East of Xingyang City.

After Dong Zhuo listened to Li Ru's suggestion, he asked Lu Bu to lead a team of elite soldiers, and Lu Bu did not continue to follow Dong Zhuo, but stayed where he was, preparing to wait for Dong Zhuo to lead all the officials in Luoyang to leave, and then lead troops to follow.

As a result, not long after he set off, he met Cao Cao, who led the troops to catch up.

"Traitor!!Hijack the Son of Heaven and hundreds of officials and millions of Luoyang people, where do you want to go!!" Cao Cao led his troops and rushed towards Lu Bu.

Xiahoudun, Xiahouyuan, Cao Ren, and Cao Hong all followed Cao Cao.

But where are they Lu Bu's opponents?

What's more, Li Dao and Guo Yan had already laid an ambush nearby, and after Lu Bu and Cao Jun fought together, they immediately led their troops to kill.

After being ambushed, Cao Cao almost lost his life and fled in defeat.

It can be said that this time the pursuit of Dong Zhuo was ambushed, which was the first major defeat in Cao Cao's life.

Lu Bu was about to lead his troops to pursue Cao Cao, when he suddenly heard a continuous thunderclap from the west.

Although winter thunder is uncommon, it is not uncommon.

Therefore, he just glanced to the west, and without thinking much about it, he was ready to lead his troops to pursue Cao Cao, who had fled, and wanted to take Cao Cao's head and go back to his father-in-law Dong Zhuo to invite credit.

But as soon as Lu Bu was about to continue to lead the troops in pursuit, a very uneasy feeling suddenly arose in his heart.

Lu Bu's brain is not very bright, but his sense of crisis as a top military general is very sensitive.

He immediately ordered his men to stop pursuing Cao Cao, and then led his troops to the west. Only Li Dao and Guo Yan were left to continue to lead their troops to pursue Cao Cao.

On the way, Lu Bu encountered the rout soldiers fleeing from the front and immediately stopped them.

Lu Bu shouted and asked, "What happened !? ahead?"

"General Lü, the land of Razor suddenly appeared in front of you, and the army suffered heavy casualties! Then a group of cavalry in ambush appeared nearby and charged, and the army was routed!!" replied a low-ranking officer.

Lu Bu was broken when he heard it.

He didn't care too much about the land of Razor, after all, he hadn't seen the real land of razor, but he knew that the army had been ambushed!

He must immediately lead the troops to save his father-in-law!Besides, his wife and daughter are still in the convoy!

"The whole army is speeding up!Follow me to rescue Xiangguo!!" Lu Bu roared, and then led his iron cavalry to the west.

The remaining infantry followed.

Soon, Lu Bu caught up with the convoy.

And he didn't see the land of Razor, but he saw an elite cavalry that didn't belong to their Xiliang.

His eyesight, which was as exaggerated as an eagle's eye, was even far away among the cavalry, and he found Zhang Yu wearing white bright silver armor.

The rest of the cavalry were all wearing black armor, but one was wearing white and silver armor, and that must be the general of the enemy army!

Lu Bu immediately took off the bow and arrow hanging on the horse's back, bent the bow to aim, and shot the arrow!

A feathered arrow spanned a distance of hundreds of paces, passed through many cavalry, and flew towards Zhang Yu.


Dian Wei raised his hand and waved, and the double halberd in his hand shot down the feather arrows in the air.

Then he shouted: "Which thief dares to plot against my lord!!".

Zhang Yu glanced at Dian Wei beside him, this guard is really reliable!

[Protector]: Before death, the person you protect will not die.

This entry is simply awesome.,Where is this death-free.,This is simply injury-free!

Although he also found the feather arrow that attacked him, he could dodge it, but who wouldn't want to have a powerful guard like Dian Wei to protect him?

Zhang Yu retracted his gaze and looked at the group of cavalry running towards him in the distance.

There are quite a few rescuers who have arrived, at least more than a thousand horsemen!

Although there is still a distance of more than a hundred paces between the two sides, this distance is actually not far for the cavalry.

The cavalry charged, and this distance only took a dozen seconds.

"The whole army is ready to attack!!" Zhang Yu ordered.

The backmen immediately took off their stiff bows and prepared to shoot arrows, and the musketeers immediately raised their muzzles, ready to shoot at any moment. The artillery even adjusted the direction and angle of the muzzle, ready to fire at any time.

Zhang Yu was about to give the order to attack, but the cavalry on the opposite side quickly slowed down and stopped a hundred paces away.

The leader of the cavalry on the opposite side was a burly man, and under him was a tall, fiery red horse.

He wears a three-pronged purple and gold crown on his head, hangs a Xichuan red brocade and hundred flower robes, wears a beast-faced head-swallowing chain armor, wears a delicate lion belt around his waist, and holds an exaggerated Fangtian painting halberd in his hand.

Zhang Yumei raised: This is Lu Bu, right?

I just caught Lu Lingqi, this is Lu Bu, it's really the little one who came to the old one, is he the protagonist of the fantasy novel?

complained in his heart, and Zhang Yu rode to the front of the team.

Since Lu Bu didn't directly attack them, let him 'meet this Lu Bu for a while', and see how powerful Lu Bu, the number one general in the Three Kingdoms, is

And Lu Bu on the other side.

He didn't directly lead his cavalry to attack, because he didn't want to?

The enemy was in the middle of the convoy, surrounded by a large number of overturned wagons, and even if they did not overturn, the wagons blocked the way of their cavalry attack.

The speed is fast, and they may not get close to the enemy army, and they themselves will fall and kill a group of people first.

Attack from a distance with a bow and arrow?

The location of the enemy army is the front of the convoy, the location of the father-in-law, the little emperor, and the civil and military officials of Luoyang!

The carriage in which his wife and daughter rode was also in that position!

He led his soldiers and horses to shoot arrows from a long distance, and what should he do if he accidentally injured others when the time came?

The projectile can't control the head!

What's more, with Lu Bu's eyes, he also saw that his father-in-law's carriage was overturned not far from the enemy's army!

How did he know if his father-in-law was in the hands of the enemy?

So he can't charge directly at all. You can only 'talk' with the enemy general first!

Zhang Yu rode to the front of the team, and Dian Wei also followed closely beside him.

"It's Lu Bu!?" Zhang Yu asked loudly.

"I know that I am Lu Bu! Why don't you get off your horse and tie your hands and capture it! Surrender now, I can still save you from death!!" Lu Bu on the other side said loudly.

Although Lu Bu said that he lost to the three brothers Liu Guan and Zhang in the Tiger Prison Pass, it was a pair of three, and there was nothing to be ashamed of if he lost.

And it is an indisputable fact that he killed several generals of all the princes by himself.

Therefore, Lu Bu has his arrogant capital.

"I heard that Lu Bu is brave and unparalleled! I have long wanted to take a look! I just want to try it today!" Zhang Yu said loudly.

"Who are you, report your name!" Lu Bu shouted.

"Only when you win the battle can you be qualified to know Lao Tzu's name!" Zhang Yu also shouted.

"Evil, you are waiting here, I will meet Lu Bu!" After Zhang Yu finished speaking, he rode directly towards Lu Bu.

Lu Bu did not show weakness, and rode the red rabbit towards Zhang Yu.

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