Fan Xian surrendered with his troops.

There is no way, his father, who is the head of the Fan family, has come out to shout surrender, which shows that the people who occupy Anyi City already know that he is the Fan family.

If he doesn't surrender, I'm afraid that the entire Fan family will be wiped out.

His parents, brothers, and wife are still in the city!

After receiving the prisoners, the generals above the cantonment commander are to be detained for the time being, and all those below the cantonment commander are all incorporated.

The first is to improve the treatment of all soldiers, in addition to being able to eat enough every day, the monthly salary has also changed from the previous Su Wuhu to the current ten, and the monthly salary has doubled!

Moreover, before opening the city gate to receive the prisoners, Zhang Yu also ordered the artillery to come several rounds of shelling, which was regarded as a demonstration for all the prisoners.

Let them know how strong the defending power is.

The power of the artillery made the vast majority of the surrendered soldiers rejoice, but fortunately, the general did not give the order to attack the city, but chose to surrender.

Otherwise they simply won't survive!

The stick and sweet dates made all the captured soldiers willingly be co-opted.

It's all a sale, who is it not a sale?

The new Taishou is strong, and he has given a lot, so why are you waiting for this not to hurry up?

After being captured, Fan Xian also hurriedly told Zhang Yu about writing a letter asking for help, and then under Zhang Yu's order, he wrote a new letter to someone to send it.

The content is to tell the nearby county town, and it is said that Anyi City has been taken back and there is no need for their rescue.

Anyway, Zhang Yu's idea is to drag it first and develop first, and the news really can't be hidden, so he will stand up again and announce to the world that he is coming!

Not long after the captives were recruited.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully defending the city!0 city damage, 0 casualties, and 3,465 enemy soldiers captured!].

[Reward: [Troop Upgrade Card: Gold]!]

Seeing the reward, Zhang Yu's eyes lit up.

Get another troop upgrade card!!, and it's still golden!!

[Unit Upgrade Card Gold]: A 1,000-strong unit can be upgraded to a random epic class. The upgraded class is 100% loyal to its host.

Zhang Yu was excited, this time he could upgrade the army of 1,000 people!!

It doesn't matter what class you upgrade to, what matters is 100% loyalty!

To tell the truth, in addition to being 100% at ease with the soldiers of the Shenji Battalion, Zhang Yu was not completely at ease with the soldiers recruited.

At least he didn't dare to take all the Shenji battalions away, leaving only those soldiers who surrendered to stay and defend the city. He didn't dare to leave Cai Wenji alone in the city.

Now he has another unit that is 100% loyal to him, which is really a timely rain!

Zhang Yu came to the recruit camp and used the [Troop Upgrade Card] on the 1,000 recruits who were still training.

The next moment, a ray of light enveloped all the recruits, and the recruits' appearance changed dramatically in an instant.

The original leather armor became iron armor, and some of the soldiers were direct cavalry, riding on horseback!

[Back Army].

Level: Gold (Epic).

Infantry: 500 (equipped with swords, short knives, helmets, and iron-bladed leather armor.) )

Cavalry: 500 (equipped with long and short knives, short crossbows, hard bows, helmets, iron blade leather armor.) )

Special Effects:

[Loyalty]: As long as the payment of military salaries is guaranteed, this unit will never mutiny.

[Deathmatch]: The morale of this unit will not drop.

[Lonely]: When the number of troops is less than that of the enemy, the combat power is increased by 100%.

[Loyal to the Country]: When fighting a national war, the combat power is increased by 200%.

"Back to the Army!?".

That's Yue Fei's strongest troops!

Once in Zhuxian Town, with 500 troops of 100,000 gold soldiers in Dapo!

Seeing the attributes of the [Back Wei Army], the corners of Zhang Yu's mouth couldn't be suppressed at all.

The two entries of "Lonely Army" and "Loyal to the Country" are all attributes that increase combat effectiveness!

The only regrettable thing is that the [Beiwei Army] does not have the [Nirvana] attribute of the [Shenji Battalion], and if the personnel die in battle, they cannot replenish the troops at will and quickly restore their combat effectiveness.

After the [Beiwei Army] has a small number of soldiers, if you want to restore your combat effectiveness, I am afraid that you will have to draw elite soldiers from other units to replenish it in order to restore your combat effectiveness.

But it's okay, after all, the combat attribute is so strong.

Looking back, Song Yingxing successfully imitated the handcuffs, and equipped the Beiwei Army with handcuffs, and the combat effectiveness will definitely rise by another level at that time!

Two days later, Song Yingxing sent another wooden box, which contained a handcuff for things.

The manufacturing process of the handcuff is much simpler than that of the musket, because the barrel is shorter, and the caliber is larger, which is easier to build, and can fire shotguns as well as large projectiles.

The attack power of the handcuff is higher than that of the shotgun, but the disadvantage is that the attack range is short. The effective attack range is only thirty or forty paces.

In addition, it is troublesome to reload bullets, and when you use it, you can often only fire one shot, and you don't have time to use it.

However, the handcuff is a weapon that was originally used for self-defense by soldiers, and it is enough to shoot one shot.

For the next period of time, Zhang Yu still stayed in Anyi City in a low-key manner, and at the same time, Anyi City has always maintained a policy of allowing entry and not leaving.

The rest of the surrounding area still doesn't know that Anyi has changed hands.

The several counties where Fan Xian sent people to send letters for help did not send troops because of the letters that were reissued later, but when there was a rebellion in Anyi, and the rebellion had been suppressed.

These days, Zhang Yu has been paying attention to the movements of Luoyang and the princes of the Eighteenth Road.

It was already known that Hua Xiong had been beheaded by Guan Yu, and Dong Zhuo personally led his troops to the Tiger Prison Pass.

He didn't know the specific time when Dong Zhuo moved the capital, but it shouldn't be far away, and when Lu Bu was defeated, the morale of the Xiliang army under Dong Zhuo would be reduced.

At that time, Dong Zhuo himself did not want to fight with the princes of the Eighteenth Route anymore, and Li Ru would also suggest retreating and returning to Luoyang to hold the little emperor hostage and move west to Chang'an.

In response to the nursery rhyme: a Han in the west, a Han in the east. When the deer enters Chang'an, there is no difficulty.

On the way Dong Zhuoxi fled, it was the best time for Zhang Yu to rob people.

Moreover, it is best not to have a hard fight with Dong Zhuo's Xiliang army, but directly plunder the accompanying convoy and rob the Diao Chan who was with Situ Wang Yun!

After all, Dong Zhuo has an army of more than 100,000 people, and the combat effectiveness of the other party's Xiliang army is not weak.

Although the combat effectiveness of the Shenji Battalion and the Beiwei Army is very strong, after all, the number of people is too small, and it is impossible for Zhang Yu to take all the two troops away.

Even if in history, in Zhuxian Town, there was a record of 500 Beiwei troops breaking 100,000 Jin Army, Zhang Yu didn't want to use his Beiwei Army to fight with Dong Zhuo's Xiliang Army.

He believed in the poor tactical intersperse, responsible for fire coverage.

Unless there is really no way, Zhang Yu will definitely not beat more people with fewer people.

There is no need!

Zhang Yu looked at the map of Hedong County.

If he wants to go to Dong Zhuo on the way to the west and hijack Diao Chan, he must first go south of the Yellow River.

Or, take the salt prison to Pusaka by land, and then go down the Yellow River to find a suitable place to go ashore.

Or, take the waterway directly, go all the way down from the water to the Yellow River, and then go down the Yellow River, and then find a suitable place to go ashore.

Both of these roads require a big detour!

Of course, there is another way, that is, to directly cross the Zhongtiao Mountain and come to the north bank of the Yellow River!

Zhang Yu thought about which path should be the safest.

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