Seven or eight hundred miles away from Anyi, the princes of the Eighteenth Route have successfully joined forces.

Like Romance, the princes of all walks of life elected Dong Zhuo as the leader of the alliance of the princes of the Eighteen Roads and commanded the operation against Dong Zhuo.

Liu Guanzhang is also the same as Yanyi, three people and three horsemen came to participate in the alliance, but were stopped by the soldiers defending the city. It was Cao Cao who passed by, so he took Liu Guanzhang and the others into the city.

Later, when he met with the princes of the Eighteen Roads, he was ridiculed by the princes of all walks of life.

If Cao Cao hadn't spoken for the three of them, the three of them wouldn't even be able to get into the last seat.

Just when the princes of the Eighteenth Route were discussing how to discuss Dong, Hua Xiong led his troops to call for battle outside the city.

Because it was the first battle, this battle had to take down the enemy generals in the shortest possible time, so as to boost morale.

So Yuan Shu sent the general Yu Shi out of the station, threatening to behead the enemy general within ten rounds. As a result, in just one round, he was killed by Hua Xiong.

Later, Jizhou Mu Hanfu sent his subordinate Pan Feng to fight, and also threatened that he had the courage of ten thousand people.

As a result, Pan Feng, like Yu Shi before, was beheaded by Hua Xiong in one round, which made the princes of the Eighteenth Route realize that this Hua Xiong is extraordinary, and he is afraid that he is not so easy to kill.

Helpless, Yuan Shao could only increase the reward, hoping that someone would stand up and kill Huaxiong outside the city.

But no one dared to fight, and in the end, Guan Yu stood up, but he was ridiculed by Yuan Shu.

When Guan Yu went out to fight, in just five rounds, he beheaded Hua Xiong under the horse, which made the three brothers Liu Guan and Zhang have a good sense of existence, and also made the princes of the Eighteenth Road treat him a little differently.

Yuan Shao also ordered the addition of the 19th town to fight against thieves and horses, and the general of the army was Liu Bei.

For these, Zhang Yu, who was seven or eight hundred miles away, naturally didn't know, at least he didn't receive relevant information so quickly.

At this time, Zhang Yu was standing on the city wall, looking at the more than 3,000 soldiers and horses outside the city with some headaches.

Only the last two hours were left, and his task of defending the city could be completed perfectly, but at this time, the soldiers and horses who had gone out to suppress bandits before actually came back at this time!

This left him quite speechless.

Of course, the bandit force outside the city did not have siege equipment, and it would definitely not be able to attack in two hours.

But the other party rushed back at the last time, which made Zhang Yu speechless.

Outside the city, Fan Xian, the infantry captain who led the troops to suppress the bandits, was even more speechless.

Their operation to suppress the bandits this time can be said to be a complete failure, except for killing some spies who blocked them on the way, there is no other achievement at all!

The gate of the bandits' stockade was built in the middle of a valley, and on both sides were steep cliffs 100 meters high, which could not be bypassed.

And the gate of the cottage was built strongly, and they built some simple siege equipment on the spot, but it was useless at all.

As soon as they got closer, bows and arrows, sassal logs, and boulders were thrown from above, and in a few days, they tried several times to attack.

Unless the bandits in the cottage are lured out to fight, at least several times the number of bandits must be sent to attack the cottage of Tieniu.

Helpless, Fan Xian could only return with his troops.

Wait for the next time to bring more craftsmen and build some large-scale siege equipment after entering the mountain, so as to break through the gate of the cottage.

But when Fan Xian returned to Anyi City with the team, he found that the city had changed hands!

He led his troops to suppress a bandit, and his home was stolen

"Have you found out, who are the people who occupy the county seat?" Fan asked his subordinates.

"General, I can't find any news at all...... I only know that the surname of the general in the city is Zhang. The subordinate said with a look of shame.

This was only known through the flags on the city walls.

In fact, this is not to blame for the incompetence of his subordinates, it is really Zhang Yu's siege speed is too fast, and in less than an hour, he took Anyi City.

After that, the entire city of Anyi was blocked, and only entered, not allowed out.

Although someone was sent out to give soup porridge and recruit the homeless people later, all the previous homeless people had been recruited away by him with a high salary.

The few people who knew Zhang Yu's identity were either recruited into his army or sent to Qingfeng Village to mine.

The new homeless people, how do they know Zhang Yu's identity?

"Damn!!" Fan first hammered the low table in front of him hard.

"General, although I didn't find out where the soldiers and horses in the city belonged to, judging from the number of defenders on the city wall, the number of defenders in the city should not be much. "

The defenders on each wall were only about 200 men, and the number of defenders was certainly not much larger.

They built some siege engines and concentrated them to attack a city wall, and it was not impossible to take them.

Fan Xian looked at the city wall in the distance and pondered.

The siege can be said to be the most difficult battle to fight, and if you fight hard, many of his men are bound to die. If there are still soldiers and horses hidden in the city, then they may not be able to take Anyi City.

After thinking about it, Fan Xian decided to ask for help from other counties in Hedong!

Of the 3,000 soldiers and horses he brought out this time, as well as 1,000 young men, more than 500 had already been killed in battle, and less than 3,500 had returned.

At this point, the number of people attacking the city is still too small.

So, Fan Xian hurriedly wrote several letters, stamped his official seal, and handed over the letters to his subordinates.

"Take these letters, go to Wenxi, Yishi, Xie Liang, and Yanjian to send troops and horses!"

Wenxi, Yishi, and Xie Liang are the closest county towns to Anyi, and Yanjian is the largest salt farm in Hedong, where there are thousands of soldiers and horses, and they are responsible for guarding the safety of the salt field.

Draw some troops from all over the world, and the difficulty of attacking the city will be reduced a lot.

On the city wall, Zhang Yu looked at the more than 3,000 soldiers and horses one hundred and fifty steps away, and wanted to directly order the artillery to open fire.

But his main book, that is, the Anyi County Order, proposed, let people shout surrender!

The troops on the opposite side, from the leading general to the small soldiers, were all Anyi people.

Just let their families come to the city walls and shout surrender, and the opposing troops will easily surrender.

"Who is the general on the other side?" Zhang Yu asked the master beside him.

"It's the Fan family, named Fan Xian. "The master book is honest.

"Oh, Fan family?".

"Come on, go and call the head of the Fan family!" Zhang Yu ordered.

Everyone is Han Chinese, unless necessary, there is no need to fight to the death, and kill them all.

Let's take a look at the surrender first, if it succeeds, it is naturally the best, even if it is not successful, it is not too late to shoot him again.

Soon, the head of the Fan family was taken to the city wall.

"Fan Gong ......".

"The villain is terrified!" The head of the Fan family heard Zhang Yu call himself 'Gong', and hurriedly bent down.

"Don't panic yet. Take a closer look, is this general outside the city a member of your Fan family?" Zhang Yu said, pointing to the troops outside the city.

"This ...... Indeed, my Fan family Fan first ...... "The head of the Fan family is full of bitterness.

Fears still happened.

"Yes, it's fine. Give you a stick of incense time to make the troops outside the city surrender. Otherwise, I will destroy your Fan family. Zhang Yu said with a smile.

"Yes ......


This finally exhausted most of the Fan family's property, and finally saved the Fan family. Now there's another threat of 'extermination'!

The head of the Fan family was actually thinking about whether to let Fan Xian surrender outside the city.

What if Fan Xian surrendered first, but Lord Taishou still killed them? If Fan Xian did not surrender, at least Fan Xian could still be saved.

But thinking that after this Taishou took the money, he really didn't embarrass them. I think it's better to let Fan outside the city surrender first.

Not to mention that the other sons and grandsons are all in the city, and Fan Xian is only one person, so it is really not cost-effective to exchange hundreds of people from the Fan family for Fan Xian alone.

"Xian'er, I'm my father, surrender, ......."

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