have come out to challenge Zhang Yu single-handedly.

The reason why she is so honest now is entirely because she has seen the power of Zhang Yu's weapons!

That day, although Zhang Yu knocked Lu Lingqi unconscious before being carried into the carriage, the sound of artillery behind woke her up.

Lu Lingqi didn't see the scene of Zhang Yu and her father Lu Bu fighting, but she saw the scene of Zhang Yu's subordinates slaughtering the iron cavalry of Bingzhou!

Now that she is captured, she naturally doesn't dare to mess around. Otherwise, what should I do if I hurt my father because of my nonsense?

Zhang Yu nodded: "Open the door." "

One of the guards took out the key and unlocked the door.

"You take ten steps back. Zhang Yu commanded.

"Yes, lord!" all the guards stepped back ten steps away from the chamber.

Zhang Yu pushed open the door and walked in.

Closing the door from the inside with his backhand, Zhang Yu untied the belt of his clothes.

"Take the initiative yourself, don't let me do it. Zhang Yu ordered.

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