Zhang Yu looked down at the female general kneeling in front of him, and slowly spoke: "Who are you?"

"This girl will not change her name or change her surname, Lu Lingqi is also! I warn you, my father is Lu Bu and Lu Fengxian! Martial arts are the best in the world, and no one can beat her!"

"I advise you to let me go quickly, and then leave immediately! Otherwise, when my father arrives, you will all die one by one!" Although the female general was forced to kneel on the ground, her head was still unwilling to be lowered, and the gaze in her eyes was full of arrogance.

Obviously, she was full of confidence in her father, Lu Bu.

"Hmph~~ Lu Bu is the best in the world in martial arts, do you know how big the world is? How many people are there in the world? How can you be sure that no one is more powerful than your father?" Zhang Yu said with a smile.

Although the ranking of later generations is one Lu, two Zhao, three Dianwei, four passes, five horses and six Zhang Fei, judging from this ranking, Lu Bu's strength seems to be indeed the first in the world.

But Lu Bu and Zhao Yun have never fought each other, and it is unknown which of the two is more powerful.

In addition, when Huang Zhong was old, he could fight with Guan Yu at his peak for a hundred rounds without winning or losing, which shows Huang Zhong's strength.

And now Huang Zhong is not old, at most middle-aged. The current Huang Zhong can be said to be at the peak of his strength.

At this time, Huang Zhong and Guan Yu, it's really impossible to say who is more powerful.

What's more, Zhang Yu really wanted to say: My lord, times have changed!

He has already developed gunpowder and muskets, and Song Yingxing is also imitating artillery.

No matter how strong Lu Bu's forces are, can they block muskets and artillery? In a head-to-head duel, Lu Bu is afraid that he will not be able to win even a single musketeer!

In addition, there is Zhang Yu himself, he dares to pack a ticket and say, one-on-one heads-up, Lu Bu is definitely not his opponent. After all, in addition to the iron spear in his hand, he also has a golden sand hawk pistol!

"Hmph! No matter how many people there are in the world, no one is my father's opponent! My father is the strongest person in the world!!" Lu Lingqi still had a hard mouth.

Or rather, she really admires Lu Bu.

emmm...... This is also normal, anyone who has a father who is the best in martial arts will worship his father.

Zhang Yu looked at Dian Wei beside him: "Evil comes, send a signal flare!Gather everyone, prepare to retreat!".

Diao Chan has already arrived, and he has additionally caught Fu Shou, the future queen of Emperor Liu Xie of the Han Dynasty, and Lu Bu's daughter Lu Lingqi, this operation has been earned!

Now that the mission has been accomplished, it is natural to retreat.

"Yes, lord!" Dian Wei immediately pulled out a short iron rod hanging from his left leg, unscrewed the back cover, and ripped off the red rope at the tail.


A red projectile flew into the sky with a screeching sound, and finally exploded at a distance of seventy or eighty meters.


A red flame exploded.

All the soldiers of the Beiwei Army and the Shenji Battalion immediately stopped attacking after seeing the signal flares flying into the air.

"Mission accomplished!assemble!!".

Everyone began to move in the direction of the flares.

Waiting for the time for his subordinates to gather, Zhang Yu was idle and continued to tease Lu Lingqi.

"Miss Lu, right? Let me ask you, how did your father treat you?" Zhang Yu asked with a smile.

"My father treats me very well, but all my martial arts are taught to me by my father!" Lu Lingqi said proudly.

As her father's only daughter, her father usually dotes on her very much, and it can be said that he responds to her needs.

Even if she wanted to learn martial arts, her father gladly accepted and taught her martial arts in person.

Her martial arts talent is also very high, and at the age of only twenty-eight, she has inherited most of her father's strength.

The generals under her father's command, except for Uncle Zhang Liao, the other generals were not her opponents.

Thinking of this, Lu Lingqi glanced at Dian Wei on the side unconvinced, she really couldn't figure out how she could meet someone casually and have such superb strength.

In just a few rounds of fighting, Lu Lingqi found that the strength of this fierce-looking strong man was actually above Uncle Wenyuan!

If it weren't for this fierce strong man, she would have captured this little general who was about the same age as herself!

"Since your father treats you very well, then you are now captured by me, and I can take your life at any time, so even if Lu Bu comes, how dare he kill me~?

"Or are you not really important in your father's heart at all?" Zhang Yu asked with a smile.

"This ......" Lu Lingqi was obviously stunned.

Yes, I was captured, so did my father save it or not?

"Hmph, anyway, as long as my father comes, he will definitely be able to save me!" Lu Lingqi said, leaning her neck.

Zhang Yu: "......".

Looking at Lu Lingqi in front of him, Zhang Yu suddenly hesitated, should he take this Lu Lingqi away?

This girl doesn't seem to be very smart.

Thinking about it carefully, Lu Bu seems to be the same brave and unscrupulous, brave and martial, but the strategy is quite touching.

Otherwise, he would not have become a 'three-surnamed house slave', let alone with the assistance of Chen Gong, and would not have ended up being defeated and captured, and finally died.

If he had been following Chen Gong's advice, he might end up with a completely different ending.

From this point of view, Lu Bu's brain is indeed not very good, and his daughter Lu Lingqi has inherited all the characteristics of Lu Bu.

Brave and brave, but not enough strategy!

Bringing such a 'stupid' girl back won't affect the IQ of your offspring, right?

emmm...... Forget it, the shadow does not affect the IQ of future generations, that is all for the future, after all, he is beautiful, and he also has a heroic spirit.

Even if you don't marry as a wife and concubine, you won't lose by bringing it back as a concubine.

After in-depth communication with Lu Lingqi, check her level, if it is purple and rare, then accept her as a concubine.

If the level is lower than the purple rare, but the white is ordinary, or the blue is advanced, then let her just be a roommate.

Well, he's just that ruthless.

Zhang Yu saw that the Beiwei army had basically returned to the surroundings, and the Shenji Battalion, which had been on the mountain, also arrived immediately.

So I was too lazy to waste time with Lu Lingqi again.

"Then it depends on your father, who is the number one in the world, whether he can save you from my hands!" Zhang Yu raised his hand after speaking, and directly knocked Lu Lingqi unconscious.

Then he picked him up and sent him into the carriage where Diao Chan and Fu Shou were riding.

Lu Lingqi is different from Diao Chan and Fu Shou, this girl has martial arts, and her strength is not low, not to mention that she is stunned, I am afraid that she will cause a lot of trouble for herself along the way.

It's not as convenient as knocking out directly.

The musketeers had already escorted the artillerymen back with the artillery in tow, and Zhang Yu immediately gave the order.



Dian Wei suddenly waved the double halberd in his hand, and cut an arc in the air.

With a ding, he shot down another feathered arrow.

"Which thief dares to plot against my lord!!" Dian Wei shouted.

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