Zhang Yu took the initiative to fight Lu Bu, is it floating?

Naturally not, he just wanted to see what his current strength was. And with Lu Bu, the first military general of the Three Kingdoms, how much is the gap.

Some people say that he can compete with Dian Wei, but the competition is completely different from the fight to the death.

Dian Wei will not kill him, and he will not kill Dian Wei, both of them will have spare strength, so naturally they can't see where their limits are.

Competing with Lu Bu is different, both sides want to kill each other, so naturally they will not deliberately retain their strength.

Lu Bu is strong, but Zhang Yu is not weak either.

The strengthening of [Living Dragon and Tiger], coupled with the Hundred Birds and Phoenix marksmanship, made him fight with Lu Bu for fifty or sixty rounds, but he couldn't tell the winner.

Moreover, [Vitality and Tiger] increased his physical strength by 200%, so that Zhang Yu did not feel tired at all, and he could fight with Lu Bu for a few hundred more rounds!

But after fighting for so long, I couldn't tell the winner, and there was no need to continue fighting.

Zhang Yu already knows his strength, and he is roughly ranked in the Three Kingdoms, not to mention the first in the world, at least he is also in the top five!

After this round, Zhang Yu did not continue to ride his horse forward, but stopped in place.

"Everyone says how brave you Lu Bu is, and your daughter even says that your martial arts are the best in the world, no one is invincible, and in today's battle, I think you Lu Bu is nothing more than that!"

"Even I, a little doll who is not yet seventeen years old, can't win, and still have the face to say that I am the best in martial arts?" Zhang Yu said with a smile.

In the face of Zhang Yu's ridicule, Lu Bu's face flushed angrily.

But what made him even more angry was that the young player who didn't win the other party in fifty or sixty rounds of the battle with him actually mentioned his daughter!!

"What have you done to my daughter!? Lu Bu asked loudly.

"Hahaha~~ Lu Bu!You look ugly, but your daughter is very beautiful! She has now been captured by me, and I am going to take her back to be a maid for me~!hahahaha~!!" Zhang Yu said with a loud laugh.

"Thief! Look for death!!" Lu Bu rushed towards Zhang Yu with Fang Tian's halberd.

As soon as Zhang Yu's left hand was raised, the golden sand eagle appeared in his hand.


The gunshot rang out, and the red rabbit, who had just picked up speed, fell to the ground in an instant, and there was already a big hole in his head.

And Lu Bu really deserves to be a top general, his reaction is fast, and at the moment when the red rabbit horse fell, he immediately turned over and jumped off the horse.

After rolling on the ground, he stabilized himself.

The first thing Lu Bu did after getting up was to turn his head to look at his mount, the Red Rabbit Horse, he couldn't understand, it was just a thunderclap, how could the brave Red Rabbit Horse fall down in fright?

And when Lu Bu saw the tragic situation of the red rabbit horse, he suddenly burst into tears.

His red rabbit horse died !!

And the death is miserable, and there is a big hole in the head!

"Thief!!What did you do to my Chitu!!


Lu Bu couldn't understand why Chitu died all of a sudden??

There are obviously still dozens of steps between the two sides, and the other party did not draw a bow to sneak attack, what means did he use to kill his red rabbit horse?

Don't...... Is it the strangely shaped 'gold' in the other person's hand?

"Lu Bu, I won't kill you today, it's for the sake of your daughter Lu Lingqi's face! If we still meet as enemies in the future, I won't show mercy!" Zhang Yu said loudly.

He didn't want to become Lu Lingqi's father-killing enemy like this.

really killed Lu Bu, how can he take Lu Lingqi as a concubine in the future? Lu Lingqi's strength is not weak, although he is not his opponent, but he can't always guard against her, right?

It's better to let Lu Bu go for the time being.

As for killing Chitu, this is a warning to Lu Bu.

The red rabbit is a rare sweaty BMW, but after all, it is just a beast.

And when you go to the battlefield, whether you are a human or an animal, you must be prepared for death.

As a war horse, Chitu is also the top war horse, and dying on the battlefield is actually its best destination. It's better than dying on a hunger strike at the end.

After warning Lu Bu, Zhang Yu raised the iron spear in his hand: "All soldiers obey the order! Except for Lu Bu, all enemies will be killed!!".

As soon as Zhang Yu's words fell, a series of gunfire sounded behind him.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!!

Bang, bang, bang, bang, !!

The muzzle of the artillery had already been adjusted, aiming at the Bingzhou Iron Cavalry led by Lu Bu a hundred paces away.

The cannonball fell into the cavalry camp, and after the explosion, a large number of surrounding cavalry were killed in an instant, and the surrounding war horses were even more frightened by the explosion of the cannonballs, and the cavalry on horseback was completely unable to control their war horses.

The musketeers had already lined up in formation, and their guns had already been aimed at their respective targets.

After the gunshots rang out, the front row of the Bingzhou Iron Cavalry fell in pieces!

The Bingzhou Iron Cavalry on the opposite side didn't know what was going on at all, and Lu Bu, who was standing in the middle of the battlefield, also didn't know what was going on.

At this time, a word that had been said by the previous rout instantly appeared in his mind!

Land of Razor!!

Lu Bu only felt that there was constant thunder around him, and every thunder would take away the lives of a large number of his soldiers.

Lu Bu couldn't figure it out.

The young general on the other side, how can he have the ability to turn a place into a land of thunder out of thin air!?

This already belongs to the immortal law!!

Under the artillery bombardment, the state iron cavalry could not organize a counterattack at all, the mounts under their crotch had their own ideas, and the state iron cavalry could not control it at all!

After more than ten minutes of shelling and shooting, Zhang Yu finally failed to kill all the Bingzhou iron cavalry brought by Lu Bu.

Because many of the Iron Horsemen of the United States have fled.

The war horses under their crotches want to escape, and they themselves want to escape!

In the eyes of many survivors, the enemy encountered today is not a human at all, but a land immortal who can summon thunder!

After the Bingzhou Iron Cavalry was almost routed and fled, Zhang Yu raised the spear in his hand and ordered the Shenji Battalion to stop the attack.

"Lu Bu, remember my words today, if he sees us again and is still an enemy, I will definitely not spare your life again!" Zhang Yu shouted.

Subsequently, he took his subordinates Beiwei Army and Shenji Battalion to escort Diao Chan, Fu Shou, and Lu Lingqi to leave together.

In the face of Zhang Yu's departure, no soldier dared to come forward to pursue at all, just watching them leave.

Lu Bu looked at the back of Zhang Yu leaving in a daze.

Since joining the army, he has never fought such a humiliating defeat!

Even, Lu Bu didn't know how he was defeated! He didn't know who the young player who defeated him was

Who took his daughter away!

Lu Bu himself didn't know that today's battle would become a nightmare for his life.

After Zhang Yu led his subordinates to disappear completely, Lu Bu remembered to check on his father-in-law Dong Zhuo's situation.

But when he came to Dong Zhuo's overturned frame, he found that Dong Zhuo was not in it at all.

After some inquiry, I learned that Dong Zhuo had been escorted by personal guards and fled, as for whether it was safe now, it was unknown.

Lu Bu could only collect the routed troops and escort the hundred officials to continue to rush in the direction of Chang'an to see if he could catch up with Dong Zhuo.

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