In addition to posting notices to recruit talents, Zhang Yu also sent his subordinates to give porridge outside the city.

And it's not just today's soup kitchen, the soup kitchen will continue to be soup for a long time. In this way, when the reputation spreads, it can attract more displaced people to this area.

At present, the mine alone requires a lot of manpower to mine.

In addition to the mines, the later firearms arsenals, paper mills, salt works, sugar factories, etc., all required a large number of workers.

With a population of tens of thousands in Anyi County, it is really not enough for him.

You must know that these people still have a lot of farmland to plant, in the agricultural era, farming still cannot be wasted, and those displaced people who have no land are the most suitable candidates to be Zhang Yu's workers.

Of course, the amount of soup soup will not be too much, at most it can only ensure that everyone will not starve to death, but if you want to eat enough and eat well, you have to come to work for him.

If the free soup kitchen feeds the homeless, they will not have the motivation to work.

After the county ordered Zhang Jun to write the notice according to Zhang Yu's request, Zhang Yu stamped the seal of the Taishou Mansion, and then let people post it.

A notice is posted at the city gate.

As soon as the notice was posted, it immediately attracted many onlookers, and although most of them were literate, there was a special official next to the notice to explain to people.

Ordinary people are not interested in recruitment, or they know they don't meet the requirements.

But for Zhang Yu's high-salary recruitment of craftsmen, ordinary people are more interested!

In particular, some blacksmiths and carpenters are the most eager to know whether the contents of the notice are true.

Ten grains per month, which is quite a high salary!

Especially in the Central Plains Sili area, because Dong Zhuo wasted five baht and minted a small amount of money, the prices in the Central Plains area skyrocketed!

Many people can't even buy food even if they have money.

If this new Taishou is to distribute all the grain, it will be more than a monthly income of several thousand dollars!

After all, money can buy grain, and if you can't buy grain, it's scrap iron! Just like Dong Zhuozhu's small money!

"My lord, is what the notice says true?"

"I'm a blacksmith, the new Taishou-sama, can you really give us such a high monthly salary?".

"That's right, does the new Taishou-sama have so much food?".

Many people are skeptical about the content of the notice, and it is no wonder that they are suspicious, but the content of the notice is incredible.

Ten grains per month, this is too much to guard the small officials under his command, and that's how the monthly servants, right?

Moreover, in the past, not all the grain was distributed, but the grain and money were half each! Sometimes there was even a discount!

They are just craftsmen, and the high-ranking officials can really give them such a high monthly salary?

"Naturally, it's true! The wealth of my lord is beyond the imagination of ordinary people!" said a soldier of the Divine Machine Battalion.

As the most loyal subordinate of the lord, how can anyone be allowed to doubt the lord?

If it were the enemy, he would have pulled the trigger on the enemy.

"You only need to serve my father-in-law, and my father-in-law will naturally not treat you badly!"

"Then I'll sign up, I'm a blacksmith!".

"I'm also signing up, I'm a carpenter!".

"And me, I'll sign up too!".

In the crowd, craftsmen who meet the requirements have signed up.

It's not that they're not careful, it's that these years are too sad.

The income of craftsmen like them is actually higher than that of farmers who farm the land, but they can't stand the frequent famine years in recent years.

Otherwise, where would there be so many peasants joining the rebel army? If they could have enough to eat, how many people would be willing to do that murderous thing?

Now there are people who are willing to pay a lot of money to hire them as craftsmen, and whether it's true or not, they have to give it a try.

Besides, the other party is Hedong Taishou!

If you really want them to work in vain, it is a matter of one sentence, and there is no need to deceive them with high salaries to deceive these small people.

They opened their mouths to ask questions, mainly because the new Taishou Lord gave too much, which made them feel unreal.

"If you want to sign up, go directly to the Taishou Mansion! you can't register here!" said the little official who was in charge of reading the notice.

He doesn't have anything here, how can he record the information of the applicant?

When the surrounding people heard this, they immediately left. Or go to Taishou Mansion to register, or go to Taishou Mansion to see the excitement.

Taishou House.

There is a registration office set up in front of the door, and the people in charge of registering information are all small officials under the county order, who help the county order deal with various official affairs on weekdays, and now he has been arrested by the Taishou Mansion.

But no one dared to object, after all, their direct boss, Lord County Ling, was also like them, and was arrested by Lord Taishou.

Zhang Yu was idle and practiced martial arts in the front yard, although his strength was different from ordinary people, and he had been systematically strengthened and increased.

But the exercise still has to be exercised, learning is like sailing against the current, if you don't advance, you will retreat, and the strength is the same.

"My lord, my lord!!" the county commander Zhang Jun hurriedly ran in.

Zhang Yu continued to hold up the stone lock in his hand: "What's wrong?".

"My lord, there are already craftsmen who have come to sign up!" said Zhang Jun, the county magistrate, quickly.

After the announcement was issued, Zhang Yu asked the county magistrate to wait at the gate of the Taishou Mansion, and once a craftsman came to sign up, he would tell him as soon as possible.

When Zhang Yu heard this, he immediately put down the stone lock in his hand: "Let's go!

I didn't feel it before, but since awakening the memories of his previous life, Zhang Yu has missed the chairs, tables, sofas, etc. in his later life very much.

Although his body has long been accustomed to kneeling and sitting in this position, where is it comfortable to sit on the sofa?

Make a sofa again, and come to Ge You to lie down, that's enjoyment.

When I came to the outside of the house, I saw a group of people registering information at the registration office at the door.

Behind the registration office was a pile of sacks, all of which were filled with rice taken out by Zhang Yu.

All craftsmen who sign up can receive half a month's monthly salary, that is, Wuhu rice, which can be regarded as an advertisement for themselves.

He wants to tell everyone that he, Zhang Yu, will never treat his own people badly.

Those who had already signed up burst into tears of excitement when they saw the rice they had received.

The notice said that their month was ten hundreds, and they thought it was the kind of millet that had not been shelled.

Normal hair is like that.

But they didn't expect that what Lord Taishou gave them was actually rice that had been shelled! And it was the finest, the best quality, white flowery rice!

Where have they eaten this kind of fine rice in the past?

"Woooooooooo......oo Taishou-sama is such a nice person!!".

"I'm going to be too protective of my life from today on!"

"Thank you, Lord Taishou!Thank you, Lord Taishou!!".

Many people excitedly kowtowed to the gate of Taishou Mansion.

Zhang Yu walked out of the mansion, and the county ordered Zhang Jun to follow him.

The people didn't know Zhang Yu, but they knew the county commander Zhang Jun, and when they saw the county order like this, someone immediately guessed that the handsome young man who walked in front was the new Taishou.

Zhang Yu spoke: "Are there carpenters present?"

"Taishou-sama, I'm a carpenter!".

"I'm also a carpenter, Taishou-sama!!"

The carpenters present, those who had registered and those who had not, spoke one after another.

"Okay, all the carpenters have come in with Ben Taishou, and Ben Taishou has tools for you to build. "

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