"General Niu, it's not that we don't want to avenge Xiangguo, but at this stage, we must first protect ourselves and hold Chang'an. If you can't even save your own life, how can you talk about avenging Xiangguo?"

"What's more, if the territory that Xiangguo has finally won down, if it is lost by us, is it worthy of Xiangguo?" Li Ru asked Niu Fu rhetorically.

"This ......" Niu Fu was speechless when asked by Li Ru.

Niu Fu himself has no strength, he is timid and cowardly, and he has a suspicious personality, and he can sit in his current position entirely because he is Dong Zhuo's son-in-law.

And he proposed to avenge Dong Zhuo, also because he was Xiangguo's son-in-law!

It's nothing that others don't mention avenging Xiangguo, but his son-in-law can't fail to mention it.

And now that he is being refuted by Li Ru, he naturally stops speaking.

"Besides, it's not like we're not going to avenge Xiangguo. When we wait for us to protect Chang'an and stabilize the situation under the encirclement and suppression of all the princes, we will naturally avenge the Xiangguo. Li Ru continued, and speaking of this, his gaze looked at Lu Bu.

"General Lu, among all the people, only you, general, have fought with the enemy general who ambushed Xiangguo. Does the general know who the other party's surname is, and who his subordinates are?" asked Li Ru.

If you want to avenge Xiangguo in the future, you naturally have to know who their enemies are.

"I don't know!" Lu Bu said with an ugly face.

The first battle of the first two days was the biggest defeat he had suffered since he joined the army, and it was also the first time he lost in a heads-up battle after he had mastered martial arts! The most important thing is that the other party is still a sixteen or seventeen-year-old doll!

"You don't know ??" Niu Fu looked at Lu Bu with a look of disbelief.

"So-and-so, but I don't know! So-and-so only knows that the enemy general is a young man who is about sixteen or seventeen years old, and absolutely no more than twenty years old! And the enemy general's martial arts are not below so-and-so. "

"And the enemy will have a weapon capable of making thunder! As soon as the thunder sounds, a large number of soldiers will die on a certain side!"

"And the war horse will also be frightened and become uncontrollable after hearing the thunder. That weapon is the nemesis of the cavalry!" Lu Bu said, his face becoming more and more ugly.

All this information was exchanged for the lives of the iron horsemen under his command!

"You're not kidding??" Niu Fu looked at Lu Bu with wide eyes.

Can you still make a weapon that rings thunder?

Li Dao and Guo Yan also looked incredulous.

Sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy Lang, his martial arts are comparable to Lu Bu's is already incredible, and there is actually a mysterious weapon that can create thunder?

And as soon as the thunder sounds, a large number of soldiers will die on their side

"Lu Bu, if it's really like what you said, then we don't have to avenge Xiangguo, just break up and find a place to go!" Li Dao said mockingly.

How can there be that kind of person in the world??

"You think I'm going to joke with you??" Lu Bu suddenly pulled out the sword at his waist and pointed directly at Li Dao, who was taunting.

"So-and-so's red rabbit is dead! So-and-so's daughter was also tied up by the thief! So-and-so's iron rider was killed and wounded heavily! So-and-so longed to eat his flesh! Drink his blood!".

"If he wasn't what So-and-so said, wouldn't So-and-so let him go!?" Lu Bu asked loudly.

Li Wei's frightened face turned white.

He knew Lu Bu's martial arts, and if he really fought, he was afraid that he would be beheaded by Lu Bu in an instant.

"General Lu, calm your anger! Now is not the time for infighting!" Li Ru hurriedly opened his mouth to persuade.

"General Li is not questioning you, it's just that this matter is too unbelievable, and everyone has doubts. "

"If it weren't for his own experience, Confucianism wouldn't believe that there would be that kind of weapon in the world!" Li Ru said.

As Xiangguo's most trusted adviser, Li Ru also left Luoyang with Xiangguo, although he did not ride in the same carriage with Xiangguo, his carriage was behind Xiangguo's carriage.

Naturally, it was also an attack together.

It's just that his luck is better than that of Xiang Guo, but he fell and injured some when the carriage overturned, but it was not a big deal, unlike Xiang Guo who was seriously injured and unconscious.

Jia Xu, who was silent on the side, looked a little surprised.

As a strategist to the extreme, Jia Xu has always put his life first, so when Dong Zhuo ordered to move west to Chang'an, he followed the first batch of troops early and left Luoyang.

Therefore, he was not attacked by Zhang Yu, and naturally he did not see the power of artillery.

As soon as he heard Lu Bu's description, he also thought that Lu Bu had exaggerated the strength of the enemy general, not to mention the mysterious weapon that could create thunder, just say that a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy had martial arts comparable to Lu Bu, how could this be?

Did you start practicing martial arts in your mother's womb?

But I didn't expect that what Lu Bu said was true!

The land of Razor in the mouth of Xiangguo's personal guard, was it originally a weapon used by enemy generals?

If the enemy general is really as terrifying as Lu Bu described, then he has to plan his future well.

If there is such a person in the princes' army, Chang'an may not be able to hold it.

"What Lu Bu said is actually true!?Then how can we avenge Xiangguo!?" Niu Fu was shocked.

He was the first to escort the people of Luoyang to Chang'an, passing through Tongguan to repair here for a while, and then Xiangguo's personal guards rushed here with the seriously injured Xiangguo.

"General Lu, when you were fighting with the other party, the other party didn't report his name?" Li Ru asked curiously.

At this time, the two armies are fighting, and the main general will report his name.

First, it is strange to let the enemy know who he is, and secondly, to make a name for himself, and the other party does not report his name, which is very strange.

"Not only that, the enemy general doesn't even have a banner! A certain one doesn't even know the surname of the enemy general!" Lu Bu was very annoyed.

He's never seen anyone fighting like this!

Even if it is the Xiongnu and Xianbei, there will be flags that symbolize the identity of their respective tribes!

Li Ru pondered for a moment: "Confucianism guesses that that strange army is probably not the men and horses of the princes from all walks of life, but a third-party force, otherwise, there is no need for the other party to hide his identity!"

"Therefore, our plan remains unchanged, first under the siege of all the princes, to defend Chang'an. When the situation stabilizes, I will think about avenging Xiangguo. "

"As for the identity of that unit, although we don't know who the other party is yet, since the enemy general has martial arts comparable to General Lu, as well as that incredible weapon, he will definitely not be unknown. "

"Sooner or later, they'll show up!" Li Ru said as he looked at the crowd.

The others nodded, and now they had to do that first.

Only Jia Xu has already begun to think about how to escape for his life.

The enemy general has superb martial arts like Lu Bu, and also has a mysterious weapon that can create the land of Razor, but he still hides his identity! This shows that the enemy is still very 'weak'!

By the time the enemy no longer hides his identity, his strength must have grown.

You can't win now, let alone later!

So let's run for your life.

And Li Ru couldn't think of this? Of course he thought of it! But he couldn't say it now


Xiangguo was seriously injured and unconscious, and he was already internally unstable, if he said this again, it would not take all the princes to attack, and they would be disbanded by themselves!

Finding that mysterious force to take revenge is a matter for the future, and what we need to do now is to keep their current territory first!

Suddenly, a small soldier hurried in.

"General......s! Xiangguo He ...... It's gone!".

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