"Lord!" Song Yingxing walked briskly with a radiant look, holding a long wooden box in his hand.

"Stop!!" Before Song Yingxing could get closer, he was stopped by Dian Wei.

Song Yingxing has been busy with the formation of the Academy of Sciences, as well as the research and development of gunpowder and firearms, so the two have never met at all.

Dian Wei, as Zhang Yu's chief of guards, naturally couldn't let Song Yingxing get close casually.

What's more, he still has a long box in his hand, who knows if it's a weapon inside?

If it weren't for the fact that the other party looked weak, he might have escaped with his weapon.

"Evil, this is Song Yingxing, the president of the Academy of Sciences, who can definitely be trusted, and he won't have to stop him when he comes in the future. Zhang Yu said.

"Chang Gung, this is Dian Wei, my newly recruited head of the guard, you get to know each other. "

"Dianqinwei. "

"Dean Song, I'm sorry, I was offended just now, please forgive me!".

"No problem. "

The two greeted each other.

"Chang Geng, what is in your hand?" Zhang Yu looked at Song Yingxing with curiosity.

Such a long wooden box, it can't be a musket inside, right??


The musket imitation was successful?

"Lord, the musket has been imitated successfully!" Song Yingxing said excitedly.

These days, he has been busy forming an academy of sciences, gathering craftsmen, researching the optimal ratio of gunpowder, and imitating the muskets of the Shenji Battalion.

During this period, all the money needed was ordered to be fetched by the guards arranged by Zhang Yu, and he never came to Zhang Yu's side.

Now that there are finally results, gunpowder and muskets have been successfully developed, and only then did they come to Zhang Yu with the finished products.

"Oh, show me!" Zhang Yu suddenly stood up excitedly.

The muskets and gunpowder were all done, which meant that he would be able to form more musket troops in the future!

It's a great event!

Song Yingxing came to Zhang Yu and opened the wooden box, which contained a brand-new flintlock pistol, as well as two bags of gunpowder and a bag of bullets.

The appearance of the flintlock pistol is ninety percent similar to the musket used by the Shenji Battalion, but the pattern on the butt has been changed, which is different from the firearms of the Shenji Battalion.

"Have you tested it?" Zhang Yu took out the musket from the wooden box and admired it.

"It has been tested, and the power, range and other data are not much different from the flintlock pistols of the Shenji Battalion!" Song Yingxing said.

Zhang Yu continued to ask: "How is the output?".

"Other components are not difficult to manufacture, the difficult thing is the barrel. It also takes at least three days for three skilled craftsmen to build a barrel. And that's not even counting the possibility of failure. Song Yingxing said.

After the establishment of the Academy of Sciences, he recruited a lot of blacksmiths, and most of the blacksmiths recruited by the Taishou Mansion were even asked by him.

So many people have only created a few qualified barrels.

Of course, the craftsmen are not skilled yet, and when they become proficient, both the speed of construction and the success rate will be much higher.

"How did you build it?" asked Zhang Yu curiously.

"Specifications are specified, different craftsmen are responsible for creating different parts, and finally putting them together. At present, only the barrel is the most labor-intensive and time-consuming. "

When Zhang Yu heard this, he had some surprises.

Song Yingxing got the 'assembly line' out? He still thought that one or a few people were still responsible for building a whole gun.

"Yes, continue to find ways to increase production, and if not, continue to recruit more craftsmen. In short, the output is raised. Zhang Yu commanded.

"Yes! Lord!" Song Yingxing commanded.

"Let's go, let me try how powerful this gun is. Zhang Yu said with a flintlock pistol in his hand and high spirits.

This can be said to be the first musket produced during the Three Kingdoms period, and he must give it a try.

"Naturally, there is no problem, this gun has been tested, and there is absolutely no problem with safety!" Song Yingxing said.

As a retainer, he also has to consider the safety of the lord, and it is naturally impossible for the untested weapon to be shown to the lord.

Zhang Yu ordered people to take out two sets of armor and put them on top of a straw man. Then place the straw man twenty steps away.

He then loaded the gunpowder and projectiles himself, aiming at the armored straw man twenty paces away.

Dian Wei stood beside Zhang Yu, his eyes revealing curiosity.

He had seen a flintlock pistol, after all, the Shenji Battalion was carrying it, but he had never seen the scene of the Shenji Battalion using a flintlock pistol.

Therefore, he did not know what a flintlock pistol was, and he thought it was an ordinary 'stick'.

Because Dian Wei hadn't asked before, Zhang Yu didn't let Dian Wei demonstrate the power of the musket.

This time, it was the first time that Dian Wei had seen how to use the musket and how powerful it was.

Seeing that the lord was so far away, Dian Wei realized that this flintlock pistol seemed to be a long-range weapon like a bow and arrow.

It's just something that puzzles him, the lord asked the strawman to put on two sets of armor, although it is not heavy armor, but it is also an iron armor that elite troops will wear.

Unless you have a large number of arrows, a normal bow and arrow will not be able to penetrate that armor at all.

What's more, the lord also asked the straw man to put on two sets of armor!

Can this flintlock pistol really pierce the armor and injure the people inside?

Dian Wei stared at Zhang Yu intently with curiosity.

The next moment, Zhang Yu pulled the trigger.


A gunshot rang out, and the straw man twenty paces away shook.

Dian Wei was startled by the sound of the gunshot, he didn't expect this flintlock pistol to make such a sound!

And what puzzled him was that he only heard a loud noise, and didn't see any attack.

Zhang Yu ordered someone to carry the straw man in the distance.

I saw that the armor of the straw man's mouth had been punched a hole by the projectile of the musket! The iron pieces of the two layers of armor had all been pierced!

Looking at the back of the straw man, I found that there was a bulge in the back of the heart! The nail plate was not broken, but it was cracked.

In other words, the bullets fired by this flintlock pistol pierced through three layers of armor and was finally blocked by the fourth layer of armor.

Seeing the power of the musket, a cold sweat broke out on Dian Wei's forehead.

This musket is too powerful!

The defense of the two sets of armor is already comparable to heavy armor, and even more than heavy armor.

This kind of defense was actually pierced by this musket! The point is that I can't see where the attack is coming from!

Dian Wei shuddered, if this was to hit him, it would ...... hit him

'It's okay, it's okay, it seems that only the lord has this weapon called a musket at the moment!'

"Yes, increase production as soon as possible!" Zhang Yu commanded.

"Chang Geng takes the order!" Song Yingxing responded.

Next up is the replica artillery!

"By the way, Chang Gung, if you have time, improve the papermaking technique, improve the quality of paper, and reduce the cost of paper. I worked. Zhang Yu said again.

"Then we improved the musket and tried to create a musket that used fixed ammunition, where the gunpowder and the projectile were together, and they could be fired directly by simply stuffing them into the chamber. "

"Also, improve the loom and increase the speed of the loom. Improve salt production technology, increase salt yield, and reduce the ...... impurities".

Zhang Yu put forward a lot of needs, of course, these needs are not for Song Yingxing to study immediately, but for him to write them down first, and then go to research and development when he is free.

Build a list of requirements first!

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