Li Dao Guo Yan escorted millions of Luoyang people to Xingyang, did not make any stops, and sent his subordinates to continue to escort the people westward to Chang'an, while he led some soldiers and horses, and stayed to wait for Dong Zhuo.

This also let Xingyang Taishou know that Dong Zhuo was about to arrive.

Xingyang Taishou Xu Rong immediately led people out of the city to greet him.

Li Ru, the strategist beside Dong Zhuo, spoke: "Lord, I am waiting to abandon Luoyang and go to Chang'an, I am worried that there may be chasing soldiers behind me." "

"In case of accidents, the lord can order Xu Rong to lead troops to ambush in the mountains and forests outside Xingyang City, and if there are chasing soldiers coming, let them go first. "

"When we defeat the pursuing troops here, Xu Rong will lead the troops to intercept and cover the killing, so that the princes from all walks of life will no longer dare to send troops to pursue!"

When Dong Zhuo heard this, he immediately agreed: "It's up to you!"

Dong Zhuo immediately ordered Xu Rong to lead his troops to ambush in the woods outside Xingyang City, and ordered Lu Bu to lead the elite soldiers to the palace, and Li Dao and Guo Yan led the troops to ambush near Lu Bu to respond, in case there were pursuers catching up.

Then he did not enter the city, and ordered the army to continue westward and rush to Chang'an as soon as possible.

In the barren mountains twenty miles west of Xingyang City, Zhang Yu took more than 400 people to hide in the grass and trees of the barren mountains, and through the cover of the grass and trees, he always watched the situation on the official road under the mountain.

I saw an endless procession walking on the official road below the mountain.

As far as the eye can see, this long queue composed of people is composed of ordinary people and officials and soldiers.

After a group of people, followed by a team of officers and soldiers, followed by a group of people, and then a pair of officers and soldiers.

The officers and soldiers drove the people, and if they saw that the action was delayed, they would come forward and lash them, or even directly raise their swords to kill them, and then plunder their money.

Zhang Yu hid in the barren mountains and saw this scene in his eyes.

Although he was very angry at Dong Zhuo's behavior with the officers and troops, he did not lead the crowd to rush out and attack Dong Zhuo's troops on the official road.

The experience of surviving for more than ten years in the late Eastern Han Dynasty made him very clear about the meaning of the phrase "life in troubled times".

In fact, not only the soldiers under Dong Zhuo's command will oppress the people like this, but also the soldiers under the command of other princes.

And the rebel armies of all stripes, too.

Once you conquer a place, you will plunder it! It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor.

Cao Cao even did several times to slaughter the city.

Therefore, although Zhang Yu was angry, he didn't meddle in his affairs, his purpose this time was to snatch Diao Chan back!

At this time, the official road under the mountain was full of ragged ordinary people, as well as the soldiers who drove them, and there were no officials in Luoyang at all!

His strength is still small now, and it is the time to build a high wall and accumulate grain, if he leads the troops to attack at this time, he will inevitably expose himself.

Not to mention how many people he can save from the 400 or so people he brought.

As soon as he appears, will Dong Zhuo, who is still in the rear, change his route because there is an ambush in front of him?

Then his plans for the past few days will be in vain.

If you can't grab a beauty like Diao Chan, Zhang Yu's development speed will be greatly limited.

Therefore, Zhang Yu could only watch from the sidelines, and he could not save him when he saw death.

Fortunately, he was an egoist, not a virgin.

When it doesn't affect himself, he doesn't mind being a hero and saving passers-by who have nothing to do with him. But if it will affect his own interests, then he will definitely put his own interests first!

The procession at the foot of the mountain slowly moved westward.

Suddenly, in the direction of Xingyang City, a large convoy appeared.

The carriage at the head of the group was even more luxurious, and from a distance, it could be seen at a glance that it was out of place with the other carriages around it.

Zhang Yu looked at it, his eyes narrowed slightly.

He knew that Dong Zhuo was here!

The hundred officials who want to come to Luoyang should be taken by Dong Zhuo's side.

Dong Zhuo didn't care about the life and death of millions of people in Luoyang, but he couldn't help but care about the life and death of the little emperor and hundreds of officials.

The little emperor and the hundred officials are gone, how can he still contain the princes of the Central Plains?

"Order everyone to be ready for battle and wait for my orders at any time!" Zhang Yu ordered.

"Yes!" Yue Chuan immediately asked people to convey Zhang Yu's order.

The convoy in the distance is getting closer and closer, and Zhang Yu is more and more sure that it is the team of Dong Zhuo, the little emperor and the hundred officials.

When Dong Zhuo was about to reach the barren mountain where Zhang Yu and them were ambushed, Zhang Yu gave another order.

"Order everyone to aim at the troops in front of and behind the team, and don't hurt the convoy!" Zhang Yu ordered.

He didn't know which carriage Diao Chan was in, so in order to prevent him from hurting Diao, he couldn't accidentally injure any of the carriages.

"Remember, your task is not to kill many people, but to find Situ Wangyun's carriage, and then ask Diao Chan's whereabouts! If the carriage escapes, allow you to shoot the horses pulling the cart!" Zhang Yu told again.

As long as they snatch the Diao Chan in their hands, even if they don't kill anyone, they must evacuate immediately.

"Subordinates understand!".

When Dong Zhuo's carriage approached again and was less than 100 meters away, Zhang Yu immediately gave the order to attack.


Boom, boom, boom, boom!!boom!!

The five Fran cannons opened fire at the same time, and this time the shells were fired, and the shells hit Dong Zhuo's army, killing several people and then exploding, killing a number of soldiers.

Bang, bang, bang!!

One hundred muskets were fired in two groups, one with the other reloading, to ensure that the fire was as uninterrupted as possible.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!!boom!!

The Furlong cannon has a fast rate of fire, and it is only necessary to remove the sub-cannon and load it with a new sub-cannon to fire immediately.

The rate of fire of the cannon is even faster than the rate of fire of the musket.

The sudden attack and the loud rumbling noise made the troops led by Dong Zhuo not know what was happening at all.

All they knew was that they seemed to be under attack.

But they don't know what the attack is or where it comes from.

Some people even thought that the thunder was attacking them!

These people were so frightened that they quickly knelt down and kowtowed upward, begging for God's forgiveness.

After several rounds of shelling, Zhang Yu also led 300 Beiwei cavalry to rush down the mountain.

"Kill !!


It was not his goal to kill many people and few people, he wanted to find out Diao Chan.

Zhang Yuchong was at the front, and Dian Wei rode a horse to protect his side, protecting the safety of his side.

The weapon used by Zhang Yu is a spear, and the marksmanship used is a hundred birds and phoenix spears that are known for their speed and dexterity.

At most, he poked a hole, and on the other hand, Dian Wei, who was protecting him, would be much bloodier.

Dian Wei held a double halberd, and every time he swung it, a human head flew up.

After a while, the armor on Dian Wei's body was already soaked in blood.

When the cannon sounded, Dong Zhuo was taken aback, and hurriedly lifted the curtain: "What's going on!!What happened!!".

"Lord Xiangguo! My subordinates don't know what happened!!I only know that there is thunder everywhere!!And many soldiers have been killed by the thunder!!" The soldiers driving the car were full of horror.

Suddenly, a flowering bullet exploded more than 20 meters in front of Dong Zhuo's carriage, and the shrapnel scratched the horses pulling Dong Zhuo's frame.

The horse, which was already frightened by the explosion, was immediately unable to control it after being injured, and galloped away from the horse's hooves.

The rest of the wagons in the convoy weren't much better.

Where had the horses heard the explosion? Most of them were frightened.

Only Zhang Yu and their horses had long been accustomed to the sound of gunfire and artillery, and were not affected by the sound of explosions at all.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!!

When the musketeers on the barren hill saw that the wagon was beginning to flee, they turned their guns on the horses pulling the cart.

Until you find Diao, you must not allow any carriage to escape!

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