Early the next morning.

Zhang Yu ordered all the soldiers and horses, boarded the boat and set off on the shore of the Lianshui River.

This time the departure was full of cavalry, and even the hundred musketeers, Zhang Yu equipped each of them with a horse.

What you want is high mobility.

Early this morning, Song Yingxing learned that Zhang Yu was going out with his troops today, and he specially sent ten boxes of grenades.

It was a grenade with a wooden handle based on the grenade described by Zhang Yu.

In fact, Zhang Yu dictated the oval grenade, but Song Yingxing found that if he wanted the grenade to maintain enough power, then he had to fill it with enough gunpowder, so that some of the grenades were too heavy.

And the addition of a wooden handle is purely so that the grenade can be thrown farther.

Zhang Yu also didn't expect that by chance, Song Yingxing actually made a wooden-handled grenade.

This is an artifact when our army resisted foreign enemies back then!

And for the convenience of use, the grenade designed by Song Yingxing does not even need to ignite the fuse with fire, just pull the rope directly!

This is almost no different from the grenades of later generations!

For this reason, Zhang Yu couldn't help but sigh, Song Yingxing is really worth a million army by himself!

One hundred grenades, Zhang Yu distributed them all to the 100 Shenji Battalion musketeers brought out this time, one for each of them.

At a distance, artillery is fired, and when you get closer, you are still firing with muskets, and if you get closer, you still have grenades.

In this way, the safety of the musketeers can be greatly ensured, even if they do not carry guns and shields.

After all the soldiers and supplies were boarded, Zhang Yu gave the order to set off.

"Let's go!!".

The next moment, the ships left the dock and headed downstream.

In the evening, Zhang Yu and his entourage sailed into the Hongnong land.

On the way, he passed through Pusaka, and Pusaka did not send troops to check at all, and when he met other caravan ships on the way, he also thought that they were the officers and soldiers of the former Hedong Taishou, and this trip was to help the princes of the Eighteenth Road.

After entering the Hongnong land boundary in the evening, Zhang Yu and his party found a hidden place to go ashore, and then quickly disappeared into the night.

As for the boat, it's best if it's not discovered, even if someone finds out and steals it, it doesn't matter, it's a big deal to go back and grab someone else's boat.

Tiger Prison Pass.

Li Ru just told Dong Zhuo the nursery rhyme of 'a Han in the west, a Han in the east, and a deer can only be difficult when they enter Chang'an'.

And persuaded Dong Zhuo with nursery rhymes to move the capital to Chang'an.

"Okay! Return to Luoyang in the starry night!Discuss the matter of moving the capital!" Dong Zhuo decided.

After deciding, Dong Zhuojun took advantage of the night to take Lu Bu and rushed back to Luoyang in the starry night. Only a few defenders were left to contain the princes at Tiger Prison Pass and Bishui Pass.

Early the next morning.

Dong Zhuo summoned the ministers of the DPRK and China to discuss the relocation of the capital. It's a discussion, but it's more like a notice.

Situ Yang Biao, Taiwei Huang Wan, and Situ Xunshuang stood up against the relocation of the capital, and the three of them were directly demoted to commoners by Dong Zhuo.

Subsequently, Shangshu Zhou Yu and Chengmen Captain Wu Qiong stood up to oppose it, and the two were beheaded by Dong Zhuo for the crime of being the same party as Yuan Shao.

At the same time, he ordered that the move of the capital should not be delayed, and he would leave immediately tomorrow.

Because Chang'an has been abandoned for more than 100 years, the army moved the capital to Chang'an with hundreds of officials and people, and there must be a shortage of money at that time, so at the suggestion of Li Ru.

All wealthy households in Luoyang were registered and their property was confiscated. And the average rich person is not bad.

All the people under the Yuan family, or those who are close to Yuan Shao, not only raid the family, but also destroy their clan henchmen.

Dong Zhuo even ordered his subordinates to dig up the imperial tombs, dig up the tombs of many former emperors and concubines, and sweep away the jewels inside.

With Dong Zhuo's order, the soldiers below were naturally up and down, without scruples, and the army dug the imperial tomb, while the soldiers below took the opportunity to dig up the graves of officials and wealthy people and rob them of the money.

In one day and one night, countless people were killed in Luoyang.

Among them, there are thousands of wealthy households, and they are all unlucky people who were robbed of their property by Dong Zhuo.

Dong Zhuo asked Li Dao and Guo Yan to escort millions of people in Luoyang to Chang'an first, and he led the people behind the palace.

In the early morning of the next day, Dong Zhuo robbed the little emperor and the harem concubines from the palace, left Luoyang from Yongmen, and went to Chang'an.

When leaving, he ordered his subordinates to set fire to various places in the city and burn down houses, temples, and palaces.

The South Palace and the North Palace were all in flames, and the entire Luoyang was engulfed in flames.


Outside the Tiger Prison.

After Dong Zhuo left the Tiger Prison Pass overnight, on the second day, the princes outside the pass allied forces found that Dong Zhuo seemed to have fled.

Because the defenders on the pass were drastically reduced, Dong Zhuo's Qingluo umbrella cover was gone, and the coalition forces were fighting outside the pass, and the soldiers and horses in the tiger prison were completely ignored.

It's just closed and can't come out.

After learning that Dong Zhuojuan and the people of Luoyang abandoned Luoyang, the generals guarding the Bishui Pass directly surrendered.

Sun Jian and others outside the Bishui Pass immediately led their troops into the pass.

Subsequently, the princes outside the Tiger Prison Pass heard that the Bishui Pass had been broken, and immediately launched a general attack on the Tiger Prison Pass.

Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei were the first to enter the Tiger Prison Pass, followed by the other princes.

Sun Jian took the lead in Luoyang, and the entire Luoyang was burning in the fire, and Sun Jian hurriedly ordered his subordinates to extinguish the fire.

It's just that by the time he controlled the fire, the entire Luoyang had been burned to ruins.

But in a well in the North Palace, he picked up the heirloom jade seal!

This made Sun Jian very happy.

This indicates that he Sun Jian has the posture of an emperor!

It's just that at this time, he didn't know that he would lose his life because of this heirloom jade seal.


After Zhang Yu led his troops ashore, he sent several cavalry to scatter to investigate, and after confirming that Dong Zhuo had not moved west, he led his people to slowly advance eastward.

As you advance, always keep dozens of cavalry scattered around to avoid crashing into other units.

"Lord, there is Xingyang City in front!" said Qu Changyue Chuan, the cavalry of the Beiwei Army, when he came to Zhang Yu's side.

"Xingyang ......" Zhang Yu felt that this place name was somewhat familiar.

After thinking about it carefully, Cao Cao led his troops to pursue Dong Zhuo, it seems that Rongyang was ambushed here and almost died, right?

"In that case, the whole army is hiding on a barren mountain!" Zhang Yu pointed to a dense forest barren mountain not far away.

The view from the mountain is relatively good, you can see the situation in the direction of Xingyang City, and at the same time, the grass and trees on the mountain are dense, which can hide the traces of the army.

"Yes!" Yue Chuan ordered.

Everyone entered the barren mountains and hidden, and only sent dozens of cavalry scouts to disperse to find out the surrounding intelligence.

One-Day ...... Two-day ...... Three days ......

Zhang Yu looked at the direction of Xingyang City, which was motionless, and frowned.

They have been in ambush here for three days, why hasn't Dong Zhuo come yet? This speed is too slow, right?

That is, the food they brought was sufficient, and Zhang Yu also knew how to dig the smokeless marching stove, otherwise he would have to go crazy if he ate dry food for three days in a row.

"General, a scout is back!" Yue Chuan said, pointing in the direction of Xingyang.

Zhang Yu looked up, and sure enough, he saw several horsemen rushing towards this side.

Not much.

"My lord, the traces of Dong Zhuo's army have been discovered! They are still more than 20 miles away from Xingyang!"

When Zhang Yu heard this, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

More than 20 miles, one hour is enough!

Zhang Yu glanced up at the sun, it was already noon.

"Order the whole army to bury the pot and make rice, and the whole army will be silent after eating! Wait for my order!"

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