The front yard of the Taishou Mansion.

All the carpenters in front of the door, whether they signed up or not, were all summoned by Zhang Yu to the Taishou Mansion.

Zhang Yu gave the carpenters some sketches of some tables, chairs, sofas, rocking chairs and other furniture that he had drawn by himself.

"It's okay to create these pieces of furniture on the drawings, right?" asked Zhang Yu.

"Back to my lord, these utensils are not difficult to build. A middle-aged man said.

Although the drawings are scribbled, you can still understand the structure and guess what it is.

There is something in it that bears some resemblance to a stool.

"Then let's build a batch first, and I'll try it myself when I go back and see if there is anything to change. Zhang Yu said.

He had drawn the drawings, but he didn't know if the finished products made by these carpenters would satisfy him or if he would be comfortable to sit on.

But it doesn't matter, these pieces of furniture are simple objects, it is not difficult to build, and it will not take much time to create the finished product he wants.

was delayed, and Zhang Yu was too lazy to continue exercising.

"Someone. "

"Lord!" a soldier of the Divine Machine Battalion came to Zhang Yu.

"Let people contact all the patriarchs of the Hao clan in Anyi City and ask them to come to the Taishou Mansion. Zhang Yu ordered.

"Yes, lord!" the guards went down to arrange.

Soon, several cavalrymen went to the mansions of various wealthy families in Anyi City one by one to bring Zhang Yu's words to them.

Fan family.

After the cavalry sent the message, the subordinate hurriedly told the head of the family the contents of the cavalry's report.

When the head of the Fan family heard this, his face suddenly became unsightly.

It's time to come.

"Head of the house, what now?".

"What should I do? Everyone has been invited, so naturally I have to be invited to the appointment. The head of the Fan family said with a pale face.

Fortunately, the men in the family had already left the house with a few of their subordinates and blended into the people in the city.

Even if that Lord Taishou really wanted to do something to their Fan family, their Fan family would at least retain a trace of blood.

At the same time, the head of the Fan family also has a trace of 'illusion'.

That is, the Wei family was destroyed because there was a personal enmity between the people of the Wei family and the Taishou, and all the clans were wiped out.

And that Taishou is now looking for these wealthy clans because he wants to get the support of these wealthy clans!

After all, it seems that the Taishou has no one under him, and he is still posting notices at the city gate today to recruit talents.

To manage the people under his rule, he still has to rely on them as local tycoons.

"Prepare the car and go to the Taishou Mansion. "

When the head of the Fan family came to the outside of the Taishou Mansion, he saw the registration office at the entrance of the Taishou Mansion.

At this time, there are still quite a few craftsmen who are registering information and want to work for the new Taishou.

As long as you sign up, you can receive half a month's worth of money first, and what you receive is still high-quality polished rice!

Many people just annoy that they are not craftsmen!

Otherwise, I will definitely come to Taishoufu to sign up!

The head of the Fan family just glanced at the craftsmen who had registered the information, and then withdrew his gaze.

Shi Nong Gong was just a low-level craftsman, and he didn't care at all.

What made him a little concerned was that it was this new Taishou who was so good to those low-level craftsmen, which made him a little puzzled.

Is that white-flowered rice worthy of those low-level craftsmen?

Even if it is their Fan family, only the main family is qualified to use it! After all, it is quite time-consuming and laborious to process rice into such a crystal clear rice.

After reporting his identity, the head of the Fan family was brought into the mansion by the guards at the door, but he did not see Zhang Yu immediately, but was placed in the hall specially used to meet guests.

In the hall, there are other family heads, but the Taishou is not there.

Several heads of the family greeted each other.

"Fan Gong, you said that this new Taishou invited all the powerful family heads in our local area, what is the matter?"

"Hmph~ In my opinion, eighty percent is to win us over, otherwise, who will help him manage this Anyi County, not to mention Hedong County. "

What Zhou Gong said is extremely true. "

The head of the Fan family smiled and did not speak.

The thoughts of these local wealthy family heads coincide with him.

After entering the Taishou Mansion, all the people he saw were those uneducated ruffians, and the literati did not see a single one at all.

Obviously, this new Taishou's subordinates really have no literati!

In this way, how to manage the rule?

The summons for them this time must be to win them over and let them send people from their clan to help manage the people under their rule.

He even thought that when he saw the new Taishou later, should he take a gesture? After all, the other party had a request for them.

But when he thought of the Wei family, who had only been exterminated yesterday, the head of the Fan family still decided to forget it.

Most of Wufu's personalities are more impulsive, otherwise they would not have destroyed the Wei family at every turn, because of some face problems, it is not worth offending this new Taishou.

Well, first promise to come down, and this Taishou and the snake, and wait until the county seat of Anyi is unsealed, and then they will secretly escape from the city, and at the same time ask the court for support.

This new Taishou killed the previous Taishou, and there was no appointment document from the imperial court, so his position as Taishou was just self-owned!

Killing the officials of the imperial court without permission, and occupying a county, this is clearly a thief!

For the time being, the imperial court is unable to solve the big anti-thieves with more than 100,000 troops like the Bai Bo Army, and it can't solve the small anti-thieves with less than 1,000 troops

Even if this new Taishou has a sharp weapon, the number of people is hard after all, a thousand people are not an opponent, and ten thousand people are not an opponent?

10,000 people still can't win, those 20,000, 30,000...... What about 50,000 people?

Subsequently, several more patriarchs of the wealthy clan arrived.

In Anyi City, in addition to the Wei family, there are more than a dozen other large and small wealthy families, and the patriarchs of each family and wealthy family have all come to Taishou Mansion.

The Wei family was wiped out in one day, and even a family like the Fan family didn't dare not come, and other smaller Haoqiang, in the face of Taishou's invitation, didn't dare not come.

No one wants to follow in the footsteps of the Wei family.

However, after chatting with each other, the hearts of those heads of the family suddenly relaxed.

It turns out that this new Taishou asked them to come over to win them over and help manage them

So before Zhang Yu appeared, these people whispered about how to deal with Zhang Yu's solicitation next.

In the backyard, Zhang Yu stayed by Cai Wenji's side, as his first wife, and she was pregnant, when she was free, he would naturally accompany this eldest wife more.

"My lord, the patriarchs have expired. "A guard from the Divine Machine Battalion came to report.

"In that case, let's go. "

Saying goodbye to Cai Wenji, Zhang Yu followed his subordinates to the reception hall.

When he came to the hall, he saw those heads of the house, chatting in groups, and everyone looked very good.

Just Zhang Yu's words made these people's faces change instantly.

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