[Diao Chan].

[Position: Concubine Room].

[Grade: Epic (Golden)].

[Abilities: 1. Charm (special entry);2. Shy Flower of the Closed Moon: When the host has a fun with it, it is easier to get unexpected rewards. 】

[Special Entry: [Charm]: Put this entry into the family interface to greatly increase the charm!].

Seeing the entry that Diao Chan had, Zhang Yu was suddenly stunned.

No wonder most of the rewards he received from Cai Wenji before were ordinary food materials such as rice and flour, and occasionally some materials such as cotton, iron ore, and meat could be obtained.

These materials are basically things that existed during the Three Kingdoms period.

And most of the rewards obtained from Diao Chan tonight are things that were not available in the Three Kingdoms period! At least they are things that the Central Plains in the Three Kingdoms period did not have!

In particular, soybean oil, most of the oil eaten by people during the Three Kingdoms period was animal fat, and vegetable oil is currently only sesame oil!

Not only for eating, but also for lighting, as well as arson.

Soybeans are available, but it is not known that edible oil can be extracted from soybeans.

Come to think of it, this is all the effect of the entry [Closed Moon Shy Flower]!

As for [Charm]?

Zhang Yu put the entry [Charm] into the [Family Panel], then picked up a bronze mirror, looked at himself in the bronze mirror, and seemed to have no change.

I don't feel like I've gotten more handsome, I'm still the same as before!

Although he couldn't feel any changes, Zhang Yu would not take down the entry.

Anyway, whether it's useful or not, let's use it first!

Perhaps, by increasing his charm, he will be able to capture the hearts of women more easily, or will he be able to gain the allegiance of the military generals more easily

No matter which of the two is needed, it is what Zhang Yu needs!

Putting down the bronze mirror, Zhang Yu lay down to rest beside Diao Chan.

When Diao Chan goes to serve tea to Cai Wenji tomorrow, he will also take out several fruits and give them to the second daughter to taste.

Zhang Yu had eaten those fruits in his previous life, and whether it was Cai Wenji or Diao Chan, they had never even seen those fruits.

After tasting it, the two of them will definitely be very happy.


After Lu Bu gathered the fleeing cavalry, he immediately went to chase after his father-in-law Dong Zhuo.

finally caught up with Dong Zhuo in Tongguan.

It's just that Dong Zhuo's state at this time is not very good.

Encountered an ambush that day, Dong Zhuo's abdomen was hit by fragments of a shell from the Fran cannon, although the injury was not fatal, but the shrapnel remained in Dong Zhuo's body, Dong Zhuo was obese, and the fat in his abdomen was hoarded, but no one could cut the fat and take out the shrapnel in his abdomen.

Soon, the wound became inflamed and suppurated, and Dong Zhuo had a high fever.

When Lu Bu arrived at Tongguan, Dong Zhuo was already unconscious, and when he asked the doctor, all the doctors shook their heads and sighed, they tried many methods, but nothing worked.

Only Hua Tuo dared to do this, how could an ordinary doctor have such ability?

For Dong Zhuo's injury, they couldn't do anything.

If a famous doctor like Hua Tuo or Zhang Zhongjing came over, maybe there was a way to cure Dong Zhuo.

Soon, Li Dao and Guo Yan also led the troops to arrive.

Knowing that Dong Zhuo was seriously injured and unconscious, they suddenly lost their minds.

At this time, Li Ru spoke.

"Sangkook is now sick in bed, unconscious, and I have to prepare for the worst. Regardless of whether Xiangguo wakes up in the end or not, we must defend Chang'an, and we must not let the princes from all walks of life break through Chang'an. "

"Otherwise, our lives will be in danger at that time!"

"Master Li, don't go around in circles, if you have any ideas, tell me quickly!" Li Dao urged.

Lu Bu, Guo Yan, Zhang Ji, Fan Chou, Niu Fu and others also looked at Li Ru.

"Feng Tianzi is not subordinate to orders!" Li Ru's gaze swept over everyone.

When Li Ru's words fell, everyone's eyes lit up.

What kind of authority is this! If they can really do this, then they will become the most powerful people in the entire Han Dynasty!

"But the premise of this is that the generals must unite to defend against the princes!"

"If the generals can't be united, then they will definitely be broken by the princes from all walks of life, and finally die!" Li Ru's gaze swept over all the generals present again.

Among them, the focus is on Lu Bu, Li Dao and Guo Yan.

These three people are all Xiangguo's henchmen, although Lu Bu's time to take refuge in Xiangguo is still short, but Lu Bu's martial arts are superb, and the strength of the iron cavalry under his command is strong, and it is not weak at all with the Xiliang cavalry.

Although Li Dao and Guo Yan do not have the superb martial arts like Lu Bu, they have followed Dong Zhuo for many years and are Dong Zhuo's absolute henchmen.

The two not only commanded a large number of soldiers and horses, but also had a lot of prestige in the Xiliang army.

When Dong Xiangguo was there, he was naturally the largest in Xiangguo, and these people all needed to obey Xiangguo's orders.

But in case Xiangguo died, what Li Ru was most worried about was that the three of them would attack each other in order to compete for power.

Li Dao and Guo Yan glanced at each other, and finally looked at Lu Bu, and the three of them looked at each other.

The last one said: "We will naturally be unanimous with the outside world!".

Lu Bu actually doesn't look down on Li Dao and Guo Yan very much, thinking that the strength of the two of them is too poor, but it is only because he has followed Dong Zhuo for a long time that he has mixed up with his current status.

If it weren't for the battle with the mysterious young general a few days ago, then he might really have competed with Li Dao and Guo Yan.

But in the battle a few days ago, the iron cavalry under his command suffered heavy losses, and the generals under his command Song Xian and Wei Xu were even killed.

The setback of strength, the death of his mount, the sacrifice of his generals, and the defeat of a sixteen or seventeen-year-old general all dealt a big blow to Lu Bu.

It also made him a little less arrogant.

Regarding the major matters discussed by Li Ru and Lu Bu, Li Dao, Guo Yan and others, one person always stood aside and remained silent, like a bystander.

This person is Dong Zhuo's advisor Jia Xu, and he is also a well-known poisoner Jia Xu in the Three Kingdoms.

In addition to being very poisonous, the poisoner Jia Xu also has a characteristic, that is, 'Gou'!

As long as it is harmless to himself, then he would rather watch the excitement from the sidelines than participate in it. Only when his own life is at stake, he will offer a poison plan.

It is precisely because of this that Jia Xu can live until he is seventy or eighty years old, even longer than Sima Yi.

Dong Zhuo was seriously injured and had been lying in bed unconscious, and he actually thought about what to do next.

The best way is to let Li Dao, Guo Yan, Lu Bu and others coerce the Son of Heaven to order the princes!

As long as Chang'an is kept, then he can continue to live safely.

But since Li Ru has already put forward this suggestion, there is nothing to do with him, just continue to be a transparent person.

Lu Bu, Li Dao, Guo Yan and others did their best according to Li Ru's suggestion, and if they couldn't do it, it would not be too late for him to make another move.

"I said, doesn't anyone want to avenge Xiangguo!?" Niu Fu in the team suddenly spoke.

Sangkook was ambushed, seriously injured, and now he is unconscious.

Not only did the generals not want to avenge Xiangguo, but they were only here to discuss how to make a living, and even to divide up Xiangguo's troops!

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