"General Hui, this is His Majesty's concubine, a noble man of Fushou Fu. Situ Wang Yun said honestly.

Now that people are swordsmen and I am fish and meat, Situ Wang Yun will not go against the wishes of the general in front of him.

He can live until Dong Zhuo's death, relying on one sentence, those who know the times are Junjie! Hard when it should be hard, soft when it should be soft!

"Noble ......" Zhang Yu looked at the little girl beside Liu Xie.

The identity is wrong, but the name is right.

Zhang Yu thought about it, it should be that Fu Shou is too young now, so he has not been made the queen yet.

I want to wait for a few more years, and when Liu Xie and Fu Shou grow up, they should be established as the queen.

However, Zhang Yu will not wait for a few years, and even if he waits, it is impossible to put Fu Shou by Liu Xie's side.

Liu Xie is still young, he doesn't understand, and he doesn't have the ability to move Fushou, but it will be different in a few years. In a few years, when he grows up, Fu Shou will still be able to escape Liu Xie's clutches

Although Zhang Yu actually has the attribute of a thief and does not exclude second-hand, he obviously has the opportunity when he is in the first hand, so why do he have to wait until the second-hand to do it?

"Come on, take Fu Shou away!" Zhang Yu ordered.

"Yes!" Immediately, two cavalrymen of the Beiwei Army stepped forward and pulled Fu Shou away from Liu Xie.

"You ......!!!......!!!" Situ Wang Yun looked at Zhang Yu in shock.

At first, he thought that this little general was a rescuer sent by the princes, and he was here to save the driver!

Then I found out that it wasn't at all, although I don't know why, but it's certain that this general is here for his best dancing girl!

What is even more unexpected now is that this little general even dares to rob His Majesty's concubine!


This is simply cowardly! What a kingless and fatherless man!

Cholera in the DPRK!!Moral collapse!!

"Don't! let go of me!!Don't catch me!!" Fu Shou desperately wanted to resist, but she was only in her early tens, where did she have the strength to break free from the shackles of the back army?

Two horsemen grabbed her by the arm and pressed her shoulder, so that she could not move at all.

As for Liu Xie?

just looked at everything in front of him in horror, and didn't dare to open his mouth to obstruct it.

His performance is not even as good as that of Fushou, a woman!

"Fu Shou! if you struggle again, I will kill you and this little emperor!" Zhang Yu opened his mouth and threatened.

"No...... Don't kill me!!" Liu Xie said in fear.

And after Fu Shou was threatened, he finally stopped struggling.

"I ...... I got ......


She didn't want to die, and she couldn't let these soldiers kill His Majesty.

She is Your Majesty's concubine, Your Majesty is her heaven, and if Your Majesty is killed because of her, then she will be a sinner for the ages!

At this time, several cavalrymen finally found an intact carriage.

"My lord, the carriage has been found!".

"Two, please get in the car, right?" Zhang Yu looked at Diao Chan and Fu Shou, who was captured by the Beiwei Army.

The cavalry of the Beiwei Army moved out of the way, and Diao Chan obediently walked into the carriage.

She understands that she has no choice.

Zhang Yu also motioned to the two back-swayers to let go of Fu Shou, so many people were present, and Fu Shou couldn't escape a little girl.

After Fu Shou was let go, he glared at the two cavalrymen beside him, and then followed Diao Chan and stepped into the carriage.

"Dian Wei, release the flare, prepare to withdraw ......" Before Zhang Yu's words fell, a sharp burst of shouting suddenly came from afar.

"Where do thieves go!!


Immediately after, a feather arrow flew towards Zhang Yu's face at great speed.

"Stop hurting my lord!!" Dian Wei, who had been guarding Zhang Yu's side, grabbed the halberd behind his back and threw it out in an instant, directly knocking down the feather arrows flying towards Zhang Yu in the air.

In fact, Zhang Yu didn't need Dian Wei to make a move, he could dodge it himself, and even shot down the feather arrows that shot at him with the spear in his hand.

But it is really reassuring to have a loyal and powerful guard like Dian Wei by his side.

"Kill the !!" After Dian Wei shot down the feather arrow, he instantly took the double halberd and ran towards the enemy general.

The ordinary Beiwei army was not the opponent of that general, although he was not dead, but two of the Beiwei soldiers had already been wounded by the other party and were rushing towards Zhang Yu.

This is not to say that the backing army is not strong.

In fact, the Beiwei army is strong as a whole, but the strength of individual soldiers is completely inferior to those famous generals of the Three Kingdoms.

Moreover, because the back army was looking for Diao Chan, they were all scattered, and the three hundred cavalry stretched to several kilometers, and they had no pressure to deal with ordinary soldiers, but there was pressure to deal with famous generals.

Seeing Dian Wei step forward, Zhang Yu immediately shouted loudly: "Evil is coming! Catch it alive!!".

It's not that Zhang Yu suddenly became a virgin, nor because he recognized the identity of the other party, but because the general is actually a big beauty in leather armor!

Was there a strong and good-looking female general in the late Han Dynasty?

emmm...... It seems that there is, Sun Shangxiang is one, but Sun Quan is only a child about the same age as Liu Xie now, and it is not certain whether Sun Shangxiang is born or not!

Except for Sun Shangxiang, Zhang Yu really couldn't think of anyone else.

It can't be Mrs. Zhurong, right? That's fiction!

Lu Bu's daughter? That seems to be fiction, right?

But he is so beautiful, and then he is strong, Zhang Yu feels that the other party must be of purple rare level.

Catch it back and charge it into the harem, no loss!

That's why he opened his mouth and asked Dian Wei to pay attention to keeping his mouth alive.

Dian Wei is a famous military general in the Three Kingdoms, and there are few people with higher strength than him, let alone a woman.

Zhang Yu was worried that if he didn't tell Dian Wei, Dian Wei would cut off the female general's head with the double halberd in his hand without mercy!

Zhang Yu looked over and saw that the female general was putting away the hard bow in her hand, and then took off the ...... behind her back Twin halberds??

This female general is actually the same as Dian Wei, and the weapons she uses are all double halberds!

"Where did the girl doll come from! dare to attack the lord!!".

Dian Wei and the female general had already met, and the weapons in their hands collided in an instant.


The sound of metal clashing is endless.

Don't look at Dian Wei, who looks five big and three thick, but his flexibility is no worse than the female general opposite, plus his strength to crush the other party.

In just a few rounds, the weapon in the hand of the female general on the opposite side was knocked out by Dian Wei.

The next moment, Dian Wei held the halberd in his right hand and crossed the neck of the female general opposite.

"Hmph, don't you kneel down to my lord and beg for mercy!!" Dian Wei shouted.

Dian Wei defeated the opposing female general, surrounded by the cavalry of the Beiwei Army, and immediately stepped forward and escorted the opposite female general off the horse.

then escorted the other party to Zhang Yu.

"Get on your knees!!".

Two spears pressed against the neck of the female general, and the two cavalrymen of the Weiwei Army used force to make the female general kneel in front of Zhang Yu with brute force.

After walking in, Zhang Yu could see the appearance of this female general more clearly.

This female general's appearance is not inferior to Cai Wenji, and slightly inferior to Diao Chan, but this female general has a temperament that Cai Wenji and Diao Chan do not have.

That's heroism!

Zhang Yu looked down at the female general kneeling in front of him, and slowly spoke: "Who are you?"

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