"You are Wang Yun!?" Zhang Yu looked at the thin old man in front of him.

"The old man is exact, may I ask who the general is?" Wang Yun asked again with a polite manner.

Since there is no fear for his life, he naturally has to maintain the spirit of being a literati.

"Where's my Diao Chan!?" Zhang Yu asked.

Whether it's Wang Yun, Dong Zhuo, or the little emperor, everyone here has nothing to do with him, and all he cares about is Diao Chan!

"Mink...... Diao Chan!?" Wang Yun was stunned.


This general didn't come to look for him?

Diao Chan, of course he knows, is a dancing girl raised by his wealthy business circle! She has outstanding looks and excellent dancing skills, and she is the most outstanding among all the maids in his captivity.

There are many handmaidens in captivity in their own house, and the purpose is nothing more than two kinds, one is for their own entertainment, and the other is to give them to others as gifts and make friends with nobles.

When he was young, he would also choose some excellent handmaidens to serve him, but now that he is old, he has no heart, and the maidservants in the house are only for dancing to show themselves, and the only use is to give them to others.

But what Wang Yun didn't understand was how did this young general know Diao Chan?

Diao Chan is only twenty-eight years old now, and he has been in his mansion since he was a child, and he has been raising him for more than ten years!

And just a maidservant, is it worth this young general to lead the crowd to ambush Dong Zhuo?

Compared with the handmaiden, isn't it that himself, as well as His Majesty, is more valuable and more worthy of rescue?

"That's right! Where is Diao Chan!? Don't say you don't know! If you don't know, there is no need for you, an old horseman, to exist!" The spear in Zhang Yu's hand stretched forward and stopped in front of Wang Yun.

Wang Yun: Is it sick? Is it sick!? For the sake of a lowly maidservant, you want to kill me, the Situ ??, who is the third prince

Of course, this Kao Situ didn't dare to say it.

"Know! know!" Situ Wang Yun nodded hurriedly: "Diao Chan and the others' carriage will follow the old man behind!".

The handmaidens he kept in captivity were all good-looking, and they were likely to be sent to the house of an adult in the future, so naturally they could not be allowed to walk like other subordinates.

If you bump into it, it's worthless.

Even if it doesn't bump into it, it's just a long journey, and throughout the ages, there is no shortage of nobles who are greedy for beautiful feet, and if their feet are broken, the value will also be greatly reduced.

"Lord, this woman said she was Diao Chan!" four cavalrymen escorted a woman to Zhang Yu.

Zhang Yu looked at it, this young woman was really handsome, which was much better looking than some 4,000-year-old beauties in the future generations!

If she enters the entertainment industry, once she appears, she will definitely become the most popular idol at the moment!

If you have to compare, only Liu Tianxian, who is about sixteen or seventeen years old, can be compared.

"Are you Diao Chan!?" Zhang Yu still asked.

Wang Yun, who was threatened by Zhang Yu with a spear, was even more stunned when he heard it.

[Isn't it? You haven't seen Diao Chan yet, and you're going to kill me, Lord Situ, who ranks among the third dukes, for Diao Chan's sake?].

[Is it sick????]

Forced by the threat to his life, Wang Yun naturally didn't dare to say this.

"Back to the general, the slave family is Diao Chan. Diao Chan replied with a salute.

"Hey, Wang Situ, she is the Diao Chan in your house, right?" Zhang Yu asked Wang Yun again to confirm.

"Yes...... She is Diao Chan. Situ Wang Yun nodded hurriedly.

He was afraid that the young general in front of him would stab himself to death with a single shot if he didn't agree with him.

"Okay! For the sake of Wang Situ, you have raised Diao Chan for many years, I will spare you from death today! However, if I let me know that you dare to deceive me, I will definitely come back to marry you Xiangshang!" Zhang Yu finished speaking, and then withdrew the spear in his hand.

"General! The old man doesn't know if she is the person the general is looking for, but she is indeed the maidservant Diao Chan in the old man's mansion, yes!" Situ Wang Yun hurriedly explained.

He didn't want to find the wrong person because of this little general, but it would be counted on his head in the future.

"Find a carriage and prepare to retreat!" Zhang Yu ordered.

Is this young woman in front of her Diao Chan? Zhang Yu actually knows it in his heart.

is so beautiful that Zhang Yu doesn't believe it when she says that she is not Diao Chan, not to mention that she is still a maidservant in Situ Wangyun's mansion.

That must be Diao Chan, that's right!

What's more, even if she is not Diao Chan, with her beauty, she must be a famous beauty in the Three Kingdoms period.

There is absolutely no loss in taking it away!

"Yes!!" several horsemen of the Bunker Army immediately went to find the carriage in good condition.

Suddenly, Zhang Yu saw a crying child crawling out of a toppled carriage about ten meters away.

The child looked only nine or ten years old, and his clothes were a little dirty, but he could still see that the clothes on the child's body were very luxurious, and he was wearing a crown on his head.

If Zhang Yu is familiar with history, he will probably know that the child is wearing a twelve-chapter crown dress, and the twelve clothes on his head are exclusive to the Son of Heaven.

That child is the last emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Xie, Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty.

But even if Zhang Yu doesn't know him, it doesn't matter, because Situ Wang Yun has already called out the identity of the other party.

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty, are you not injured?" Wang Yun saw Liu Xie crying and crawling out of the carriage, and hurriedly stepped forward to help.

The carriage Liu Xie rode in was ordinary, and there was no luxury at all, and even the horses pulling the carriage were only two.

On the other hand, Dong Zhuo is a luxury carriage drawn by six horses

The Son of Heaven drives six!

Although Dong Zhuo has not yet been proclaimed emperor, he already regards himself as an emperor. As for Liu Xie, it's not enough to be a chess piece in his hand.

It is not valued by Dong Zhuo at all.

Suddenly, another little girl, who looked to be twelve or thirteen years old, jumped out of another carriage.

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty, are you alright?" the little girl ran up to Liu Xie and asked with a nervous expression.

Liu Xie didn't say anything, but just shook his head with tears.

"Lord Situ, who is this?" Zhang Yu looked at Situ Wang Yun and pointed to the little girl beside Liu Xie and asked.

Although the little girl looks only twelve or thirteen years old, she looks like a beautiful embryo, and when she grows up, she will definitely be a big beauty.

And this person is a person close to Liu Xie, and his age is almost the same as Liu Xie.

This little girl shouldn't be Liu Xie's queen Fushou, right??

If it was really her, then Zhang Yuke would not let her go.

She looks beautiful, she is the empress of the last emperor of the Han Dynasty, and she is famous in history, even if the level is not as good as Cai Wenji, at least it has to be purple and rare, right?

Anyway, he has already come, grabbing one is robbing, and grabbing two is also robbing.

As the so-called grass beats rabbits, by the way!

Even if Fu Shou is still young now, he can only raise it for the time being, but it doesn't matter, he will be able to include it in his harem in a few years.

Even if you only give birth to a son and a half daughter for yourself, you will still earn it!

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