Early the next morning, Zhang Yu gathered all the brothers in the village.

After a simple breakfast, he brought some dry food to eat on the road, and led the crowd down the mountain to the place where the Wei family pick-up team must pass.

In fact, in addition to leading hundreds of brothers, Zhang Yu also made some other preparations.

For example, configure black powder!

After waking up yesterday's memories before crossing and deciding to go to the Wei family's pick-up team, Zhang Yu thought of preparing with both hands.

If the brothers in the village are willing to do this with themselves, it is naturally the best.

But if the brothers in the village feel that it is too dangerous and are unwilling to do this vote, or if a considerable number of people are unwilling to do this vote, then Zhang Yu will not force them.

After all, they are all brothers who were born and died with him, although Zhang Yu has killed many people over the years, but if he is too ruthless to his subordinates, he can't do it.

Therefore, yesterday during the day, he rode down the mountain alone, and went to the pharmacies of the city, and bought all the saltpeter and sulfur that he could buy.

Combined with the charcoal in the village, nearly 30 kilograms of black powder were prepared yesterday.

This means that there are not many saltpeters in the county, otherwise he can configure more black powder.

There was no time to make the musket, and he couldn't make it, of course, he didn't need it for the time being, so Zhang Yu used the configured black powder to make six or five kilograms of explosives.

Turning back to the fact of action, first throw two explosives bags out.

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was no black powder, and the people here naturally did not hear the sound of explosions.

Then he went in with a gun, learned Zhao Yun's seven in and seven out, killed everyone, and finally snatched Cai Wenji!

Now that there are brothers in the village to help, it is even less likely that it will fail.

There are only six horses in Qingfeng Village, and most of them are on foot, so it took everyone more than half an hour, nearly an hour, to come to the necessary place for the Wei family to pick up relatives.

Zhang Yu ordered everyone to hide in the woods on both sides of the official road.

He rode alone and stood by the official road to rest. When the team arrived, he threw the explosives bag and then rode in to kill.

From morning to noon, everyone did not see any trace of the Wei family's family pick-up procession.

Zhang Yu and the others continued to wait patiently, after all, the news from the previous inquiry was that last night and this evening, the pick-up team would definitely pass here.

He was worried that the Wei family's pick-up team would speed up and go back early, so he came here early to squat.

Approaching the time of deuterony.

One man rode back.

"The big boss! I found the kissing team! At most, half an hour later, the kissing team is about to arrive!!"

This person was a spy sent out by Zhang Yu.

"Got it, go hide the horse, tell the brothers that they are ready, the prey is coming to the door!" Zhang Yu commanded.

About half an hour later, Zhang Yu finally saw the Wei family's welcoming procession.

Zhang Yu sat on the ground on the side of the road, holding a piece of oil cake in his hand, and took a bite from time to time.

His horse was right next to him, with an explosive bag hanging on one side and a spear on the other.

When the welcoming team saw Zhang Yu on the side of the road, they didn't react at all, they just regarded him as an ordinary passerby.

On the way to pick up their relatives, they met too many passers-by, and no one dared to do anything to them.

What's more, Zhang Yu is only one person.

When the kissing team was still fifty or sixty meters away from Zhang Yu, Zhang Yu threw the last bite of oil cake into his mouth, then wiped the oil on his buttocks, and stood up.

The guards of the pick-up team looked at him, but they weren't too vigilant.

After all, Zhang Yu is only one person.

On the other hand, Zhang Yu, after standing up, took down the five-kilogram explosives bag hanging on the side of the horse.

Take out the fire fold, blow it, and ignite the lead of the explosives pack.

The lead is very long, but it burns quickly, and it is made by Zhang Yu using cotton rope soaked in wet gunpowder powder and then drying.

That is, the time is too short, otherwise he can say that he can make gunpowder suitable for making leads.

The pick-up team was still moving forward, and after Zhang Yu lit the fuse, he immediately threw the explosive bag like a discus.

The moment Zhang Yu threw out the explosive bag, the guards of the kissing team reacted.

"Beware of enemy attacks!!".

But the explosives bag 'flew' in the air so fast that almost in the blink of an eye, it was thrown into the procession.

The bride's carriage was in the middle of the line, and Zhang Yu didn't have to worry about accidentally injuring Cai Wenji.

Two seconds after the explosives package hit the ground, it exploded.

Boom !!!

The huge explosion directly knocked down all the people within a radius of nearly ten meters, killing and injuring them heavily.

The rest of the people were even more stunned by the loud noise of the explosion.

The mounts under the guards were even more frightened by the explosion, and ran uncontrollably.

The same is true of the carriage in which Cai Yan was riding.

The horse pulling the carriage was so frightened that he rushed forward, not at all under the control of the coachman. Many people who didn't have time to dodge were knocked to the ground by the carriage.

In the carriage, Cai Yan and her two maids were all frightened by the sudden explosion, and then because the horses were frightened, the bumpy carriage made them unable to sit down at all.



"Hey, stop the carriage!!".

Although Zhang Yu threw the explosive bag at a distance of nearly fifty meters, the horses around him were also frightened, but fortunately, he got on the horse in time and controlled the horses.

Then he picked up the spear hanging on the other side of the horse's back and rushed towards the procession.

"Kill !!!


The people hiding in the woods on both sides of the official road were also frightened by this huge explosion.

In fact, before the operation, Zhang Yu told them that after hearing a loud noise, he rushed out of the woods and launched an attack on the welcoming team.

But when I heard the explosion, some people were stunned by the explosion and couldn't react at all.

Someone still heard Zhang Yu's shouting and killing, and only then did he come back to his senses.

"Quick, quick, keep up with the big bosses, kill !!


Between breaths, Zhang Yu rushed to the front of the pick-up team, he directly passed over those who were blown down, and then the spear came out like a dragon, and the spear in his hand was like a rainstorm pear blossom, stabbing everyone in his way.

After a while, they met the carriage carrying Cai Wenji.

Zhang Yu jumped into the carriage, picked the coachman away with a single shot, and then jumped on the back of the carriage, controlling the horse to calm it down.

At this time, the brothers who were hiding in the woods on both sides were finally killed.

"Kill, !!!


The battle came and ended quickly, and in less than ten minutes, the welcoming team was slaughtered by Zhang Yu and others.

"Listen, brothers! Check the corpses, and make up for those who are not dead! Quickly gather up the goods, it's time to go home!" Zhang Yu commanded loudly.

"Understand !!


Zhang Yu came to the carriage again, opened the curtain of the carriage with the spear in his hand, and then saw that there were three delicate beauties inside, looking at him with fearful eyes.

In the hand of a little beauty in the center, she held a hairpin tightly and aimed it at her neck.

As if Zhang Yu dared to do anything wrong, she would commit suicide.

However, Zhang Yu's words made the other party frightened, and the hairpin in his hand fell off.

"Miss Cai Wenji ......".

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