Zhang Yu entered the cave room, without a cumbersome process, and directly uncovered the hijab on Diao Chan's head.

"Diao Chan, do you hate me for snatching you from Situ Wang Yun?" Zhang Yu sat down beside Diao Chan and spoke.

Situ Wang Yun has raised Diao Chan for several years, and he has nurtured Diao Chan.

Zhang Yu remembered that in his previous life, in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Diao Chan also saw that Situ Wang Yun's secret contact with Yuan Shao and Cao Cao was exposed, and he may have been persecuted by Dong Zhuo, so he took the initiative to share Wang Yun's worries in order to repay his kindness for more than ten years of upbringing.

Diao Chan is a person who knows gratitude.

And now, he snatched Diao Chan from Wang Yun's hands, so he wanted to know if Diao Chan would hate himself in his heart.

"Diao Chan doesn't dare. Diao Chan can get the love of the general, which is the blessing of Diao Chan. And when the general took Diao Chan away, he didn't hurt my family, and Diao Chan has to thank the general even more. Diao Chan said sensibly.

"If only you could think so. I didn't kill that Situ Wang Yun that day, it was for the sake of him that he had raised you for many years. "

"From today on, you are my Wang Yun's concubine, and you have nothing to do with that Situ Wang Yun. You have to keep that in mind. "

"Otherwise, in the end, it will only hurt Wang Situ, who has raised you for more than ten years. Zhang Yu warned.

Diao Chan understood. Diao Chan nodded.

"It's getting late, it's time to rest. Zhang Yu was not verbose.

He can't wait to see what Diao Chan, the first beauty of the Three Kingdoms, tastes like.

"Diao Chan came to ...... for the general's wide clothes".


[Ding!Congratulations to the host for completing a side quest to take a concubine!Check the grade of the concubine room: Golden Epic!].

【Ding!Reward【Portable Storage Space Expansion Card】*1!].

Diao Chan was tasting the taste of this new cup of tea, and he didn't have time to check what system rewards he had obtained.

Everyone is a unique individual, and Diao Chan and Cai Wenji are naturally completely different.

This is not only the difference between different individuals, but also the difference in hormones in the body, and the different chemical reactions generated.

[Ding!The host has worked hard to strengthen the family, and 10 tons of chili peppers will be rewarded!].

[Ding!The host has worked hard to strengthen the family, and 10 tons of watermelons will be rewarded!].

[Ding!The host has worked hard to strengthen the family, and 10 tons of rice will be rewarded!].

[Ding!Host ......].

One night, the system's prompt sounded several times, and Zhang Yu never checked the system's rewards.

As the so-called Spring Festival is worth a thousand gold, he naturally didn't check the award

In the second half of the night, when Diao Chan fell asleep, Zhang Yu had time to open the system panel and check his harvest today!

[Portable Storage Space Expansion Card]: You can expand your portable storage space by 100 cubic meters!


100 cubic meters is really not a big room, that is, a room with a length and width of less than five meters and a height of less than five meters.

However, it is much larger than his current personal space, which is only 10 cubic meters of personal storage space.

Except for the golden sand eagle, all the space inside is used to store emergency food.

Now I can add 100 cubic meters, but I can put more things.

If nothing else, you can at least put a few Franco cannons with you! You can even put one or two red-coated cannons in!

Zhang Yu did not hesitate to use the [Portable Storage Space Expansion Card].

The next moment, the carry-on storage space, which had been filled with food, suddenly became 'empty'.

The carry-on space has been expanded tenfold!

Returning to Anyi yesterday, Zhang Yu put the five Furlong cannons into the [Family Warehouse], so that they could be used at any time when needed.

Now, Zhang Yu directly transferred the five Furlong cannons and ammunition from the [Family Warehouse] to the [Portable Storage Space].

The Family Warehouse can only be used in the Family Domain, while the Pocket Storage can be used anywhere!

Naturally, it is more convenient to put the Furlong cannon in the [Portable Storage Space].

Subsequently, Zhang Yu moved some rice, flour, and meat to the [carry-on storage space].

Ten cubic meters of emergency food is still too little, and it is enough for one person to eat, but it is not enough to eat when you bring it to the troops.

Zhang Yu didn't fill the [Pocket Storage], but left some space in case he needed it.

After doing this, Zhang Yu continued to check the rewards he had received tonight.

10 tons of rice, 10 tons of watermelon, 10 tons of peppers, 10 tons of pineapples, 10 tons of mangoes, and 10 tons of soybean oil.

Seeing these rewards, Zhang Yu was surprised.

The six rewards he got from Diao Chan, except for rice, the other rewards were all things that he hadn't obtained before!

Peppers, watermelons, pineapples, mangoes!

In the Three Kingdoms of this era, there are no such things at all! Since crossing into this world, he has never eaten these things again!

Zhang Yu took out a chili pepper from the [family warehouse], this is a very spicy Chaotian pepper!

But Zhang Yu still put it in his mouth and chewed it without hesitation, and then a familiar and unfamiliar feeling filled his mouth.

It's so cool!!

After eating the chili, Zhang Yu took out a yellow-orange mango, peeled off the skin and put it in his mouth, the flesh was sweet, and after chewing, the sweetness of the mango instantly filled the entire mouth.

It's so delicious!!

Then, Zhang Yu took out another watermelon.

ordered someone to go to the kitchen to get a kitchen knife, and Zhang Yu cut the watermelon.

The sweet melon pulp makes the saliva in Zhang Yu's mouth keep secreting!

It didn't take long for a watermelon of more than ten catties to be eaten by Zhang Yu alone!

During the Three Kingdoms period, it was not that there were no mangoes and pineapples, but these fruits were produced in the tropics and could not be sent to the Central Plains at all.

Of course, if he went to the south himself, he would still have a chance to eat those fruits.

As for watermelons, there really weren't them in the Three Kingdoms period.

This thing is made in Africa, and unless he goes to Africa, it is impossible to eat watermelon in this era!

Of course, that was before, but now it's different.

Watermelons have watermelon seeds, and watermelons can be grown with watermelon seeds! As long as they are planted properly, watermelons can also be grown in the Central Plains

It's just that in a short period of time, you can only grow a small amount of food by yourself, and it is impossible to popularize it, and the people can't even eat enough food, so how can they plant watermelons on a large scale?

After a brief wash, Zhang Yu looked at the [family members].

Watermelons, peppers, pineapples, and mangoes are just small rewards, and the real big rewards have to be Diao Chan himself.

Cai Wenji's [Virtuous Internal Help] attribute can provide him with 100,000 tons of grain every month, and he is very curious, what kind of reward can Diao Chan, who is also a golden epic, provide him?

Zhang Yu found Diao Chan's information among the family members.

[Diao Chan].

[Position: Concubine Room].

[Grade: Epic (Golden)].

[Ability: ......].

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