"Miss Cai Wenji, it's very simple to want to die. But if you dare to commit suicide, I will strip you naked and let the brothers in the village serve your corpse one by one!"

"Then hang your body to the entrance of the vegetable market, so that everyone in the world can see how handsome the first talented woman of the Han Dynasty looks ~ how good her figure is~!" Zhang Yu looked at Cai Wenji in the carriage and said with a wicked smile.

Of course, this is just to intimidate Cai Wenji and prevent her from committing suicide.

Otherwise, wouldn't his operation be in vain?

Sure enough, hearing Zhang Yu's words, the hosta in Cai Wenji's hand fell, and she had no thoughts of suicide.

Then again, the women of the Han Dynasty didn't seem to attach much importance to chastity, otherwise there wouldn't be so many widows remarried.

Cai Wenji in history will not be taken away by the Huns, and has survived on the grassland for more than ten years.

Diao Chan in history will not serve Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu successively.

"That's right. It's better to follow me than to marry that sick ghost of Wei Zhongdao. At least, I'm in good health~. "

"Okay, you three stay honestly!" Zhang Yu said, looking at the three people in the carriage.

"When you go back to the cottage, we will get married, and you will be the cottage lady at that time!haha~~".

Zhang Yu laughed a few times and lowered the carriage curtain.

The brothers who stayed in the village packed up all their belongings, and then personally drove the carriage in which Cai Wenji and the others were riding, and waited for the brothers to return to Qingfeng Village.

As for the corpses on the official road, they were all thrown into the woods on both sides of the official road, it is the first lunar month, the weather is cold, and the corpses will not rot for a month outside.

They didn't have time to bury the body.

Tomorrow, at most, the day after tomorrow, the pick-up team has not yet returned, and the Wei family will definitely find the abnormality, and it won't take long to find these corpses.

Therefore, there is no need to worry that these corpses will cause a plague.

Zhang Yu and others rushed back to the cottage before the sun set.

In this operation, because Zhang Yu fought fiercely, there were not too many casualties in the cottage, and in the face of several times his own kissing team, there were only a dozen people who were seriously injured and killed in the cottage, and most of the others were slightly injured.

But because of the harvest, there was not too much sadness in the team.

Everyone can't live, so they pin their heads to their belts to beg for life, all of them are used to seeing life and death, and they will be sad about the death of the people around them, but it won't be too much, and life has to go on.

Back to the stockade.

"Come on! Come a few people to arrange the wedding room for Lao Tzu! If you know how to cook, hurry up and cook! Lao Tzu is going to get married tonight, the cave room!!".


The mood of the brothers in the village was also high.

It didn't take long for the house where Zhang Yu lived to be hung with Xuan-colored cloth and lanterns, and there were many of these things in the kissing process, so they were hung up directly.

The kitchen was also very quick to make food.

It's barbecue, roast chicken, stew, and a lot of wine.

Cai Wenji, who worshiped heaven and earth and covered her head, was sent back to the house by her two wedding maids.

Zhang Yu was poured a few glasses, and then stopped drinking.

"Okay, you continue to eat and drink, Lao Tzu is going to cave the house!"

After speaking, Zhang Yu ignored the coaxing of others and returned directly to his house.

Marriage or something is just a ceremony, if it weren't for the fear of missing the ceremony, the system would not admit that he would marry a wife, Zhang Yu really wanted to go straight to the cave!

In the wedding room, looking at Cai Wenji who was covered with her head covered and sitting on the wedding bed, Zhang Yu couldn't help but show a smile.

The famous talented woman of the Three Kingdoms, and also the famous beauty of the Three Kingdoms, has become his wife today~!

Zhang Yu came to Cai Wenji and took Yu Ruyi from the hands of the dowry maids standing on both sides.

Gently pick up the hijab on Cai Wenji's head.

Under the candlelight, a beautiful face appeared in front of his eyes.

Cai Wenji's father is the Confucian Cai Yong, who is the eldest lady of a large family.

She has read poetry and books since she was a child, is good at literature, calligraphy and music, and has the temperament of a talented woman, which Zhang Yu has never seen in later generations.

Cai Wenji has been pampered since she was a child, and she has never done physical work, let alone wind and sun, and her skin is crystal clear and as white as milk.

Seeing that Zhang Yu was not enough, he wanted to come up and 'bite'.

The only fly in the ointment is that Cai Wenji seems to be afraid of him, and she doesn't dare to look at him at all, and her face is a little dull because of fear.

Zhang Yu reached out and lifted Cai Wenji's chin and asked her to raise her head.

"The hair is like the light clouds covering the moon, and the fluttering is like the snow of the flowing wind. "

"Beautiful, beautiful. Zhang Yu couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

Cai Wenji, who was still full of fear, was forced to raise her head by Zhang Yu, and her eyes were full of fear.

But after hearing the poems in Zhang Yu's mouth, he suddenly felt incredible, and he was even more shy Xia Fei's cheeks.

As a talented woman, she naturally understands the meaning of the poem 'The hair is like the light clouds covering the moon, and the fluttering is like the snow of the wind'.

This is complimenting her beauty!

What makes Cai Wenji feel most incredible is that Zhang Yu is clearly a thief, and he can have such literary talent!

It's incredible!

After looking closely, I suddenly realized that this thief who kidnapped him was so handsome!

This made Cai Wenji's cheeks drip with shame.

She actually fell in love with the bandits who kidnapped her!


Cai Wenji's change made Zhang Yu almost unbearable: "Madam, let's rest early~!".

Before Cai Wenji could speak, the bridal maid on the side had the courage to speak: "Big ...... The big boss still needs to have hair before the cave house. "

At the same time, the gold scissors in the tray were handed to Zhang Yu.

This was originally something that Wei Zhongdao and Cai Wenji used when they got married, but now they are all cheap Zhang Yu.

Zhang Yu was stunned for a moment, and then nodded: "Okay." "

Heaven and earth have worshipped, and it is not far from this step.

picked up the golden scissors, cut off a strand of hair from himself and Cai Wenji, tied them together, and then put them in a small box.

This is called a married couple.

Putting the golden scissors back on the tray: "Go down, you don't have to wait here any longer." "

"Yes ......


The dowry maid is also called the maid in the room, in fact, they can not go out, if Zhang Yu asks, they even have to serve Zhang Yu with Cai Wenji.

Although the two dowry maids are also handsome, they can't be compared with Cai Wenji.

Today is the wedding night, and he only belongs to Cai Wenji!

Of course, the main thing is that he doesn't know if he will lower the system reward if he collects the two dowry maids together!

So leave the two of them aside for now, and talk about it later.

"Madam, the Spring Festival is worth a thousand gold~!It's not too early, let's hurry up and rest~!".


The nightingale cries, and the red pill falls to the ground.

In an instant, the system prompt also sounded.

[Ding!Congratulations to the host for completing the main quest - marrying a wife!].

[Reward ......].

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