"Everyone, do you want to follow in the footsteps of the Wei family?" Zhang Yu said as soon as he appeared.

When the words fell, the eyes of everyone in the hall all looked at Zhang Yu. For a while, the silent needle drop could be heard, and one by one was silent.

After a while, the head of the Fan family spoke: "Lord Taishou is really good at joking......

How dare this new Taishou kill all of them?

How is that possible?

If he doesn't do that, there will be no one in the local area to help him manage his rule. Once the news comes out, he will also become the enemy of all the families and powerful in the world.

It will arouse the fear of all the families and powerful in the world, and then make them unite to resist.

Occupy a place and directly slaughter all the local heroes and families in this place, who would want such a person to come to the local government to become an official?

It's a person, he's afraid!

"Are you kidding? No, no, no. I'm very serious. Zhang Yu smiled and walked over to everyone.

"Ben Taishou now has two paths for you to choose. "

"First, take the initiative to hand over all the land deeds, as well as half of the real estate and money, and use the money to buy the lives of all your people. "

"Second, I will personally go to your house to get all this, in that case, yesterday's Wei family will be tomorrow's you. So, how do you choose?" asked Zhang Yu as he looked at everyone with a smile on his face.


When these powerful family owners heard this, their faces immediately turned pale.

Where is this here to win them over? This is to cut their flesh and drink their blood!

"My lord, how is your behavior different from that robber!?" someone could not help but ask.

It's really Zhang Yu, who is too guarded, and the conditions given are too deceitful.

Handing over all the land, as well as half of the real estate, money and grain! It was all the accumulation of several generations, even dozens of generations, of their family to have the current scale!

And what about this Taishou-sama?

As soon as their upper and lower lips touched, they were directly about to take away most of their family's property, how could they not be angry?

"How is it different from a robber? hahahaha...... Don't you know that Lao Tzu was originally born as a robber~!" Zhang Yu laughed loudly.

"Give you ten breaths of time to consider, after ten breaths, you don't choose, Ben Taishou will personally help you choose~!" Zhang Yu said arrogantly.



Zhang Yu began to count down.

"My lord, my Fan family is willing to give up all the land, as well as half of the real estate and money and grain!" the head of the Fan family immediately spoke.

Those who know the times are Junjie.

Since this Lord Taishou has made it clear that he wants their powerful family property in these places, it is better to take the initiative if he can't resist.

In this way, at least the people can live, and even have a little property left.

You must know that last night, he was even ready for the entire clan to be wiped out like the Wei family, otherwise he would not have let some young people in the clan blend into the people in the city.

The others saw that the Fan family had voted, so they surrendered one after another.

The Fan family's choice is right, money can still be accumulated if it is gone, if people are gone, then there will be nothing.

"Our Li family is also willing to sacrifice all the land ......."

"Our Qian family ......".

Hearing the choice of these people, the smile on Zhang Yu's face was even worse.

These people are willing to take the initiative to hand over the property in the clan, which saves him a lot of trouble, and he does not have to send people to search from house to house.

As for the remaining real estate and money and food in their clan?

If there is anything left, there is left, and Zhang Yu doesn't care about the money and food, not to mention that people have to survive.

"Congratulations to all of you for making the right choice. However, Ben Taishou would like to remind you here, don't deliberately hide your property, or deliberately use some worthless family property to fool Ben Taishou, once Ben Taishou finds out, be careful of the heads of your whole clan!" Zhang Yu finally warned.

"Don't worry, my lord, I don't dare. The head of the Fan family said.

Now the most important thing is to save the lives of the whole clan, money or anything, you can't think about it at all.

When this 'anti-thief' is destroyed by the imperial court, at that time, most of the land properties that have been lost now will be able to be recovered!

"That's the best~".

Zhang Yu smiled and sent these powerful patriarchs out of the Taishou Mansion, he was smiling, but these patriarchs, one by one, were like dead parents, crying and mourning.

Zhang Yu doesn't mind, it's good if he's happy alone.

After sending the powerful family heads away in these places, Zhang Yu led a few guards to go outside the city together to see the effects of recruiting homeless people and so on.

As for those family patriarchs, Zhang Yu didn't send anyone to keep an eye on them, there was no need.

If they don't take the initiative to send the land deeds, title deeds, real estate, and money and grain, he will naturally come to the door to get them himself.

At that time, there will be no chickens and dogs.

Not to mention the children, even the eggs are shaken to them yellow, and the earthworms are dug up and split vertically!

Outside the South Gate.

Dozens of soldiers are setting up a tent to give porridge, and at the same time as the soup is also recruiting, a large number of people are queuing up to receive porridge.

Those who are willing to join his command can receive not only a bowl of gruel, but also fragrant steamed cakes, that is, steamed buns in later generations.

And there is no limit, until you are full.

Those who are unwilling to join him can only receive a bowl of gruel to fill their stomachs a little.

Suddenly, there was a quarrel in the ranks.

Zhang Yu followed the prestige and saw a tall and strong man, arguing with the soldiers who were giving porridge.

So I walked over curiously.

"Hey, I said that I would be fed, why didn't you give it to me!!" the strong man's voice was like a rainbow.

"You've already eaten more than 20 steamed cakes, how much more do you want to eat!?" the soldier asked rhetorically.

"Why can't you eat when you're half-full?" said the strong man, patting his stomach.

The soldier's expression seemed to want to refuse, and Zhang Yu, who walked over, spoke: "Ben Taishou said that anyone who joins my command will let them eat enough." Naturally, he will not break his promise and let him eat. "

Seeing Zhang Yu coming, those soldiers hurriedly saluted.

"See Your Excellency!".

"Meet the Lord!".

Zhang Yu looked at the strong man in front of the porridge shed.

The height is nearly 1.9 meters, with big shoulders and a round waist, a fierce appearance, knotted muscles on the body, and arms that are comparable to other people's thick and thick arms.

This look is a fierce general.

Those who can eat are not necessarily fierce generals, but fierce generals must be very able to eat! For example, Zhang Yu himself eats very much.

Zhang Yu felt that the vision of the soldiers under his hands was still not good.

This strong man looks like a fierce general, how can he not eat it because he is too good to eat?

Food is a piece of?

Of course, he didn't punish the soldier.

In years of famine, food is indeed precious to ordinary people. It's normal for him to feel sorry for food.

When he turned around, he told him again, with the soldiers of the Shenji Battalion watching, such a thing would definitely not happen again.

"Hey, what you just said is true!!" the strong man said loudly.

"Naturally, this strong man has already signed up, right?" asked Zhang Yu.

"That's natural! I can't do that kind of shameless behavior of eating and drinking for nothing!" said the strong man.

Zhang Yu smiled: "Then feel free, as long as you eat, the strong man can eat as much as he wants." "


The soldiers who distributed the food hurriedly brought steamed cakes to the strong man.

Zhang Yu said curiously: "I don't know the name of the strong man?"

"If you don't change your name in a certain line, you won't change your surname, Dian Wei is also!" said the strong man loudly.

Zhang Yule is actually Dian Wei?

Isn't he Chen Liuren? Why did he come to Hedong?

But since he came, then he won't let him go, the evil of the ancients is coming, Cao Cao's personal guard in history, the top five peerless generals in the Three Kingdoms in terms of combat power, is now his!

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